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Traveling from one place to another is always related to carrying bags, and for this, you must be aware of different details in relation to the bags. You can read through the details given in the content below that will help you learn about the necessary details of FlyDubai allowances and restrictions. You can learn about the weight allowance, size of the bags, extra cost you may be charged, etc. Go through the details and learn the information required.

How much weight is allowed on Flydubai?

If you are traveling with FlyDubai, the bags you are allowed to carry on the airline must not weigh more than 32 kg as checked baggage and 15 kg as a carry-on bag. In addition to this, if talking about the number of pieces of bags, only three prices are allowed. More than this, you will have to pay the hefty penalty of baggage fees and then carry the bags along with you. The baggage allowance is as follows:

  • Each passenger is allowed to carry only three pieces of luggage. More than three shall be chargeable.
  • Each of the bags you are carrying must be less than or equal to the size of 75X55X35 cm.
  • The carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin and be of 7 to 15 kg with the dimension of 56X45X25 cm.
  • For an economy seat, the checked bag, overweight/oversized, is for free. However, in the business class, only sports equipment and musical instruments shall be charged. All other bags are are free without any fee or penalty. 

How many kilograms are allowed per traveler in Flydubai?

The bags on FlyDubai shall not weigh more than 40 kg, and the number of bags must even not exceed 3 pieces of luggage. All three pieces must total into being 40 kg or less. However, 32kg is the ideal baggage weight one is allowed to carry. 

How to add extra baggage to a Flydubai reservation?

To be able to add extra baggage to a flight booked with FlyDubai booking, you must read through the details mentioned in the points below, which explain the procedure that you must go through:

  • Reach out to FlyDubai’s official website,
  • Get on to the manage booking option and, using the booking reference number and last name of the passenger, salvage the booking.
  • Reach out on the booking summary page, and from the top of the box of the passenger details, you will find various options.
  • Get to choose the add baggage option and proceed through the process.
  • Once done, if you are required to pay, complete the process and confirm adding the baggage to your flight. 

How much does it cost to add extra baggage on Flydubai?

If you are looking to add extra baggage, you will have to make a payment for the same. The required amount to be paid varies from one bag to another. The fee depends on bag weight, bag size, number of bags, etc. However, the basic fee starts from $20 and shall go on depending on the factors mentioned. If there is any with the baggage you are facing, you can also contact the airline and avail of the help required. 


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