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Explore and learn about Delta TSA PreCheck.

Delta Airlines is a well-renowned legacy carrier with its main hub in Georgia, United States. If someone wants to make flight reservations with the best safety and security standards, they must book with Delta Airlines.

When a person makes their booking with Delta Airlines, they get curious about how they can add a TSA precheck on their Delta airline boarding pass to avoid the formalities and smoothly go through the security checkpoints at the airport. In case you are wondering about any information regarding TSA precheck with Delta Airline booking, thoroughly read this blog. 

How to add TSA precheck to Delta Boarding pass?

Whoever will make his reservation with Delta Airlines or has already booked with Delta Airlines flights can add TSA precheck to their Delta boarding pass. If you want to add TSA precheck KTN to the new reservation on Delta Airline, then go through the following steps:

  • You need to log in to your Delta SkyMiles account.
  • Now, your profile's personal information will be automatically updated due to your purchase.
  • Then, you can add the pre-check number to your booking.
  • If a person does not have a SkyMiles account or can't log in, they can add a Traveller number manually at time of booking while entering the booking information.

How to add TSA PreCheck number to existing Delta reservation?   

After booking the flight tickets, the passengers might want to add the TSA PreCheck number to their reservation. So, in that case, one can easily update the TSA PreCheck number to their reservation by following the points mentioned here below:

  • Reach the portal of Delta Airlines. 
  • Go to the Manage Booking option. 
  • To log in, enter the booking reference number and last name. 
  • Tap on the Search tab and see the flight booking details. 
  • Click on the “Edit” option. 
  • Now update the information and add the TSA Pre-Check number.  

Can you add PreCheck to existing Delta boarding pass?  

After knowing about adding the PreCheck number to existing reservations, the passenger might also be curious to know whether a TSA number can be added to an existing boarding pass. Then the answer for it is affirmative. Passengers can easily update it to the boarding pass also. The procedure will be the same; you need to visit the homepage of Delta Airlines, then, by using the manage booking option, find your reservation. After that, add the details from the Edit option and proceed with the online check-in 24 hours before departure. Now, you can see the precheck number in the boarding pass. 

How do I check my TSA PreCheck status on Delta?   

If someone wishes to track the TSA PreCheck Status, there is no need to worry about it, as the procedure is simple. If travelers already have the boarding pass, then it will benefit them. You can easily look at the Pre-notification indicator “TSA PRECHK” in the boarding pass after the process of Check-in. It is available underneath the passenger’s name field. If you have the boarding pass on mobile, Pre Check will appear above the barcode in the top right corner. 

How do I add a KTN to an already booked flight Delta?   

Go to the basic information option from the manage booking section, then click on add/update secure flight passenger data. Now you can update the TSA PreCheck KTN and the information for Customs and Border Protection Programs (such as NEXUS, etc.)

Why is my TSA PreCheck not showing on boarding pass Delta?

There can be so many reasons behind the TSA PreCheck not showing on Delta Airline boarding pass, which are given below:

  • In case a person has recently married and changes their name on the booking so, in this case, there can be a difference between the name on the ID and the Delta boarding pass. So if identification doesn't match your boarding pass details, then this can be why the TSA precheck is not showing.
  • Sometimes when the passenger is traveling with an infant on a Delta Airlines flight, the TSA pre-check may not be issued for traveling with the infant.
  • If a passenger has travel cards with TSA PreCheck credit when the TSA PreCheck membership expires, then it can be the reason for not showing TSA precheck. 
  • Since the TSA PreCheck counters are not always open, this may be the reason behind it.

How can i update boarding pass wth TSA precheck information at Delta  

Yes, one can easily update the boarding pass with the TSA PreCheck information and other information. Suppose you update it with other information after the PreCheck application is approved for your Delta SkyMiles account. In that case, firstly, you need to add PreCheck to Delta and update the profile. The PreCheck/Known traveler ID is in the “Personal Details” section. 

How To Add TSA PreCheck To Delta App

Adding the TSA PreCheck to Delta Airlines is extremely simple. One can use the web browser in their computer device or smartphone to add their Known Traveler Number (KTN) to the Delta Airlines profile. When it seems difficult to add the PreCheck to the Delta Mobile app, you can easily pull up the PreCheck Details in the mobile app after adding KTN to your profile through the web browser. 

How do I get TSA PreCheck to show up on my Delta boarding pass?

Once the preCheck application has been approved, you can easily log in to your Delta SkyMiles account to edit and update your profile and add TSA pre-check. If you want to get the TSA precheck, also known as the Traveller ID field, you can search it under "personal details."

What are the TSA Precheck Benefits

If you are adding TSA PreCheck to your Delta Airline reservation, then you can get various benefits and avoid various formalities at the airport:

  • The TSA PreCheck saves the time of passengers since many security checkups and formalities are already completed.
  • Your frustration will also get reduced at the airport, which people may find at the long security screening lines.
  • Passengers traveling with TSA PreCheck can go through the dedicated security lines, wherein they don't need to remove shoes except for boots and laptops from their bags.

How can I check in at delta airlines? 

The passengers want to check in at the airline, and they are searching the information about check-in; they can use the various methods for check-in that are easily available. Here is the information-

  • Online Check-In-

If you want to do the check-in, you can use the online method and acquire the boarding pass quickly. Here are the details to use the online option for the check-in-

  1. Open the web page of Delta Airlines.
  2. Go to my trip option, provide the required details and log in.
  3. Go to the check-in option.
  4. Write down the required details and click on the submit option.
  5. Get the boarding pass.
  • Mobile Check-In-

The airline provides a mobile check-in option; you can use it, and you will get your boarding pass within a second. Here are the steps-

  • Download the delta fly app from the google play store or the app store.
  • Sign in to the app by providing the required details. 
  • Click on the check-in option. 
  • Type down the check-in details and click on the submit option. 
  • Get the boarding pass, click on the download or print out option.


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