How do I claim missing miles on Etihad

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Essential facts you need to know about Etihad Miles

Travelers often use the miles points to book their flight tickets for a cheaper price. If you are traveling frequently, then enrolling in the Etihad is the best option to get cheap flights and various other benefits. On each trip with Etihad Airlines, you can earn miles and use the miles to book your flight tickets. To know more about the miles, you can continue reading.

How do I claim missing points on Etihad?

If you have recently become a member, you can claim the missing points from the previous flights with Etihad. Here is the procedure for how you can get the mile points from the previous points.

  • You need to send all the previous boarding to 

  • And if you have flown with the partner airlines, you can use along with the below details.

    • Your Etihad Guest membership number

    • Your First name

    • Yours Last name

    • Booked Class

    • Booking reference (PNR)

    • Ticket number

    • Flight number

    • Destination

    • Cabin

You can use the above email address to claim the missing mile before and after becoming an Etihad Guest member. If you need any further help call the service department and get connected to the agent, they will guide you.

Can I claim miles from past Etihad flights?

Yes, all you need to do is to send the boarding pass or the tickets to after becoming a member to add the previous flight miles.

How to claim missing miles on Etihad?

If you have a membership of Etihad Guest, then the airline will provide you with some miles points whenever you make a reservation with them. You can use these miles points for several benefits and can even book a flight if you have the relevant amount. However, you have to collect these points from the official website or the mobile application. After making these reservations, if you do not get the miles points, then you can make a claim for them by filling out a form. Below is mentioned the process to claim missing miles with the airline:

  • Go to the airline's official website or open the mobile application.
  • Click on the "Etihad Guest" section.
  • Select the "Claim missing" option.
  • Enter your flight details and other required information.
  • After that, the airline will verify your details and provide you with the missing miles points to your account.

How do I claim my Etihad miles?

To claim miles, you need to send the email to the airlines, and the miles will be credited to your account. You can use to send your boarding pass or your flight tickets.

How to claim missing miles on Partner Airlines of Etihad Airways?

When you make a reservation with any partner airline of Etihad Airways, they will also provide you with the miles points. After making a reservation with any partner airline, if you have not received the points, then you can make a claim for them through email. Mention your booking information with some relevant details and send the email to "" For any information or assistance, you can reach out to customer service, and the live executive will provide the guidance.

Where can I use my Etihad miles after claiming them?

If the airline has provided the missing miles and you are wondering where you can use these points, then there are multiple ways to use them. To know about the uses of missing miles, read the points below:

  • While booking your next flight with Etihad or any partner airline.
  • For upgrading your seat to Business or First Class.
  • Purchase any item from the reward shop.
  • To book a Holiday plan with the airline.
  • Passengers can also rent a car or book a hotel room with the miles points.

What documents required to make request for missing miles on Etihad Airways?

If you want to make a request for missing miles on Etihad Airways, the passenger is required to provide certain documents along with a copy of their boarding pass on the email. After that, the airline will verify all the details and provide them with the points. Following is the list of information that the passenger needs to provide in the email to claim missing miles on the airline:

  • Etihad Guest membership number.
  • Passenger's first and last name.
  • Flight number.
  • Booking reference and reservation number.
  • Arrival and Departure destination of the flight.
  • Cabin and the class you have booked.

How to claim missing Etihad miles for flights taken before becoming a Guest member?

The passengers can claim the miles points for the previous flight booked before becoming the Etihad Guest member. The airline will provide the missing miles points for flights booked 6 months before becoming a member. The passenger has to send a copy of all the boarding passes to "" with the relevant details. If you have any problem, then connect with customer service, and they will guide you through the process.

Wrapping up:

You can go through the information in the above context about miles. If you need any help regarding miles, you can get in touch with a live agent and get the help needed.


You will get the mile points each time you fly with Etihad or the partner airlines. And the miles added to your account will depend on the distance covered by the airlines, i,e long or short flight hours.

The miles earned by a passenger will depend on the destination. The distance you travel with Etihad Airways. It also depends on the type of class you are choosing. The mile points earned for every flight can be from 600 to 3000.

Yes, the Etihad points will expire, and it will depend on the tier you have purchased. For if you are a silver, gold, or bronze member, the miles points will expire after 18 months, and if you are, you can also extend the miles durations before the expiry.
If the miles have already expired, then there is no way to extend or redeem the miles points for Etihad Airlines. 

Each mile point is worth 2 US cents, which you can buy and sell depending on your preference. If you want to buy miles, you can go to the official page of the airline and check out the help page to get further details on miles.

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