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Taking Your Little One to the Skies: How to Add an Infant on Lufthansa Airlines

If you are planning a family trip with your little one and wondering how to include your infant in your Lufthansa flight booking? Do not worry. In this guide, we'll answer all your questions about adding an infant to your Lufthansa booking; stay connected until the end.

Can I add an infant to my flight booking for Lufthansa?

Yes, you can add an infant to your flight booking with Lufthansa. The airline welcomes young travelers and offers every possible service to make their journey safe and pleasant.

How Do I Add My Baby to an Existing Lufthansa Flight?

Adding your baby to an existing Lufthansa flight is a straightforward process. Here's how to do it:

  • Get in touch with Lufthansa's reservations team. You can do this via the airline's website, mobile app, or customer service hotline.
  • When connected to Lufthansa, be prepared to provide your infant details, including full name, date of birth, and any other information required by the airline.
  • Lufthansa might charge fees for adding an infant to your booking, so ensure you are ready with a valid payment method.
  • After completing the process and paying the necessary fees, Lufthansa will confirm the addition of your infant to the flight booking.

How to add infant on Lufthansa Airlines 

Lufthansa Airlines is the second low-budget air carrier in Europe and is a reliable air carrier in Germany. When passengers travel with their infants, they must have good knowledge about its terms and conditions. Fliers can also follow this article in detail if they want to know how they can add infants to Lufthansa Airlines.

Use the Online method to add infants to Lufthansa flights:

Travelers can choose an online process as it is feasible to use. But, they must have proper internet access while adding infant services and can do it easily with the following necessary steps.

  • Fliers can go to the Lufthansa Airlines standard website
  • Now, travelers can enter details like origin, destination, economy class, travel date, one-way/round trip, and add numbers of infants of age group 0 to 23 months.
  • Travelers can proceed with payment to confirm seats with infants.
  • Also, they will receive Lufthansa flight ticket confirmation in the mail.

A Detail about Lufthansa Infant Policy

Passengers must have all terms and conditions while traveling with infants on the Lufthansa Airlines. This is also important because Lufthansa's infant policy will determine travelers' and small babies' comfort during flight trips. Lufthansa has a comprehensive infant policy to ensure the safety and comfort of your infant during the journey. Here are some main points from Lufthansa's infant policy:

  • There is no additional cost for lap infants under 2 years of age on all domestic routes.
  • Lufthansa categorizes infants when the children are under two years old. 
  • Infants are not allotted their seats; they usually travel on the guardian's lap.
  • Lufthansa provides bassinets on long-haul flights, subject to availability and specific conditions.
  • If you prefer an infant car seat or child restraint system, ensure it meets Lufthansa's safety requirements.
  • The Airlines offer some baby foods that are suitable for infants. However, Airways requests every traveler to carry food and water for infants because, in flight, it is available in limited quantities.
  • Night flights are preferable for small infants as they maintain sleep patterns.
  • The Airlines also provide or have spare nappies on flights in emergency cases.
  • While Lufthansa Airlines ascends or descends, travelers can help their small babies to equalize the air pressure by offering a dummy bottle.

How To Book an Infant Seat in Lufthansa?

To book an infant seat in Lufthansa, here is what you can do: 

  • Get on
  • Enter the travel details, including departure and arrival cities and dates, and the number of passengers, including the infant.
  • During booking, mention that you're traveling with an infant and choose between a lap infant or requesting a bassinet or the infant seat.
  • Enter your baby's name and date of birth, and make sure you have a birth certificate
  • Provide personal, contact, and payment information on screen.
  • Pay for applicable fees for the infant seat or bassinet, in case required.
  • After booking and payment are done, you'll receive a confirmation email or booking reference.

What is the infant age for Lufthansa?

Lufthansa considers infants to be children under the age of 2 years. Children in this age group typically travel as "lap infants" or may have the option of using a bassinet or infant seat during the flight if available and requested in advance.

Conclusion: You can add your infant when traveling with Lufthansa anytime. The Lufthansa Infant Policy ensures your little one is comfortable on board and doesn't face any trouble. For more information or any doubts, speak to the Lufthansa team directly.


Many fliers have doubts regarding whether the small infants under 2 years are free to fly at Lufthansa Airlines. The mentioned Airways understands the fliers' concerns, so it provides free flight tickets for small lap infants under 23 years of age.


In normal cases, Airways does not charge any additional amounts for infants. However, if the travelers have infants who are unable to occupy accessible seats, in such scenarios, the fliers have to pay 10% of the regular fare on all preferred other routes. Most of the time, the lap infants have free travel on all Lufthansa domestic flights.


Yes, Lufthansa Airlines offers one free baggage allowance for lap infants aged 0 to 23 years. The maximum weight and size that Lufthansa allows for single infants is 23 kg and 158 cm, which includes all length, width, and height. Also, it is valid except the Lufthansa economy light fare class.


If passengers traveling with small babies and want to use strollers, they can easily carry a buggy or pushchair for free of cost at Lufthansa. But, before traveling with strollers or pushchair fliers must ensure that it is foldable and only occupies a few spaces in the place that cause inconvenience during air travel.


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