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Attire the information about baggage allowance on Volotea Airlines 

The Spanish low-cost carrier, Volotea Airlines, allows customers to carry enough baggage on the flight. Every customer can bring 1 handbag and a personal item totally free of cost. Carry-on bags are allowed to be taken in the cabin. On the other hand, a total of 5 pieces of checked baggage is allowed on Volotea Airlines. Remember to keep your bags within the permitted dimension and weight limits. To get full information about Volotea baggage policy and rules, run an eye over the article thoroughly. 

How much is a checked bag on Volotea Airlines?

As mentioned earlier, a customer can bring up to 5 checked bags on Volotea flights. The complete checked baggage allowances and policy is listed below.

  1. Customers are allowed 5 bags as checked baggage, provided their maximum weight is below 50 kg. 
  2. The fee for checked baggage differs depending on the country of origin, destination, and time of the year. 
  3. Passengers can add bags to their booking till two and a half hours before departure. 

What is the Volotea baggage policy?

If you are planning to make your flight reservation with this Airline, then make sure you are aware of the Volotea Baggage Policy that is mentioned below.

  • You can check in with an item of hand luggage of 40x55x20cm, as it is free of cost and should fit under your front seat.
  • You can also bring one small bag in the cabin, fitted in the overhead compartment.
  • If you want to carry an extra bag inside the cabin, you must pay €50 for each bag at the boarding gate.
  • You can take your cabin bag only if you have priority boarding, and the size should be (50x40x20cm) of the luggage.

How strict is Volotea with baggage?

Airlines are generally strict with their policies and rules. Any violations can attract extra fees or other serious actions. Volotea has a defined set of baggage policies that every passenger must follow without fail. If any violations are observed, the airline might impose heavy fees or even decline to take your bag on the flight. Hence, it is strongly recommended to stick to the Volotea Baggage Policy in order to have a smooth flight experience. 

What is the carry-on limit for Volotea?

Carry-on bags are the ones that a passenger can take in the cabin. For a better flight experience for everyone, carry-on bags have lower allowances. The following is the Volotea baggage allowance for carry-on bags.

  • The carry-on bag must have a maximum dimension of 50x40x20 centimeters.
  • The cabin bag, along with your hand bag must weigh a maximum of 10 kg. 

Passengers with priority boarding tickets are allowed to take cabin bags on board. Otherwise, it should be checked free of charge. If the handbag and hand baggage exceeds 10 kg, it attracts a fee of 54 USD.

What is the checked baggage allowance on Volotea?

The following points mention the checked baggage allowance set by Volotea Airlines. 

  • Passengers are permitted to take bags weighing 20 kg or 25 kg per suitcase or luggage. 

  • The airline accepts checked baggage up to 32 kg with a fee of 12 USD per extra kilogram. 

  • You can add a 20 kg bag in different ways, and the fees for the same are as follows. 

-On website or app: 9 USD

-airport check-in: 54 USD

-Airport boarding gate: 70 USD

  • A checked bag of 25 kg can be added at the following cost.

-On website or app: 17 USD

-Airport check-in: 70 USD

-Airport boarding gate: 70 USD

How much does Volotea charge for baggage? 

If you have reserved your flight ticket with Volotea Airline and wonder How much will my baggage cost at Volotea? f to know the amount, you can review the information below and get an update.

  • Hand luggage - you can carry 1 hand luggage on the flight for free, which can be fitted under your front seat. The hand luggage includes a laptop bag, handbag, and small suitcase. 

  • Check-in baggage (1 piece up to 10kg) 

  • If you book from the web, it is charged from €9.

  • If you have booked through the call center, it will charge you €15.

  • And if the booking is made ta the Airport, then the charges are €29.


  • Check-in baggage ( 1 piece up to 20kg)

  • €9 are the charges if you book a ticket through the website.

  • It says €15 if you have reserved your ticket by calling customer support.

  • And if the booking is made at the Airport, you must pay €20 for extra weight.


  • Check-in baggage ( 1 piece up to 25kg)

  •  If you have made your bookings through the webpage, the charges are from €24

  • If you have done it through the customer support number, then the charges are shown €29

  • From €50 will be charged if the booking is made at the Airport.


  • Special equipment (1 piece of equipment up to 32 kg)

  • The charges are €60 if you have booked through the website of the Airline.

  • The amount will be €65 when you book your ticket via phone.

  • And from €80 when you visit the Airport and make the booking.

Can I take sports equipment on the Volotea Airlines flight?

Yes, the airline accepts sports equipment and musical instruments as special baggage, provided each item weighs under 32 kg. 

Which items are not allowed on Volotea Airlines?

There are specific things that are not accepted on Volotea flights. To know about those items, read the given list.

  • Firearms
  • Lithium or other batteries
  • Blunt and sharp objects
  • Liquids, with specific exceptions
  • Chemical or toxic substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Tools or other weapons
  • Corrosives and flammable substances


Every Airline tries to go as per their policy. Likewise, Volotea also ensures that the baggage is done as per the Airline rules because it can cause a problem make sure you carry your baggage as per the Airline baggage policy.

While flying with Volotea Airline, you are allowed to carry up to 5 pieces of baggage which should weigh under 50kg per passenger, amongst which you can carry 2 pair of bags with you inside the cabin. The Airline will not charge for it., which includes your handbag and 1 cabin bag that can be placed in your cabinet.

Yes, you can carry 1 handbag and one carry-on bag with you for free if you are flying with Volotea Airline, but make sure the bags' dimensions and weight should be under the policy, or else you have to pay the charges for the extra one.

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