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All about Delta airline luggage: policies, fees and allowed weight: 

Many travelers who decide to travel via Delta Airlines are often confused about the luggage that the airline permits them to carry and also about the policies set by the airlines regarding the same. If you are also curious, How many bags can I check for free on Delta? Then you must note that the airline allows passengers to carry one free carry-on bag along with one personal belonging. You can also read all the luggage-related information provided in the upcoming section to clarify your luggage-related issues. 

How many bags can I check for free on Delta? 

Passengers can check in with one carry-on bag along with one personal item on Delta Airlines. Apart from this, if any passengers already have existing miles, then they can use them to carry their luggage for free. 

Luggage weight and size restrictions on Delta Airlines: 

Customers can refer to the following points to know Delta's weight and dimensions:

  • They can take carry-on bags whose total dimension, that is, length, width, and height, is under 114 cm.
  • Checked-in bags must not exceed more than 62 linear inches.
  • The dimension of carry-on bags must not be more than 56 cm * 35 cm *23.

What is Delta Airlines Baggage Policy?

To travel via Delta Airlines, it is essential that the customers take note of the luggage policies. Some of the crucial policies are mentioned below:

  • Travelers are not permitted to carry any harmful items in their luggage while traveling via Delta Airlines.
  • They are only permitted to carry liquid less or equal to 100 ml in their checked-in bags.
  • Customers must carry luggage under the limit set by the airlines; if the weight or dimension exceeds the limit, then they are required to make additional payments. Also, the wheels and handles of their checked-in bags must be considered while measuring the limit.
  • Checked-in bags must fit in the overhead bins or the space under passenger seats.
  • For sports items or musical equipment, customers must make additional fares and carry their items as checked-in luggage.
  • If any traveler is traveling with a kid or infant, then he is allowed to carry trolleys. 

What are Delta baggage fees? 

The fee that must be paid by the traveler to carry their luggage differs according to different parameters. For instance, your traveling route and traveling class determine the exact fares to be paid to the airlines. Customers must refer to the below-mentioned luggage fares to get better details:

  • If any passenger is carrying luggage whose weight is under 23 kg as check-in baggage, then he is required to pay $30 to the airline.
  • If any customer wishes to add second checked-in baggage, then he must pay $40 each way.
  • If your Delta miles or american express card member, then you are permitted to carry one checked-in bag for free.

How much does it cost to check 2 bags with Delta?

If you are considering carrying a second checked-in bag in Delta Airlines, then you must make a payment of approximately $40 depending upon the travel class and selected route. 

How to get a free bag on Delta? 

If any passenger flies with Delta, always wonder about the free baggage allowance so they can carry their bags without any hassle and reach the airport to get aboard. So, if you are looking forward to finding ways to get a free bag on Delta, you can read out the points that will provide you clarification on the same:

  • Skymiles number— The primary option to get free baggage services on Delta is adding a Skymiles number at the time of your reservation. With this, you can make your flight cost-effective. 

  • Airline's baggage Policy— You do not always have to apply methods to get free baggage services from the airline. The airline has set specific rules concerning baggage; if you carry luggage within the established rules, no additional charges are imposed. 

  • Lighter packing— It is always suggested to carry less luggage while traveling as it may help you avoid any additional fees by the airline. 

  • Understand the crux— There is a detailed list of items you can carry at no charge, for example, 1 briefcase, purse, laptop or computer, stroller, food and drinks (purchased after passing through security points), etc. 

NOTE: If you still have any doubt associated with the same, you can directly contact Delta to find proper guidance. 


Passengers always ask a query with respect to the allowance of 2 checked baggage at no cost, so the answer associated with the same as in the following points; please consider them:

  • You are permitted to carry 2 free checked bags on Delta, but the only condition is that you must be traveling in First Class, Delta One, or Premium Select. 
  • However, as per its policy, you can carry 2-10 checked baggage, but once you exceed the number of bags set by the airline, additional charges will be imposed. 
  • If you want more information on the same, you can get to the airline's agent who will guide you in all the possible ways. 

To make a trip economical, every passenger is concerned with free checked bags on Delta. So, to know about the same, you are requested to read out the points as given below; have a look:

  • If you are flying internationally, the airline will provide one free checked baggage to all premium class ticket holders.
  • However, this largely depends upon the destination and class you prefer to fly with Delta. 

Before reaching the airport, one is always recommended to be aware of specific baggage-related facts or rules Delta sets. So, to get information on the same, you can get a brief idea on the same related to bags; please give a look:

  • As far as its baggage policy is concerned, 2 bags can be taken on Delta.
  • The bag's size must not exceed 62 Inches, and weight must be restricted to 23 KG.

To provide all the feasible facilities to travelers, Delta ensures to keep all its policies as flexible as possible so they do not experience any hassle. Hence, the airline may provide 1 free checked baggage to all the Premium Class fliers.

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