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To know about the tap Portugal Airlines baggage allowance policy, you must check-up with your ticket type and its route. The tap Portugal Airlines has a reasonable standard for all the checked and carry-on baggage allowance for the economy class passengers. Whereas at the same time, the executive class passengers get extra benefits on their tickets.

Thing To Know About How Many Bags Are Allowed On TAP Portugal?

There is 32 kg luggage of two pieces each allowed to take on board for the executive class ticket holders, whereas for the basic class ticket holders, only one piece of luggage of 23 kg is allowed to be carried on board. Let's learn about this policy in depth by reading the article in a descriptive manner.

How many bags can I check in with TAP?

  • All the top executive and executive passengers can carry two pieces of luggage that should not exceed 32 kg each onboard tap Portugal.

  • All the classic and basic cabin ticket holders can carry one piece of luggage, which should not exceed the limit of 23 kg each to carry on board with tap Portugal Airlines.

  • All the infants traveling with TAP Portugal Airlines can carry luggage of 10 kg as check-in baggage.

  • If your luggage limit exceeds the permitted allowance of TAP Portugal airlines, you have to pay the extra charges. 

TAP Portugal baggage policy

  • The carry-on baggage limit for the economy class ticket holder of tap Portugal airline is 150 cm or 45 inches dimension which should not exceed the limit of 8 kg or 17 lbs in weight. 

  • The checked-in baggage dimension for the economic class ticket holder should not exceed 158 CM or 62 inches dimension and 32 kg or 70 lbs in terms of its weight.

  • If the passenger does not follow the baggage policy, they have to pay the extra charges to the airline.

  • A USD 60 onwards fee applies to bags that do not qualify to be taken on board as per TAP Portugal airlines policy allowance. 

  • Different fare types have different baggage allowance that depends on your flight cabin, route, destination, etc. 

  • The baggage limit varies according to your tap Portugal flight's type of class and destination.

  • Tap Portugal Airlines does not allow any dangerous goods on board, so you must check the list of restricted items from the official website. 

Hence, this is all the information regarding the TAP Portugal baggage allowance and its policy. If you have any further questions, reach out to the tap Portugal Airlines customer support executive, who is available on different contact modes such as phone calls, email, chat support, and social media platforms. 

How much does TAP Portugal charge for baggage?

If you have made a reservation with TAP Portugal, you don't have to pay for the baggage until and unless you wish to take more than the allowed baggage. And the charges for the extra baggage then you can carry one piece of maximum weight is 23kg and the charge for that is around $70 for Europe and North Africa flights but form the international flights you have to pay around $95. Further, if you need the exact information regarding the charges, then you can contact the customer support team of TAP Portugal and get the recent updates.

Is TAP Air Portugal strict with baggage?

Yes, TAP Portugal airline is strict with the baggage regarding its policy, but when you are taking the baggage allowed by the airline, you no need to worry, but when up to some extent. They also show leniency in their beggar policy as they allow you to carry the extra baggage. But when you wish to take the extra baggage, you have to pay the charges.

Baggage Allowance with tap Portugal

When you have made the reservation with the TAP Portugal airline, then on your reservation ticket, you can find the beggar who is allowed by the airline for your ticket. And if you are unable to locate that, then don't worry; you can take the reference form here.

  • TAP Portugal executive:- when you buy this class ticket, you can take two carry-on baggage and the weight of both the combined baggage to be 10 kg and the checked beggar you can also take up to two pieces and the weight to be 32kg. The dimension of the carry-on beggar is around 115cm in total length and breadth, and for the checked baggage, the length and breadth are around 158cm.

  • TAP Portugal classic, basic, and discount:- while having the ticket on any of the following, then you can take one piece of carry-on baggage, and the weight of that should not exceed 8kg. And for the checked baggage onTAP Portugal, you are allowed to take one piece of weight 23 kg for the flight between Europe and USA/Canada and within Europe. Still, when traveling internationally, you have to carry two pieces weighing 32kg. And the dimension for checked beggars should not exceed 158cm in length and breadth.

  • Sports equipment:- you can also carry your sports equipment with you, but from that, you have to pay, and the price for that is to be around $58, but the price may be varied because it depends on the type of your equipment.

  • Extra baggage:- When traveling with TAP Portugal, you can also take extra baggage. The extra baggage weight is different for the frequent flier as when you have the Victoria gold card, you can take 30 kg in one piece, and for the Victoria gold, you can take around 15kg.

How much hand luggage is allowed on TAP Portugal

Suppose you are willing to take the baggage on the TAP Portugal airline. You can take a weight of around 8kg if you are flying in the economy and the executive call to all destinations except Venezuela and brazil. And for Venezuela and Brazil, you can take the hand if it weighs 10kg. The dimension of our hand baggage should be between 22x16x8in/ 55x40x20cm.

Tap Portugal lost baggage phone number

After a long-haul flight, that one thing which is least wanted is the baggage issue, and losing it at the airport is one hell of a problem. But you don't need to worry about losing your baggage when you make a reservation with Tap Portugal. The airlines ensure that the passengers will get the quickest possible help if they have lost their baggage at the airport. One of the quickest solutions provided by the airlines is Tap Portugal lost baggage phone number to connect with the customer service agent of the airlines. There are a few things passengers wish to know who have lost their baggage at the airport, like whether or not they will be liable to get the reimbursement or what they should do to get the baggage. Let's understand and resolve this issue one by one.

Does Tap Portugal have to reimburse for lost luggage?

Yes, Tap Portugal has to reimburse lost luggage to the passengers for the loss incurred by the lost baggage. However, the airline's loss and delay baggage liability are limited, and the compensation will only be given to the passengers after a complete review of the situation. The passengers can report the loss of their baggage within 21 days after the fight's arrival, and the complaint is required to be filed in writing. 

What Do I Do If My Baggage Was Lost or Delayed on Tap Portugal

A few things are advisable for passengers when they lose their baggage and wish to get it back from the airlines.

  • Report Delayed Baggage

If the passengers didn't get their baggage, they should file an immediate complaint at the airport or through lost and found online within 24 hours of landing. The passengers will get immune from the long queue if they file the complaints online. However, the love and found online service only apply on the flights operated by TAP Portugal, Tap Express, and White Airlines. If you wish to file the complaint at the airport, in that case, you have to visit the Lost & Found desk available at the airport. The success rate of finding the baggage is quite well, and people receive luggage within 48 hours of registering the lost baggage.

  • Keep Track of your baggage

Always make sure to keep track of the process followed to find your lost baggage. And make sure you receive all the updates about your baggage search from the airlines. Identifying details is important and often speeds up the process.

  • Damaged Baggage

Make sure that your bag is not damaged before leaving the airport. If you see any damage or any article is missing, you can report that immediately to the airport lost and found desk. 

Note-The things that don't count under the damaged bag

  • Scratches

  • Small signs of dirt

  • Small cuts or dents

  • Zipper puller

  • Loss of removable/detachable accessories

  • Damage due to excess baggage content

  • Items not accepted for transportation



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