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The ultimate guide to book an infant seat on British Airways

Generally, booking a seat at British Airways is too easy as you get the online procedure to opt or else you can buy tickets by calling direct at the reservation center. But sometimes, when you want to travel with your child, and you are unable to get guidance for the same, then under such circumstances, you have to get brief information about it, and for that, you must use this following passage as in here you are given the complete guidance on infant adding into the existing reservation and policy related information, etc. 

Can you book a BA flight seat for an infant?

Yes, you are given the option of using the British Airways online procedure to book a flight seat for your infant, and to do so, you are required to follow up the online as well as offline steps, which are mentioned below for the best references. 

Method: 1 Book an infant ticket at British Airways:

  • First, go to British Airways' official website and log in to your account 
  • Now click the Manage My Booking tab and enter the confirmation code and last name 
  • While your ticket gets retrieved onscreen, you have to click additional services 
  • Click on manage ticket, and there select the add infant option. 
  • Add all the necessary details of the infant, such as age, medical documents, and free to fly certificate, etc
  • Ultimately, you have to follow the payment prompts, and you can download the ticket from the website for your infant.

British Airways Infant Policy

If you want to book an infant, then you have to consider a few necessary points that are in reference to the infant policies and are mentioned below with a brief description.

  • Suppose you want to travel with infants or child that are 7 days old (newborn) or less than a year, then for them, necessary documentations are required and should be submitted at the airport.
  • Moreover, 0-2 years of child or infant are supposed to get with guardian or parents onboard, etc
  • You even have to purchase a seat for 2 year or above infant. Or else if your infant turns 2 at the time of travel, then also buying a seat for them is mandatory. 
  • Suppose you are traveling domestically; then you get the option to add an infant online as well as through the airport self-service KIOSK machine.

Does British Airways have a bassinet?

Yes, British Airways offers different amenities and services like bassinets for infants, blankets, pillows for babies, and more to make the Baby infant's journey more comfortable and easy. Read the guidelines to travel with an infant with British Airways flights:

  • Passengers who will use the Bassinets for infants must use them safely.
  • The body of the baby's length should not be more than 650 mm, and the weight of the baby should not be more than 11 kg.
  • Infants are not allowed to travel within the first seven days after their birth.

Does British Airways charge for lap infants?

Yes, British Airways charges for lap infants, which are up to 2 years old (24 months), which is usually charged around 10% of an adult fare plus taxes. But in cases where you seek seat for your lap infant or child then you are supposed to buy tickets for the same, which is possible online and offline with British Airways without any obstacle. 

How do I request a bassinet from British Airways?

Passengers can request a bassinet from British Airways flight for only long-haul flights, which they can request via the "manage booking" page of the airline. The seat for an infant is marked on the seat assignment map with the baby icon, and the allocation for Bassinets depends on availability. The infant should be attached to PNR, and a seat number must be requested for the rows above the SSR remark before requesting a Bassinet for the infant. You will get confirmed automatically if the Bassinets are available.

How much is an infant seat on British Airways?

The cost to travel along with an infant can vary as it depends on some factors like the time of reservation, fare type, and more. Read the information to know the cost of infant seats on British Airways:

  • Infants who have not occupied any seats will be charged 10% of the adult fare.
  • If an infant has reserved a separate seat on the booking, then he needs to pay 75% of the adult passenger fare.
  • If the infant has occupied any seats, then they will need to pay the fuel charge for the fare

Do I need to book a separate seat for an infant In British Airways?

Yes, Passengers need to book a separate seat for an infant with a British Airways flight if the infant reaches the age of 2 years during the journey or before the journey. British Airways flights will only charge for the infant fare for the entire trip of an infant passenger. You can contact the customer service department of British Airways at this number - 1-800-247-9297 to book a separate seat on the flight.


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