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While you have bookings done with Caribbean airlines, you must read all the guidelines which provide you appropriate guidance on Caribbean baggage or suitcases allowed to carry with you onboard. Now baggage policy states that each passenger is allowed to take one carry-on bag. On the other hand, on all Caribbean flights, you can also take one personal item, which may consist of a backpack, handbag, briefcase, or laptop bag. However, suppose you have doubts about the Caribbean airline's suitcases that are allowed to carry onboard. In that case, you must contact the customer service team for help via phone, or you can also read the baggage section from the official website.

How many free checked bags are on Caribbean Airlines?

As per Caribbean airline's free checked baggage allowance, every passenger can carry the first bag for free while boarding a flight which is allowed with all fare types that exclude the Lite fare. Moreover, passengers can purchase checked luggage with chosen fare type and a second bag while flying the classic fare. In addition, flex, Biz, and Biz Flex passengers are allowed to receive two free checked bags. Note, in case you exceed the limit of the free checked bag allowance, you will have to pay extra charges. 

What is Caribbean Airlines' baggage policy?

Now, if you want detailed information regarding Caribbean airlines baggage policies, you must use the following section list of points to get basic fare rules for baggage.

  • Carry-on baggage
  • One personal item- free of cost 
  • One carry-on item- free of cost 
  • Checked or hold baggage- the fees will increase as you add a checked bag. 
  • Overweight and oversize bags- the fees would be applicable per bag depending on weight and size category.
  • You can carry your luggage as per your seat type; if you are selecting a seat of premium, first, or business class, then you can carry a maximum number of bags which is three.
  • If you choose a standard or economy class seat, you can carry two carry-on bags and two checked bags.
  • Lastly, you might have to pay applicable fees on certain Sports types of equipment.

What is Caribbean Airlines' carry-on baggage policy?

If you want to learn information on Caribbean airline's carry-on baggage policies, you must briefly read the following section details while running the information for carry-on bags.

  • You should not exceed carry-on baggage following size and weight restrictions;
    1. Maximum weight: 10kg/22lb
    2. Maximum linear dimensions: ( Length+ Weight+ Height) 114cm/45 inches
  • For personal items, the following restrictions should be appropriately kept;
    1. Maximum linear dimensions should not exceed (L+W+H) 91cm/36 inches.
  • Passengers must note that bulkhead seats do not offer under-seat storage. Thus, each and every carry-on baggage must be kept in the overhead bin during flight take-off and in other conditions.

What is Caribbean Airlines checked baggage / hold luggage policy?

Now suppose that you have less information on Caribbean airline's checked/hold baggage policies or you cannot understand this section properly, then you have the option to read the following section.

  • As a traveler, the route and the fare type you select on Caribbean airlines would determine how many complimentary checked bags you will receive to carry
  • Moreover, the maximum weight: is 23kg/50lb.
  • In the end, maximum linear dimensions: (L+W+H) should consist of 157cm/62 inches.

Fees for baggage on Caribbean Airlines

In case you are confused about whether there is any fee on baggage at Caribbean airlines, then, of course, as a traveler, you have to pay the fees, which are generally determined by the fare type you purchase and secondly depend upon your chosen destination. In addition to getting information read the following briefly written details.

  • If you are active or retired military personnel and you have the Caribbean airlines frequent flyer program in activation or status with an affiliated carrier, then you may or may not have to pay baggage charges.
  • The other first bag would be free of cost. 
  • Second bag domestic TTD 3.00 /kg
  • In addition, a second bag for international is also concluded to be free of cost.

Henceforth, suppose you still want to get more information regarding baggage terms and conditions. In that case, you can look around baggage information on the official website of the Caribbean. Alternatively, you can call a customer service representative to assist you with help.


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