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Relevant Information About Qantas Points 

Qantas Airways is an Australian flag carrier covering major destinations of the world. Qantas provides different facilities to passengers, including Qantas points. The advantages of Qantas points include enjoying the priority benefits in check-in, seat booking, and other facilities. You can read this guide if you want to know more about the Qantas points. 

Can you claim back expired Qantas points? 

Qantas Airways offers you some points on eligible flight tickets. These points automatically get accounted for, in your Qantas account. You can use these points for your next trip. Every 18 months, if you are earning Qantas points for once, then you are eligible to use your Qantas Points. However, if you need to claim back expired Qantas points, then you need to log in to your Qantas account. The Airways allowed to claim expired Qantas Airways points within the past one year of eligible flights. 

How far back can I claim Qantas points? 

For specific reasons, if you are not able to use your Qantas points, then you must be wondering what the valid duration is to claim Qantas points. Qantas Airways understands the passengers' situation and provides the flexibility to claim the points for an eligible flight within the past 12 months. Visit the Qantas website and sign in to My Account here. Use your ticket information to fill out all the credentials. You will be able to claim your Qantas points. 

How do I call Qantas about missing points? 

Dialing the phone number of Qantas Airways' missing points help number will solve your problem. In case you missed your Qantas points, use the phone number below:

  • Dial 1300 992 700 from your smart device. 
  • As you dial the phone number, you will hear the IVR, choose option 3. 
  • You will be able to talk with the Qantas Missing points agent. 
  • Keep your flight ticket information handy to avoid wastage of time. 
  • Soon, your problem will be resolved. 

Can you claim Qantas points after shopping? 

To claim the Qantas Points, you need to log in to your Frequent Flyer account. Enter all the details, and you are now eligible for shopping. After placing your order, if the brand had not canceled or returned the order and simultaneously gave you the confirmation, then within 90 days, you will receive Qantas Points. On every online purchase from the associated brand with Qantas, you will earn the reward. 

Can I get Qantas points after booking?

Yes, you can get Qantas points after booking. To get Qantas points, you need to fly from Qantas Airways or its associated partner Airline. On every eligible flight ticket, Qantas Points will be credited to your account . The duration to get the Qantas points after booking is within 14 days of the scheduled flight. You can quickly check on the Qantas points you have earned by logging in to your Qantas account. 


Qantas Points provides benefits to passengers who are flying continuously with Qantas or its other partners. You can also earn and use it to enjoy the benefits. In this guide, you will get to know about the Qantas points and related information.


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