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Ways to get in touch with Singapore Airlines

Are you looking to get connect with the customer services of singapore airline? Then there are many different ways that you can use to get connect with the services and below are the following all the details. Also, read the article till the end and resolve all the issues that appear.

How Do I Contact Singapore Airlines Customer Service?


Singapore Airlines customer service team can be reached out to book their flight ticket. To book an airline flight ticket, dial Singapore airlines booking number +1 (833) 727-0118/ +1-802-432-2552, available 24 hours. The number can be dialed any time of the day, and once a live chat assistant is on call, request him to book the flight ticket. You can also ask him to complete check-in and reserve your preferred seat. If in case, you do not get Singapore airlines hours support; you can book your flight ticket by visiting the airline's official website. 

If you wanted to talk to a live person from singapore airline then below are the following all the steps that you have to follow to start the conversation with Singapore Airlines customer service and fix the problem:-

Initially, you have to go to the official website of the singapore airline and then proceed to the contact us tab where you need to start searching for the official contact number and when you get the number 65 6223 8888 then dial it. After that, you directly get connect with the virtual services that assist you to follow the instructions to reach out to a live person from the airline. Also, you need to follow the IVR process that are mentioned below:-

  • Press 1 to select a language.
  • Press 3 to make complaint about airline.
  • Press 5 to book or cancel the ticket.
  • Press 8 to connect with a live person.

How can I talk to someone on Singapore Airlines?

Many travel-related things are there for which a person may require help from the airline agent when they decide to fly from one place to another. With Singapore Airlines, obtaining assistance is quite convenient as customer service is available on a number of channels. In this following information, learn how you can talk to someone at Singapore Airlines. 

Calling customer service 

The main form of communicating with someone at the airline’s customer service desk is through a phone call. Using the Singapore Airlines contact number, +65 6223 8888, you can speak to an agent directly over the phone. Some instructions will be provided to you by an automated voice as you dial the number so that the call connects to the concerned department, depending on your query. 

Joining the web chat

Communication with a live agent at Singapore Airlines is also available, and for that, you must join the web chat channel added to the official site. You have these steps to follow for joining the web chat at your pave:

  • Go to the Singapore Airlines site to open the help page,
  • At the bottom, select the “Chat Now” box,
  • Now, the chat box will extend where you have the option to send your query,
  • In a moment, the agent who joined the web chat will provide you with the answers. 

Messaging on social 

Social platforms are one of the greatest ways to communicate with the agents of Singapore Airlines. You can pick whatever social media handle you prefer for conversing with a live agent from the official page. Help from the agents on social media can be obtained by dropping the query into the inbox directly or by adding comments to their relevant or recent posts. One might choose to post and tweet their queries, tagging Singapore Airlines to receive support from the customer service team. 

Contact Form

Singapore Airlines has given an online contact form for more convenience for the customers as not always one can get through to a live agent immediately. So that individual can share their doubts and queries with the agents through the contact form and can choose the preferred medium to obtain answers; for this, you must visit the help page on the Singapore Airlines site and look for the “Everything else” column. Selecting it would give you access to the contact form on the site that you fill out according to your needs. 

How can I contact Singapore Airlines from USA?

The individuals looking to communicate with a Singapore Airlines agent from the USA for past flights or an upcoming journey have the following phone number: +1 (8333) 727-0118. You can directly connect at the USA customer service desk by dialing this number, and the Singapore Airlines agent will help you as per the requirement, whether it is to book a flight or merely provide a piece of information to you. 

Does Singapore Airlines have an office in Singapore?

Yes, Singapore airline has an office in Singapore. The official address of the office is 2 Orchard Turn, #04-05 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801. If you need assistance, visiting the head office may help. However, you should be clear about the office opening hours. To learn about the office hours or the type of queries handle at the headquarter, dial Singapore airlines headquarters contact number +65 6223 8888. 

What is the email format for Singapore Airlines?

The most common email format for Singapore Airlines is First Name_Last Some also use another format, which is and {firstname}{lastname}


Yes, you can use your phone on the Singapore airline plane. The airline authority will provide unlimited complimentary wifi in every flight class, including suites, first class, business class, PPs club members, and supplementary cardholders. 

If you are required to charge your mobile device during the flight, the airline authority, fortunately, provides charging ports or plug sockets below your seat to plug in your phone cable and charge the phone. 

You can update the Singapore Airlines app on your iPhone by opening the test flight app and clicking on update for the Singapore Airlines (Beta) app to get the updated version. At last, the Singapore airline has been updated on your phone. 

You can get unlimited wifi on Singapore Airlines, which can be used anywhere despite class. You need to ask the authority for wifi setup. After that, enter the password and enjoy the smooth internet. 

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