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Decoding Rex's Baggage Policy: Navigating the Rules with Ease

Rex Airlines, also known as regional express airlines, possesses flexible and feasible policies, including the Baggage Policy. The Rex is dedicated to providing a clear and continuous approach to baggage allowances. In this article, we will delve into Regional Express Airlines Baggage Policy, shedding light on the guidelines and relevant details; take a look. 

Do you get baggage with Rex?

Yes! If you are travelling with teh Rex, based on your fare type, you are entitled to bring the baggage. The airline includes a baggage alliance as part of their ticket. As long as you meet the Rex terms and conditions, you can have carry-on maximum dimension 36 x 23 x 56 cm and checked baggage with maximum dimension of 140 cm.

Regional Express Baggage Policy

The baggage allowance is divided into multiple categories. As mentioned below, you need to find out the rules for carrying the bags on your journey. 

Carry-on baggage allowance:

  • All the passengers who have the paid seat are entitled to carry-on luggage, which includes overnight bags, personal computers, briefcases, large-size cameras, etc. 
  • Flights of all regional services fare types can carry on bags up to 7 kg. 
  • The domestic services of Flex and Biz saver can take one carry-on luggage of 10 kg of weight. 
  • Biz and Biz Plus of domestic services have the facility to take carry-on bags in the cabin of a minimum of 15 kg of weight. 
  • If your bags do not fit properly in the overhead of your seats, they will be considered as checked baggage. 
  • The maximum linear dimensions of the bags in terms of height, weight, and depth is 104 cm. 

Checked baggage allowance: 

  • The community, promo, and saver fare types are allowed to take bags of 15 kg in the regional services. 
  • The promo saver and flex fare in the regional routes can take 23 kg of weight. 
  • The Biz saver, Biz, and Biz Plus in all the domestic services routes can take the checked bags of weight 32 kgs. 
  • Passengers having the connecting flight are entitled to the higher two checked baggage in the same booking. 
  • The dimensions of the checked bags can be 140 cm, including handles and wheels of height, weight, and depth.

Does Rex weigh carry-on luggage?

Yes! Rex weight carry-on luggage is subject to the fare conditions. Per the policy, the weight allowed for all regional fares (except flex) is 7 KG (one small piece and one personal item). For economy (Promo & Saver), the total weight should be 7KG ( One standard piece and one personal item). The weight for Economy(Flex) and Business class (Biz saver), the total weight should be 10 kg. The total weight for Business class(Biz and Biz Plus) should be 10 kg. 

How strict is Rex with baggage?

Rex Airlines always work to provide scheduled services and flights to passengers worldwide. They understand the luggage issues and provide an appropriate allowance to carry your bags on the journey. You can take the luggage according to the suitable size and weight for your destination. For this, you can read the given information to get the baggage restriction. 

  • All the regional fares can carry carry-on bags of weight within 7 kg. 
  • Domestic fares are allowed to carry 10 kg of weight. 
  • In the checked luggage, the regional services can take up to 15 kg of the bag.
  • The domestic services are entitled to carry between 23 to 32 kg of bags. 

What is the carry-on size limit for Rex?

The dimension of small pieces or personal items should be a maximum of 48 x 23 x 34 cm with a linear dimension maximum of 105 cm. The dimension of standard items should be a maximum of 36 x 23 x 56 cm with a linear dimension maximum of 105 cm.

Can I add extra Baggage with Rex Airlines?

Yes, you can add the extra baggage on the journey before the scheduled departure with Rex. You can purchase the additional baggage at the time of booking the fares. You can buy up to 5 kg of extra luggage according to fare type, and fees will be calculated accordingly. 

What is the extra baggage policy and cost of Rex Airline? 

If your baggage cross the approved limit, here are certain terms and conditions apply: 

Domestic Flights

The extra baggage fee of $ 5.50, including GST, applies for each additional kg above 15 kg(33lb) or $16.50 per piece applied if the size exceeds the liner dimensions of 55 linear inches limit or 140 cm. 

International Connecting Passengers

The baggage allowance for all travel classes is 20 kg(44lb). For international baggage (for all travel classes) excess of 15 kg(33lb) will be raised subject to the capacity, and an excess of 20 kg(44lb) will be subject to the charges of $5.50 / per kg for excess baggage. Baggage that will be more than 32 kg(70lb) will be assigned as air freight. 

The maximum weight and size per piece of baggage allowed is as below: 

  • Size – 158 linear cm (55in) (D + H+ L)

  • Weight - 32kg (70lb)

What is the Rex Baggage Allowance for Infants?

Infants who don't reach their second birthday might travel on the adult's lap without any charges for Rex services. The airline will provide an infant seat belt. You can also bring the car seat (Forward facing) for the infant's comfort if he/she is more than six months old. Children above two years old might also use the infant car seat for which the weight should be less than 18kg. 

Conclusion: By reading the information above, hopefully, you will get clarity about  Regional Express Airlines Baggage Policy. If you still have any doubts or need more information, you can visit at the official website page on the website or speak to the support team at Rex.


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