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"Embracing the Legacy: Transferring Delta SkyMiles After a Loved One's Passing"

Suppose you have a Delta Airlines SkyMiles account membership and enough earned points, which you can use to purchase tickets or add additional amenities. So, in such circumstances, if you have a deceased spouse who has an account with Delta SkyMiles, then according to SkyMiles account terms and conditions, the transfer of miles to a family member is possible only on the deceased death spouse. 

Note you must contact the administrator or executor from the member's estate so that you may request the deceased member Delta SkyMiles transfer from the deceased member's account to one or more members' accounts.

What happens to Delta SkyMiles when someone dies?

As per Delta Airlines SkyMiles account policies, if any holder of a SkyMiles account dies, it is not established that a no-cost program is in place for transferring Delta SkyMiles when the passenger passes away. But, you have to inform Delta Airlines about such events then, and then the airline will cancel that member account, with the unused SkyMiles rewards being forfeited, or you can request the share of SkyMiles balance to another account.

Can you transfer Delta SkyMiles after someone death?

Yes, you can transfer the SkyMiles when someone dies. As per the bereavement policy of Delta Airlines, if someone close to your family dies, you can request a representative at Delta by using the message us button on the Help Center page. You can submit the transfer miles available on the Delta website, and the airline will allow you to transfer the miles. It's important that you must be a close family member; you can check the list of eligible close family members on the website. Besides, you should also submit the proof of death and other relevant documents required.

Can I transfer Delta SkyMiles to my spouse?

Yes, Delta Airlines SkyMiles account holders are allowed to transfer the miles to a family member (spouse), but for that, you must follow beneath mentioned points, and then you will be able to learn the proper steps to transfer it accordingly.

Easy steps to follow for Delta SkyMiles transfer: 

  • First, you need to access the Delta SkyMiles account from the official website of Delta 
  • Further of this, sign up for the Delta SkyMiles account via username/SkyMiles number and password 
  • Now, after this login account and pulling up the transfer miles recipient details form
  • Fill up the form according to the recipient account details, and you should also add up more 
  • Next, you have to choose miles figures as per your transfer
  • Then pay off the associated charges 
  • At last, you need to hold it for 24 hours to finalize the transfer transaction.

How do I transfer Delta Airline miles after death?

When you access SkyMiles of a deceased and have valid log-in information, you can quickly transfer the Miles online. But you must pay around 1 cent per mile and a $30 transfer fee you will check during a mile transfer after death. If the deceased is a member of the frequent Delta flyer, you can add up the fee and go to Delta’s SkyMiles transfer page for more details. If you still find some trouble and don’t know how to transfer Delta Airlines miles after death conveniently.

  • First, visit the booking website of Delta Airlines and go to the SkyMiles help section shown on the same page.
  • You will access the membership and guide program rules page, select the miles section, and choose the SkyMiles membership easily.
  • You can read the terms of the SkyMiles when you transfer Delta Airlines under the SkyMiles Mileage policy that says your SkyMiles never expires when a member is deceased.
  • You can request the account closer after signing in to the deceased SkyMiles account and transfer it to your account.
  • You have to pay around 1 cent and $30 for the transfer fee and conveniently get the message of transferring Delta Airlines miles on your registered phone.

Can I buy a ticket for someone else with Delta SkyMiles?

Yes at Delta Airlines, the possibility of buying tickets for someone else with the help of using your account miles is quite simple and a convenient procedure to execute, and for that, you need to have enough mile points; for example, 5000 miles per passenger and you just need to note that it should be on the same itinerary that's all.

Can a husband and wife share a Delta SkyMiles account?

Delta Airlines generally does not allow the sharing of SkyMiles between spouses. The individual is required to have a separate SkyMiles account. However, both spouses can earn and use their individual SkyMiles for flights and other rewards within the Delta SkyMiles program. You should check with Delta Airlines directly or visit their official site for the latest information regarding the policy on sharing SkyMiles between spouses.

How much does it cost to transfer Delta SkyMiles to someone else?

Generally, delta airlines do not offer a formal mileage transfer, so they do not have a specified cost for transferring SkyMiles to another person. However, both parties can still indirectly utilise the miles by redeeming them for eligible rewards or booking flights. The cost of these redemption options may vary depending on the specific flights or merchandise selected.

How to Close a Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Account if someone dies?

There are some cases where Delta Airlines SkyMiles account holders will face issues of death, so in such circumstances, the most appropriate option which you may select would be regarding the account close; for that purpose, you can call Delta airline SkyMiles team via 1-800-323-2323 and connect with the concerned representative for the cancellation and note you should share death certificate and account information handy to get help or you can email it on

Conclusion: By reading the information above, hopefully, you learned How do I transfer Delta airline miles after death? In case you still require further details or have any doubts, you can speak to the Delta SkyMiles support team directly. You can also visit the website directly for more information and additional details. 


Yes, transferring Delta SkyMiles to another person on its official booking website costs money. It asks you to pay the rate per mile, which is $0.1, and the processing fee applicable during a transition which is $30 per passenger. Delta charges a maximum fee when you transfer the miles, which doesn’t make it worth sharing every time.

You can transfer Delta Miles to up to 4 members at a time, and you need to enter the recipient’s name, SkyMiles number, and email. You must remember that you must pay the Delta charges fee of 1 cent per mile, and don’t forget to pay the cost of around $30 per passenger. When you get access to sign-in to your account, you can read all terms, and you need to be sure that everyone needs their account. You need to enter the complete details of the passenger traveling with you and use the miles conveniently.

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