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Incorporation of TSA PreCheck in lieu of United Airlines reservations. 

United Airlines gives you the flexibility to make your reservations as per your choice. To help you have a faster screening process, United Airlines provides the scope of TSA PreCheck. Under this program, you will be able to use the express lanes in the security for the travel plans that have been made. Read on to find details of the same. 

Can I add my TSA PreCheck to an existing reservation United?

Yes, it is possible to add the TSA PreCheck to an existing reservation you made with an airline. United Airlines even provides you with the scope to use the TSA PreCheck touchless ID, where you just need to scan your face to go through it. You would need to scan your passport and add in the required details through the United App to initiate with the process. 

How do I add TSA PreCheck to a booked United ticket?

You can apply for TSA PreCheck with the airlines by filling out the application form online or offline. The officials will make a verification of the submission and then allot a KTN number accordingly. It is quite simple to add the TSA PreCheck to a booked United ticket, by following through with the methodology given:

  • Skim through the My Trips icon section on the online portal, via the United App or at the kiosk.
  • Make a selection of Edit Travel Information and fill in the details as needed. 
  • Login to your account to access the United MileagePlus profile.
  • Scroll down to find the Travel Document and Numbers section and click the Profile section in it. 
  • Edit the profile and add in the PreCheck number assigned. 

How will I know that I have TSA precheck?

You can check if you have TSA PreCheck through the KTN number that gets assigned to you. The assignment of the KTN number is an indicator that you would be eligible for the same. For the same, ensure to add the KTN number to the reservation you have made with the airline. 

Why isn't my TSA PreCheck showing up on United Airlines?

The main reason due to which the TSA PreCheck is not showing up on United Airlines would be because there is an issue with the KTN number that has been issued. It can also happen if there is an error in the contact details that have been submitted. For the same, place a call to the airline officials to get the error resolved. 

How do I add my KTN to previous reservations?

The KTN can be added to previous reservations through the modes given below:

  • You can place a call to the representative at the airport to help with the addition of the KTN number. There, you would need to provide your personal information so that the representative can add the KTN number successfully. 

  • KTN number addition is also possible through the official website. You need to open the My Trips icon and access the profile section through login credentials. Here, the KTN number can be added under the Edit Traveler Information. 


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