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Learn the procedure to book Allegiant Air multi city tickets

Allegiant Air provides a multi-city flight option through which you can book a flight to multiple cities on a single trip. It helps you on a long-distance flight as it provides many breaks. Multi-city flights are cheaper than one-way and round-trip flights. If you want to book a ticket, go to the official website and choose the destinations as per your choice. To get additional information on this, contact customer service.

How do the zones work with Allegiant?

Allegiant Airlines have six zones, and each passenger has been given a zone depending on whether they have a carry bag. Passengers who do not have any bags are boarded first. To know about what passengers are destined to which zone, read the following points:

  • Zone 1: Zone 1 has all the passengers who are destined to sit on the exit row.
  • Zone 2: For passengers with a seat row between 25 to 40 and who do not have a carry-on bag are given zone 2.
  • Zone 3: Includes the passengers whose seated rows are between 1 and 24.
  • Zone 4: Passengers who have a carry bag are seated on rows 25 to 40 of Zone 4.
  • Zone 5: If passengers need to stow their carry-on bag, have a seated row between 10 to 24 of Zone 5.
  • Zone 6: The airline zone 6 includes passengers seated in rows of 9 who have a carry-on bag.

How to book multi city reservation on Allegiant Air?

If you want to book a multi-city reservation on Allegiant Air, then there are two easy methods available through which you can select the destinations as per your choice and make the reservation. Follow any of the given modes to book a multi-city flight:

Online Method:

  • Navigate to the official website “” or open the mobile app of Allegiant Air.
  • Choose the Multi-city option at the time of booking your flight.
  • Then you must select the multiple cities you want to fly through.
  • Enter the number of passengers, date of departure, and other necessary details.
  • Tap on the preferred flight and pay the cost of the ticket.
  • Download the ticket, and the airline will also send the ticket to your registered email.

Offline method:

  • Give a ring to Allegiant Airlines reservation number (702) 505-8888.
  • Pick the IVR button to reserve a flight ticket.
  • Then an airline executive will get through to you.
  • Discuss your trip details and provide the information for your multi-city flight.
  • After that, the executive will update you on the details and help you with the reservation.

How much does trip flex cost on Allegiant?

Trip Flex helps you reschedule your flight without paying any fee, changing your itinerary for once, and has many other benefits. If you want to add trip flex to your flight, then it costs around $10 to $20. The passengers can add it to their flight only at the time of reservation and not to an already booked flight.

Can you merge two flight bookings?

If any passenger has a reservation from two different airlines, then they can merge the flight bookings and make the reservation from two one-way flights to a round trip. To merge two flight bookings, you can contact customer service and provide them with your ticket details; then, they will assist you.


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