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Aggregated details about Southwest Business select flights upgradation

If you are a first-time air traveler and you have a lot of dilemmas about Southwest seat upgradation and priority check-in, then you can use the below-mentioned information curated in the form of questions to get all the relevant information. 

How Do I Upgrade my Southwest Flight to Business Select?

If you are not a very frequent Southwest traveler and recently you book a flight ticket to reach your destination but post reservation you are wondering whether you can upgrade your seats to business class or not, then the answer is yes, customers are eligible to upgrade their traveling class from the time of booking up to 24 hours before flight departure. To upgrade your seats to Business Select, you can use the online or offline approach described below:

Online procedure to upgrade your Southwest Seats to Business Select: 

Travelers must follow the straightforward instructions provided below to utilize this medium:

  • Start the procedure by visiting the official Southwest Airlines website.

  • If you are a registered user, then you must use your login credentials to sign into your linked account. 

  • Or else navigate to the “Manage reservation” section to discover your flight by entering the confirmation code and passenger details. 

  • As you discover your flight, you must click on the “Upgrade to Business select” option.

  • If there is availability, then you can make a purchase by paying the remaining amount.

  • Finally, you will get a message on your phone number about your flight upgrade. 

Offline procedure to upgrade Southwest Seats to Business select:

If you are unable to process the online approach, then you can use the offline method to call the customer care service of Southwest and request them to upgrade your traveling class. You can make a payment using the online mode of transaction. 

How much does it cost to upgrade to Business Select on Southwest?

If you have purchased a Southwest ticket and you are not happy with your traveling class, then you can upgrade to Business select by paying an additional charge. The fares are not fixed and keep changing upon the availability and route of your destination. The approximate amount you need to pay to Southwest to upgrade your anytime wanna get away or wanna get away plus seat is $30 for a single messenger for a one-way ticket. 

Can I pay for a better seat on Southwest?

Yes, you can purchase better seating options on Southwest by spending a small amount. The price might vary from $30 to $50. The seats will be allocated to the travelers on the basis of availability. Customers can use the online approach to purchase upgraded seats or then can reach customer care services to find a better seating alternative. 

How does Southwest's open seating policy work?

Southwest provides open seating options to passengers. After they board the flight, they have the facility to select seats according to their preference and subject to availability. Different boarding groups and positions are assigned to the passengers for boarding aircraft. 

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade To A-1/15 on Southwest?

A-1/15 are Southwest's best available boarding positions that provide better seats and overhead bin space to travelers.

If you wish to purchase Southwest A1-15 seats, then you need to spend approximately 30 dollars per customer for one segment. The price may vary depending upon the traveling distance and the availability to a particular destination. Customers must use their credit cards to make a payment. 

Are Southwest Business Select Seats Bigger?

No, Southwest Business select seats are not bigger as compared to other sheets in the aircraft. The only difference is in the legroom space. No matter whether you have Selected Anytime, Wanna Get Away, or Wanna Get Away, plus flight tickets, all the seats have almost the same sizes. Apart from seat size, other benefits associated with Business class are as follows:

  • Refundable flight tickets.

  • Priority check-in and boarding.

  • Complimentary drinks and customized meals.

  • No flight-cancellation fee

  • Extra luggage allowance

Is a Southwest Airlines upgrade worth it?

Yes, Southwest Airlines upgrades are worth opting for. Not only do you get better seating options and inflight services, but you will also enjoy early boarding. So if you wish to be the first one to board the aircraft, then you must upgrade your seating post-flight reservation. If any passenger selects the option to select his seat to Business select, then he will get all the facilities of Anytime fare as well as additional perks like earning 12 rapid rewards. 

Does Business Select on Southwest Automatically Check You in?

No, Business select does not mean that you are checked in automatically. It offers you the benefits of selecting your seats, and your boarding position is confirmed from A-1 to A13. If your initial ticket is not business fare then you can upgrade it later. 

Can I upgrade seating on Southwest after check-in?

Yes, you can upgrade your seating on Southwest post-check-in, but the seat allotment is strictly based on the availability of seats. Passengers must note that seat upgradation is only available up to 30 before flight departure. You can see the Southwest seat map to check the availability or contact customer services to get information about seat availability. 

How to upgrade your boarding position on a Southwest flight?

Only if you are Southwest Anytime, wanna-get away, or wanna get away plus ticket holder, then you are permitted to upgrade your boarding position on Southwest flights. If you are a Business select traveler, then your boarding is already upgraded. To upgrade your boarding position, you can call Southwest customer care services by dialing the official calling number:

As the call gets answered by an automated voice, you need to follow the instructions provided to get in touch with the Southwest corresponding representative. 

Can I upgrade Southwest boarding after check-in?

Yes, you can upgrade your Southwest boarding after check-in by following the simple online instructions provided below:

  • Visit the official Southwest airline website.

  • Tap on the “upgrade my flight” option from the drop-down menu list presented on the top menu bar.

  • Enter the confirmation code and first and last name of the passenger and click on the continue button to check in online.

  • After that, you must select your boarding position and press the confirmation button.

  • You will be notified about the upgrade on your linked email. 


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