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British Airways Baggage Allowance, Policies, Restrictions, and Fee

British Airways is one of those airlines that provide comfortable, frequent flight facilities to numerous destinations. Since this air carrier is travelled by a large number of passengers, therefore it is quite strict about baggage allowance and has framed certain terms and conditions so that no passenger has any problem regarding luggage during travelling. 

How strict is British Airways with baggage allowance

There are several travellers who wonder if British Airways is strict about baggage weight and dimensions. They must note that, yes, the airline is very particular about baggage allowance. In Fact, they have framed important baggage policies that must be followed by the passengers before carrying their luggage. Some important policies are described below. 

British Airways important Baggage Policies

  • The airline does not enable passengers to carry harmful things like weapons or other sharp-weapons while travelling.
  • They are also restricted from carrying any liquid. Only up to 100 ml can be carried by passengers on British Airways flights. 
  • Travellers must always pay careful attention to the limit set by British Airways before packing bags. Because if the weights are overweight or dimension exceeds, passengers are bound to pay additional-fares.
  • Passengers are allowed to carry wheelchairs and other medical-equipment without paying any overweight-charges.
  • Travellers must make sure that their carry-on bags and personal-handbags or laptop-bags must fit in the space given in the overhead-bins or under passenger’s-seats.  
  • If any passenger wants to carry his musical-instrument or other personal-items such as sports-equipment, then he has the facility to send them as checked-in luggage by paying some extra fares. 
  • If you purchase any duty-free items at the airport, then they will be counted in your carry-on bags. 

Is BA strict on baggage weight?

Yes, British Airways is strict about baggage weight and has set particular dimensions and weights for checked-in bags, carry-on bags, and personal belongings. Read the following points carefully to get exact information about the weight and dimensions allowed by the airlines. Also, they must take note while measuring the dimensions of gags; their handles and wheels must also be considered:

  • The weight of cabin bags must be under 23 kg.
  • The dimension of cabin-bags allowed is 56 *45 *25cm.
  • Passengers cannot carry checked-in luggage more than 90 x 75 x 43cm.
  • If you are travelling in Economy or Premium-economy class of British Airways, then you can carry up to 23 kg as checked-in luggage, while for Business and first-class, 32 kg is permissible.

What are the carry-on rules for British Airways?

If you need to proceed with your tour and you can altogether gather information related to British Airways carry-on terms and conditions, then for that purpose, you are suggested to read the following section to retrieve complete details.

  • At check-in time, the carry-on bag should smoothly fit into the baggage gauge, which might include handles, pockets, and wheels.
  • Another point to consider is that British Airways travelers can also carry their handbag or laptop-size bag within their cabin.
  • Customers are also allowed to carry duty-free shopping bags and other airport purchases, which quite comfortably get included as hand baggage.
  • Free carry-on baggage allowances are allowed to carry one handbag or laptop bag and one standard carry-on bag.

How strict is British Airways about carry-on luggage size? 

British Airways has set in certain rules and policies for baggage that govern and associate with the passengers who choose the airline for their flight experience. The passengers need to adhere to these so as to have a stress-free travel experience. If you have your flight scheduled for departure with British Airlines in a week and would like to know about the baggage allowance, more specifically, the British Airways hand baggage allowance, review the details that have been provided for your understanding.

How much is the British Airways Baggage Allowance for a passenger?

British Airways has a standard baggage allowance of 23 kg per bag. The number of bags that will be allowed for check-in will depend on the type of booking made by the passenger and the class in which they are travelling. 

If the passenger would specifically want to know What is the baggage allowance on British Airways economy?, the details are as follows for the different classes included in Economy:

  • In the case of Basic Economy, the passenger is not allowed any checked bags but only the cabin and handbag. 
  • For Economy class, they are allowed an additional bag apart from the checked bag.
  • Premium Economy passengers are allowed to carry two checked bags weighing around 23 kg each.

