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Pack your bags wisely; Know the baggage rules on Oman Air. 

Have you heard Oman Air has imposed an additional charge for exceeding set baggage limits? Yes, you heard it right. If you exceed the limits, pay more on the airline. But this case is not the same every time. You can save yourself by incurring additional bucks, and for this, you need to glance at the discussion, which will show you its rules, allowance, different class rules, and other things. Please take note of them; 

Oman Air Baggage Allowance Policy

The Oman Air baggage policy is essential to know. If you want to be aware of any surcharges imposed by the airline for exceeding the baggage limits, you are highly recommended to go through the points mentioned below; please have a look:

Check-in luggage.

  • Passengers who have opted for no check-in baggage are authorized to carry 7 KG of hand luggage. 
  • In the case of First and Business fliers, they are permitted to carry 50 KG of First and Business Light (also Business and Prime) baggage. 
  • Economy ticket class holders can carry 30 kg of luggage onboard, while "ECONOMY SAVER" holders may not be allowed to do so. 

Hand Luggage. 

  • The First class ticket holder can carry 7 KG of luggage (max 2) onboard. 
  • All types of business fliers can also carry 7 KG of luggage onboard. 
  • Meanwhile, only 1 bag of up to 7 KG is permitted for Economy fliers. 
  • Fliers traveling with infants are permitted to carry an extra 10 KG of hand luggage. 

Other general rules;

  • You are not permitted to exceed the weight limit of 32 KG, and under no condition will you be authorized to travel. 
  • The baggage's dimensions must be restricted to 158 cm. 
  • If you exceed any limits, Oman Air will impose charges. 
  • Hand Baggage must not exceed 115 cm. 

How strict is Oman Air with baggage?

Many fliers often wonder whether Oman Air is strict with its baggage policy,  so if you want to know about it, you can take note of the following points; 

  • If you exceed the baggage limits, size, weight, etc., by any means, the airline will either not accept you to check-in, or you will have to incur an additional cost. 
  • Thus, checking its baggage rules before visiting the airport is recommended. 

Can we carry 2 bags for 30 kg in Oman Air?

Yes, all the Econony ticket fliers on Oman Air are permitted to carry 2 bags, but that must be within 30 kg. If you exceed such limits, you may incur an additional fare. You can consult the official who will resolve any doubts you still have. 

How much baggage is allowed in Oman Air Economy Class?

Many times, fliers are concerned about how much baggage is permitted in Economy Class on Oman Air, so to find out about the same, take note of the following points;

  • You can carry 30 KG of luggage onboard, excluding Super Saver fares. 
  • However, if the guests are traveling in Business and First class, they are permitted to take 50 KG of luggage. 
  • However, if you want excess baggage services, call the agent and avail. 


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