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Air Canada offers customers the option of using the TSA Precheck, which will help them skip the easily long queues at the airport for check-in. However, to access or to add the TSA Precheck to Air Canada's current flight ticket then, you have the KTN number to add within the required field while you are booking the ticket because this sort of option indicates on to your boarding pass will help you to go easily and quickly with TSA Precheck services at the airport.

How do I add my KTN to my Air Canada ticket?

Now, to learn the proper procedure for adding KTN to an Air Canada flight ticket, you need to follow the then online process steps, which are clearly mentioned here, and you will be able to get the best assistance regarding completing the access for TSA Precheck.

  • First, you must visit Air Canada's official website and log in to your account. 
  • Select the Manage My Booking tab and enter the booking reference code and last name to retrieve the ticket. 
  • Select the edit tab, which should be in reference to the passenger information section. 
  • Here, go to the security information and click KTN/add KTN number in it 
  • Next, tap over the save button, and your complete information for KTN will get submitted, and you will get access to TSA Precheck. 
  • Note that you can review the details again, modify them if necessary, and proceed accordingly.

Where do I enter my TSA Precheck number Air Canada?

If you need to know where to enter the TSA Precheck number, then in reference to this, you can find the appropriate field on the official website of the Air Canada security information section. Here, you have the KTN field section to mention the following 9-digit number, and you can then proceed to complete the Precheck task quite conveniently. 

How does TSA Precheck work with Air Canada?

You complete the process for check-in with an Air Canada flight ticket boarding pass at the airport checkpoint. Then, airline staff at the airport automatically refers the passenger to a TSA Precheck lane for the airline, and you can complete your flight traveling purposes without any trouble. 

What is the redress number for Air Canada?

The redress number for an Air Canada flight ticket generally includes identifying the traveler's details without obstacles. However, the redress number is a seven-digit identifier, which is directly issued by the Department of (Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program) and with the help of this option, you will be able to get through TSA and then check for the ease of the traveler.

Is it possible to travel without an Air Canada redress number?

No, travelers should not use the Air Canada redress number for any stage of travel with this airline. But, you might be facing some odd conditions where you will have to go with the option of providing the redress number, and you will proceed accordingly and get the completion for the flight ticket TSA Precheck services. Or else you can connect with a customer service representative to discuss your queries.


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