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Expenditure and Policies for flying with a pet with American Airlines

When a pet owner plans to fly to a new city for work or traveling purposes, they look for a way to have their loved companions with them on the flight. American Airlines is allowing to book a pet with a traveler at an affordable price. Here, you can find all the information related to flying with a pet on American Airlines. 

How much is the pet fee on American Airlines?

The cost will be the first concern when you would like to add a pet to your flight. American Airlines has imposed charges for adding a pet based on different categories. The fee for adding a pet on the flight starts from $125 to $200. However, adding a service animal on the flight does not impose any charges. 

What is American Airlines Pet Policy?

In order to travel freely with your pet on the American Airlines flight, you must check out all the conditions and then request to add your pet. The American Airlines Pet Policy that you need to go through is as follows:

  • A pet on the reservation can be added from the time of booking to 2 hours prior to the boarding of the flight. 
  • The fee paid for adding a pet to the flight will be non-refundable if the person chooses to cancel the ticket with American Airlines. 
  • The pet must be carried in a carrier on the flight and will only be kept under the front seat of the passenger. 
  • Only small pets like dogs and cats are allowed to be added on an American Airlines flight. 
  • A person who added a carry-on pet on the flight will not be allowed to carry additional carry-on baggage. 
  • A person is permitted to add 2 checked pets on their flight.

How strict is American Airlines pet policy?

American Airlines advised passengers to thoroughly check their policies prior to flying with a pet on the flight, as boarding will be denied if one cannot meet all the airline requirements for flying with a pet. The airline is very strict with the imposed policies, and no pet will be allowed on the flight if the conditions are not fulfilled. 

How do I add a pet detail to my American Airlines ticket?

One can directly attain the reservation on the website of American Airlines and add the requirements as needed to their ticket. A detailed process of how you can add a pet to your ticket is mentioned below:

  • First, you need to visit the American Airlines homepage,
  • You have to shift to the “Manage Trips” window, and by entering your trip details, you can access your booking on the page,
  • Navigate the “Add Special Service” option and then select the “Pet” column,
  • Now, you have to select the category for adding the pet to your ticket,
  • After that, read the requirements and agree on the terms,
  • You will have to add a few details about the pet and attach the required documents,
  • Next, pay the charges as shown on the screen, and the pet reservation with American Airlines will be completed.



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