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Azores Airlines is a flag carrier of Portugal located at Ponta Delgada. They provide quality services to their passengers and take care of all the issues a person might face during their travel. If you wish to reach out to a person at Sata Azores Airlines for some issues related to the bookings, then you can contact customer service locate the contact number of your location, or use the online mediums to contact them. 

How to call Azores Airlines from Portugal?

If you are currently in Portugal and thinking of making a call to customer service of Azores Airlines to acquire some help, then you have to follow some instructions to make the call. Below are the instructions given, which you can adhere to:

  • Dial the phone number of Azores Airlines Portugal: 296-209-720,
  • Now, choose your language from the menu,
  • And then focus on the instructions on the menu you listen to,
  • Press 1 to make your bookings,
  • Press 2 for managing or canceling a booking,
  • Press 3 for general inquiries at Azores Airlines,
  • Press # for connecting with a live person. 

What are Azores Airlines opening hours in Portugal?

The opening hours of Azores Airlines in Portugal are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, and you can contact them anytime between these times to be assisted by their official person on your issue concerning your travel. 

Contact Sata Azores Airlines by Phone

The passenger who needs travel information from an official at Sata Azores Airlines can use the contact number (+1) 508 677 0555 to be connected with a live person. They will be able to acquire any travel info that is needed for the trip by conversing with the connected person at customer service. The calling charges may apply depending on the operator.  

In case you cannot connect with Sata Airlines by phone and are worried about how to be assisted by a live person, then you should consider using online mediums in order to receive the assistance. Here you will find the online mediums that can be used for contact.

Contact by Live Chat 

You can take assistance on the live chat, and for that, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Visit the site of Sata Azores Airlines on your browser,
  • Click the Contact option,
  • Tap the “Online Chat” tab on the page,
  • The online chat window will open on the screen,
  • Now select your concerned topic on the chat,
  • Then you will receive some further prompts,
  • You can also type your queries on the chat to communicate with the live person.

Contact by Social Media

The social media platforms can also help you to contact a live person at Sata Azores Airlines customer service. So, if you need urgent assistance, you should follow these steps:

  • Visit the site of Sata Azores Airlines,
  • On the webpage, scroll to the end,
  • Click on the icon of the social media platform you like,
  • And the required page will appear on your screen,
  • Then you can click the message button to send them queries,
  • A person will reply to your message soon and will assist you with your issues. 


Contact with Sata Azores Airlines by Email

The passenger can contact the official person by email as well at Sata Azores Airlines. You need to draft the email mentioning the queries you had or the travel information you require and then deliver it to The reply to your email will be received within 48 hours of delivering the details you have asked for. So, if the info you need is related to an upcoming flight, then make sure to send the email a few days before so you can get the required information on time. 

Contact with Sata Azores Airlines by Fax

The person who wants to send a fax to Azores Airlines customer service should use the fax number (+351) 296 288 631. 

What is the address of the Azores Airlines office in Portugal?

If you want to reach the office in person to acquire some information and look for the Azores Airlines office address in Portugal, then you can reach R. da Esperança 2, 9700-073 Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal. The office is opens from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. 


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