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Different ways to Connect with Qantas Customer Service

Qantas is one of the Australian-based airlines that provide all kinds of facilities to their passengers and make their journey easy as well as memorable. You will get service quickly from the airline authority regarding your every other issue. Suppose you have any kind of inconvenience, then, in that case, you can make a complaint and send it to the Qantas airline. 

After the purchase of a Qantas Airways flight ticket, there are odd situations when you have a sudden change of plan. Due to that unavoidable case, if you want to cancel the booked ticket before the scheduled departure and ask for a refund or reschedule the ticket as per your travel preferences, then the very best way possible from such uneven instances will be to contact the customer services to get help. Appealing such references would only be possible at the point when you go by the following set of queries and answers. 

Can I contact Qantas by phone?

Yes, if you need to contact Qantas Airlines by phone, you shall then have the official contact number because, after that help, only you will get in touch with the on-call assistant for calling.

  • Call Qantas Airways customer service helpdesk at 1-800-227-4500
  • Then and there, you will have to choose the language of preference.
  • Next, listen to the services for the Qantas membership, baggage, special assistance, travel credits or refunds, or existing or new booking arrangements.
  • Now select the query as per the IVR option. 
  • Further, press the command that leads your call to connect with a live person direct from customer services. 
  • At the last step, you will now be given the option to talk with a live representative direct and receive assistance.

How do I raise a complaint with Qantas?

You can raise a complaint with Qantas quickly via an online method, which is accessible from your preferred system. You just have to get the customer care form  from the site and fill the form with the necessary details such as contact details, booking info, urgent response, type of feedback, flight details, complaint details, reimbursement info, etc. after that submit to the airline authority. The authority will verify your form and connect back to you with your registered details. 

How do i speak to a person at Qantas?

You can raise your complaint by speaking to someone at Qantas through a toll free number 1-800-227-4500 that is available for 24 hours and seven days, and after dialing the number, you can register your complaint. You can do so via the mentioned phone call procedure, which will help you in speaking with the airline personnel. 

  • Open the official page of Qantas.
  • After that, tap on the Contact Us option.
  • Now tap on the phone call icon, and the page will show you the airline toll free number 1-800-227-4500.
  • At last, dial the toll free number, and it will redirect you to the customer service executive who will correct your problems. 

Keep following this article and clear your doubts with practical solutions. 

How long does it take for Qantas to respond to a complaint?

Once you make a complaint at Qantas, then the airline will respond to you within 15 business days. The airline authority will get your complaint and then analyze it on the basis that you will be assigned the appropriate solution from the team; otherwise, you will be assigned to a live person who will discuss your issue and resolve the issue. 

How would I speak to a live person at Qantas Airways?

If you tried to contact Qantas Airways by phone and cannot approach the agent in time for help, then at that point of case there are other mediums too which are available for your guidance. To know about a few, you shall seek the below methods.

  • Method: 1 Contact Qantas by social media: The additional benefit or, say, assistance which you can quickly get is social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as these are pretty easy channels to acquire and operate for getting instant help. 
  • Method: 2 Drop an email at Qantas customer support. Another best feature for the available customers to in-take help for frequent flyer plans would be the email address, and for that, you email, and you will receive an immediate response from the concerned team experts via email support only. 

What is Qantas most complained about?

According to the reports, the most complained about airlines in the past two financial years is about canceled flights. Sometimes, passengers face baggage issues where they lose their bags as well as find delays while receiving their baggage. Sometimes the airline has complaints about flight delays because of some exceptional scenarios that are not suitable for the airline to operate the planes. 

Who can I report Qantas to?

You can report to the Qantas customer service team, who are professionally trained to solve your issue. Once your resort has been registered through a complaint form, then the airline authority will directly communicate with you and try to resolve it with a complete solution. You can also report to the Qantas via phone call, where you can speak to someone at the airline. 


No, not really. The customer service helpdesk for Qantas Airways does have specific contact timings. For that purpose, you can look for the timings under the Contact Us page phone section, although most countries' helpdesk platforms are operational 24/7.

If you need to contact a Qantas Airways representative, then there are a few ways available that are quick to respond, like phone, sales online chat, or social media, or else you can choose email to report queries.


Yes, to avoid the call waiting instances, Qantas Airways has allowed the customers to use the online chat feature by which connecting with the sales team virtual expert is a generic but effective medium source of help. Once you complete the online chat platform with the necessary details, follow the chat head window, and you will be able to receive an instant response from the available team of experts. 

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