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Unlock Multiple Methods to Download Emirates E-Tickets

Emirates Airlines provides facility to download e-ticket from official portal while heading to your journey with the airline. Once your booking is confirmed, you need to check your mail or emirates account. 

Do Emirates issue e tickets?

The passengers who made their booking from the official website of Emirates Airlines, the airline issued an electronic ticket to such passengers. The airline safely stored your booking with them in their network. They share the details with the passengers of their booking through a registered mobile number or email ID. 

How to download e-ticket from Emirates

It is pretty easy to download the Emirates e-ticket with an airline in case a need arises. The details of the same are given here in methodological steps, which you can make a reference to and initiate the process:

  • Skim across the official website of Emirates. 
  • Navigate over the page to find the Manage icon at the top end.
  • Make a selection of it to find the drop-down options. 
  • Choose the Retrieve My Booking icon. 
  • Enter the credentials as being asked to access the booking page. 
  • Find the retrieve itinerary option and decide on it. 
  • You would get the option to download the e-ticket as required. 

Point to remember: The e-ticket is also shared with you at the email address where you made the booking. The airline shares the same on the successful completion of the booking process. 

Do I need to print out Emirates ticket?

Yes, the passengers will have to show a hard copy of their ticket to board the flight. The airline can print the Emirates tickets after the check-in. If you complete the online check-in from their official site, they share the e-ticket with you, which needs to be printed out. In case you are moving to the airport for the check-in, the airline will hand over the boarding pass to you. 

How do I download my Emirates boarding pass?

The representatives of Emirates Airlines will give you the boarding pass at the airport once you have completed the check-in process. However, you can also download it independently without getting the help from an airline’s agent. When you complete your check-in from the official site of Emirates, you get a link to your through SMS or your registered email ID. Tap on the link, and your ticket page will open on the screen. Download the boarding pass from here and take it to the airport to board the flight. 

What is the reference on Emirates e-ticket?

If you have made an online booking, a six-digit alphanumeric code will appear on the e-ticket in front of the booking reference field. This alphanumeric code is a reference that passengers can use to locate the live status of booking, rebooking, and many more.  

How does e-ticket work on Emirates?

The e-ticket works simply as proof of the booking that has been initiated by the airline. It acts as a supporting document to travel with an airline, wherein you need to do the check-in process to get the boarding pass required to take the flight to your desired destination. Indeed, the e-ticket can either be downloaded through the Manage booking page or found on the official email of registration with the airline. The following details can be found on the e-ticket that gets issued to you:

  • The PNR number for the flight is the six-digit alphanumeric character that helps you identify the flight booking made. It allows you to keep track of the flight you are going to take. 
  • Particulars of the passengers, flight number, and essential details of the purchase that has been made. 

Essential note: E-ticket acts as proof of the booking that has been made, wherein if you plan to make the check-in at the airport, it needs to be submitted. The team would then make a verification of the same with your authorized ID to complete the check-in process. 

How do I get my Emirates e-ticket after booking?

Once you have made your booking with the airline, you will have to complete the check-in. If you choose to check in through an online mode, the airline will share the e-ticket with you through your email ID, or they will SMS you on your registered mobile number. 

How to verify Emirates flight tickets

If you have booked your ticket with Emirates Airline and are unaware of the status of your ticket. You can check it by following the process below:

  • Visit the official page of Emirates Airlines.
  • Click on “Manage my Booking” and enter your last name along with the PNR number.
  • Click on search and get the live status of your ticket.

What is the procedure to get approval for OK to Board?

The OK to board approval cannot be applied for online before the scheduled departure of the flight. You can get it at the airport during the check-in. Once you make the submission of all the relevant documents and, the staff makes a verification of the same. 


Emirates e-ticket is the validated document for travel that provides details of the booking that you have. It acts as a confirmation for the booking that you have made and contains details of the passenger, travel date, and the destination selected. 

Emirates ticket number is characterized as 13 digit character. You can find the Emirates ticket number by means of two ways, which are:

  • The ticket number is written in the top right corner on the right-hand side of the e-ticket that gets issued to you. 
  • Once you successfully check-in, you will get the boarding pass. The ticket number will be written on the boarding pass that has been allotted to you. 

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