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Unlock strategies: How to book a multi-city trip with British Airways

On a multi-city flight, the passengers start from one place and then add a few other places to their trip; and return to their original place. British Airways offers safe, reliable, and comfortable flights to the passengers, in addition, it also offers a multi-city flight to its passengers, proceed with this post to know more. 

Can you do multi-city with British Airways?  

British Airways does offer you the chance to explore different places utilizing the multi-city option. On the website of British Airways, there is a section for Multi-centre holidays that passengers can explore and plan their travel accordingly. If you need assistance regarding the multi-city booking then you can place a call at their helpline number. 

Why do you need to book a multi-city flight on BA? 

A significant feature of British Airways multi-city flight booking is it offers you the opportunity to join 6 flights to different destinations, all these stops can either be short or long. If you are one of the passengers who needs to visit more than one place in a single trip then they need to book a multi-city on British Airways as soon as possible. 

Is there any disadvantage of multi-city British Airways? 

A feature of multi-city British Airways can be unleashed by the passengers. However, the universal truth is every facility or feature has its advantages or disadvantages. A passenger who is booking a multi-city flight on British Airways for the very first time may find difficulty with the booking procedure. But to help you out the customer service of British Airways is always available to support you in any situation. 

Several ways to book a multi-city flight with British Airways 

  • British Airways multi-city booking through online method 
  • British Airways multi-city booking through phone call method 

​​​​​​​British Airways multi-city booking through online method 

Passengers who are planning for more than one stop in their holiday program can avail the option of British Airways multi-city. To pursue the booking method online is given below, implement these: 

  • Navigate through the authorized site of Britsh Airways. 
  • Look for the option of "Book" on the homepage. 
  • Go to the option "Book a flight" mentioned under "Flights". 
  • A page will open, click on the multi-city option. 
  • You need to fill out the itineraries to search for the flight. 
  • Select a flight that matches your requirements. 
  • Do the payment and you will get a notification about the reservation. 

British Airways multi-city booking through phone call method 

A multi-city trip is a customized trip according to the preferences of the passengers. Here the phone call method is cited, please have a look: 

  • Start the process by typing 1 800 247 9297. 
  • Pick out a language and carefully follow the automated voice. 
  • Press the number directing to an executive.  
  • Instantly ask about your flight concerns with the agent. 
  • Soon, the agent will assist you over the call. 


To sum up, in a multi-city flight a passenger can enjoy and travel to multiple cities or places by reserving a flight ticket. Adhere to the steps which are mentioned above to do the multi-booking with British Airways.  



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