The passengers travelling with Business and First class have the maximum baggage allowance being able to carry 32 kg per bag, where the checked bags can be 2 and 3, respectively.

What is the standard hand baggage allowed with British Airways?

The British Airways carry-on size and weight for the handbag that a passenger can carry is up to 23 kg, which is 51 lb. The dimension of the bag needs to be 40 x 30 x 15cm (16 x 12 x 6 in). The airline will not allow the passenger to take the handbags violating this dimensional analysis without a penalty fee. The passenger, however, is allowed to carry a small bag for medical essentials, electronic devices, and their passport. 

What if the passenger exceeds the limit of the baggage allowance given to them?

British Airways allows the passenger to take their additional bag only through early check-in with the airline by paying extra for the number of bags they wish to travel with. It can be done at the time of the web check-in process.

From all the details provided in the article with reference to the British Airways Baggage Allowance policies and rules, the passenger travelling with the airline will now have a fair idea of how much luggage to carry in their hand and get checked in to board their flight. In case there is any issue being faced at any point while reading through the article, the passenger can skim through the official website of the airline.

Can I bring a backpack and a carry-on on British Airways?

Yes, you can carry a backpack, and the maximum number of backpacks you can carry is two, as it will depend upon your seat type. The maximum size of that backpack is under 55x40x23, with one personal item bag. But the airways do not allow you to carry additional bags if you are a gold or silver club member, infants are not allowed to carry any additional bags.

What if my checked bag is over 50 lbs British Airways?

British Airways sets the weight limit of the baggage as per the class of the bookings, but if the weight of your bags is over 50 lbs and you have a reservation on economy class, then you have to pay the charges. The charges for the excess weight of the checked bags must be under 90 USD to 110 USD. For business class or first class, checked bag of over 50 lbs are allowed by the airways. 


Yes, small handbags carrying essentials like medicines, mobile, and passports can be carried, but they should be under 23 kg. The dimensions of handbags must be under 40 *30 *15cm.

If your bag is more than 23 kg, then you are required to pay $100 as excess baggage charges for a one-way flight ticket per bag; if you are going to any foreign-destination, then this amount will be converted to local currency.

British Airways is known to be one of the finest aircraft that is popular for providing customers with the best luggage services in-flight and at the airport. This airline is headquartered in London, England, which nearby the main hub of Heathrow Airport. Now if you need to conclude about the strictness for hand luggage/carry-on bags, then in that specified case, you should read the following pointers, which are about luggage diameters.

  • The limit for carry-on luggage is (a maximum of 23 kg/51 lb, and it can go up to 56**25*cm/ 22*18*10 inch)
  • One handbag/laptop bag (maximum 23 kg/51 lb, which is around 40*30*15/16*12*6 inch)
  • Note for the passengers who by mistake or skipped and exceeded the free allowance for hand luggage along with weight and sizes, and in those instances, the baggage will get checked as hold baggage.

Now to gather an appropriate set of information for British Airways' weight allowance for carry-on, you should visit the official site page, or you may also be able to smoothly gather such proper information from the below-referred points for your guidance. 

  • Personal items for carry-on – 16*12*6 inches (40*30*15 cm) which will weigh around 51 pounds (23 kg)
  • Standard carry-on luggage – 22*18*10 inches (56**45*25 cm) up to 51 pounds (23 kg).

Yes, it is feasible for travelers to bring up the backpack on a carry-on facility with British Airways airline. As customers will be allowed to take either one or two pieces of free hand baggage with them onboard, which will always depend upon the fare type you choose, it must be a maximum size of 55*40*23 cm, and also you can take one personal item. Note that infants you want to take on board are never counted or entitled to an allowance. 

Yes, travelers are allowed to take extra baggage with a British Airways flight ticket that is at the airport easily accessible but note you will have to pay an additional charge which directly depends on the fare type.

There are some uneven cases when baggage weighs more than 23 kg, and then the cost for it would range from $100 approximately, and it will get as per overweight baggage and also through the journey route you choose such as one way journey.

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