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Multi-City flight booking with Alaska Airlines

If travelers have to book multiple flights, they need to manage more than one ticket and check-in for each flight. To save the passengers’ time, Alaska Airlines provides a multi-city flight facility. In this blog, all the concerns related to the Alaska Airlines Multi-city flights are shared. 

Can we book multi-city flights?

Yes, if you are planning to book multi-city flights on Alaska Airlines, then you can book it via online methods, customer service phone number, or visit the Airport ticket counter. The multi-city flights are less expensive as compared to the one way flight also they offer different options to explore in one booking. People find it more convenient as it ties your itinerary together.

Is it possible to book multi-city Alaska flights?

Yes, passengers can reserve a flight to multiple cities in a single booking. You are permitted to book up to 6 destinations in a single itinerary. Multi-city booking is different from connected flights. In connecting flights, separate tickets are booked, the airline isn’t responsible for the delay of your flight. However, if the multi-city flight is reserved, you don’t have to worry if the flight is delayed. 

Is it cheaper to book multi-city flights together on Alaska Airlines?

It is cheaper to reserve a multi-city flight. Instead of booking two round-trip flights from Atlanta to Las Vegas and Las Vegas to Texas, you can book a multi-city flight in a single itinerary and save money on airfare. It is convenient to coordinate separate flights individually. 

How to book multi-city flights on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines allows their travelers to choose multi-city flight options, which means passengers can explore different cities during the trip in a single booking. Suppose you are planning to travel to several towns in one trip. In that case, you should book the multi-city flight on Alaska Airlines, as it allows you to complete the booking process either via phone number, Online booking, or booking at the Airport. Passengers must know the essential points of online booking or else check the information below.

  • To book multi-city flights, passengers need to visit the Alaska Airlines official website or download their app.
  • You should click on the book icon and then select the multi-city flight filter.
  • After that, the travelers are required to enter the essential details such as the number of passengers, select the different cities' arrival and departure airports, travel dates, and more.
  • The screen will show the list of available flight options, among which customers should choose the preferred options.
  • Now, you can proceed to pay the fares either via card or other online payment methods.
  • You will receive the booking confirmation code.

What is the Alaska Airlines Customer support number? 

Passengers can speak with a representative via the contact number. They are accessible 24/7 to instruct you. Passengers can dial the number 1-800-252-7522 for support. You have to choose the language and IVR instructions to speak with the airline. The average waiting time is around 20 minutes. 

Another medium to connect with the representative is at the airport. A live agent is accessible at the ticket counter to instruct you. Passengers have to share the details with the agents. Your tickets are booked by the agents quickly. 

How does multi-city flight booking work on Alaska Airlines?

The benefits of multi-city booking flights are mentioned below: 

  • Customize your itinerary: the airline permits the flyers to modify your itinerary. Passengers are allowed to choose a different cabin for each leg of their flight. But it is the subject matter of seat availability. 
  • Manage your booking: passengers are allowed to modify their flight. You have to change your ticket or update your flight information. Travelers can easily edit their reservations to Alaska Airlines after speaking with the agents. 

How do I search Alaska flights in multiple cities?

Passengers who are struggling while booking multi-city flights and wondering How do search Alaska flights in multiple cities? You can book the scheduled flight by calling the Alaska Airlines customer service representative. The travelers must know the step-by-step process to secure the itinerary on call, which is explained in the given information.

  • Firstly, the travelers should dial 1800-252-7522 to talk to the help desk Assistant.
  • Now you should choose a suitable language.
  • Kindly listen to the automated IVR instructions carefully.
  • Passengers should wait for a few minutes until the call gets linked, as the process will take time due to heavy traffic on call.
  • You need to share information like the total number of travelers, different airport arrival and departure names, travel dates, and more.
  • They will discuss the available flight options and choose the suitable one.
  • At last, the representative will share the payment link on a valid email address.
  • Once the payment is made, passengers will get the booking confirmation code in the accurate email.

What are the most popular multi-city stops?

Most popular visited destinations booked for multi-city flight destinations: 

  • New York to Los Angeles  to Orlando
  • Orlando to Miami to Atlanta
  • Atlanta to Las Vegas to Texas

In case you have any issues, flyers can contact customer support for more immediate information. Visit the website for more details. 


Alaska Companion fare can be used to book the multi-city flight, but you are allowed to book the economy class ticket only via using the companion fare. But passengers can later proceed to upgrade to the first class.

Alaska Airlines companion fares are the discount codes that are allotted to eligible cardholders only. The allotted companion fares are not supposed to be transferred or redeemed by any other person other than the cardholder. Also, it expires within a year, so passengers should use it before the expiry date.

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