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Qantas airways provide its customers with an option to reserve seats in advance. While some standard seats are free, you can select them early, while some seats are paid. You may have to pay an extra amount to book such seats with Qantas Airways.

Does everything know about How to select my seat on Qantas for free?

If you wish to select a seat on Qantas for free, you can go through some worth mentioning points below.

  • If you travel on domestic service, you can select your Qantas seats for free except for Qantaslink services. Here you can request your preference for window seats and aisle seats.

  • Passengers holding the status of Qantas platinum one, Gold, platinum, or silver Qantas frequent Flyer or equivalent OneWorld, and guests who have booked on the same ticket are also eligible to get free seat selection. It is irrespective of the fare booked or whether the trip is domestic or international.

  • In the same way, if you book into a premium cabin or a guest of a premium cabin on the same ticket, you are eligible to make a free seat selection.

  • If you travel internationally in the economy or have a saver or Flex fare, you are eligible to make standard seat selection without any charge

  • You can also select a standard seat for free if you travel with an economy-class flight reward.

  • You can select a standard seat for free at the time of check-in at the airport

How do I choose my seat on Qantas after booking a flight?

You can select your seats after booking a flight ticket with Qantas Airways anytime by following the steps below.

  • You have to visit the official website of Qantas airways, or you can use the phone-based application of Qantas Airways. 

  • You have to fill in basic details like your ticket or PNR number and last name. You can then move forward with seat selection.

  • You can go for some standard seats, free of cost, or select paid seats based on your preference.

How much does Qantas charge to book seats?

Qantas airways have given its customers an option to book their preferred seats in advance. You can choose some seats from standard seats, which are free of cost

or you can choose premium seats by paying some extra bucks.

  • If you are flying domestic, you may have to pay from A5$-A15$ depending upon the route and time of the flight. 

  • If you have to travel to a nearby international destination, you may pay around A20$ extra for seating. A medium and long stretch flight can cost you about A45$ to book a flight.

  • If you want seats with extra legroom, you will have to pay A30$ for a short flight. 

  • For a medium-haul flight, you might have to pay A40$, and for a long-haul flight, you might have to pay around A65$. 

  • If you have a newborn with you, book a seat with a bassinet. For bassinet seats

  • On a medium-haul flight, you have to pay around A40$, and for a long-haul flight, you have to pay A45$.

Can I change my seat on Qantas?

Yes, you can change your seats if you have a Qantas flight ticket. Whether you change seat requests will be fulfilled or not is the subject of availability. Here you can follow the procedure below to change your seats.

  • Log in to your Qantas account using your credentials and access the trip details.

  • Else visit the Manage booking section on the airline's website. 

  • Then fill in your flight details and your last name to retrieve the bookings. 

  • Locate the booking you wish to change and then go ahead with changing options 

  • You might have to pay the extra charges. in the payment section

  • Besides, you can change your seats online before 3 hours of your flight.

If your flight is going to take off within 3 hours, you can then use the airline's online check-in service, which is available up to 2 hours before international departure and 1 hour before a domestic flight.

You can also meet a Qantas agent at the airport and ask if they can help you with the changes. In most cases, depending on the availability, you can also change your seat selection by meeting in person at the airport.

What does preferred seating mean, Qantas?

Qantas Airways gives its passengers an option to choose their seats in advance. The passengers can select the seats based on their preferences. Some standard

seats are free of cost to book. However, some premium seats like seats with extra legroom, seats with bassinet facility, or front row seats are not free of cost.

The extra price for booking such a seat can cost anywhere from around 15 Australian dollars to 70 Australian dollars. This facility chooses front row seats after

paying extra bucks is called the preferred seating option with Qantas.

However, if you still have some queries related to seating options or other general queries, you can connect to the customer care representative of Qantas Airways anytime. You can also visit the site of Qantas airways online to get additional information

Seat selection policies of Qantas airlines 

  • You can choose the seat type before 24 hours of departure time, and if you do not, airlines will give you the seat of their choice. If you have any economy class bookings, you will not be able to choose the seat. 
  • The seats near to emergency exit will not be issued to any passenger; it is allowed only to old passengers, minors, or pregnant women. 
  • If you make the check-in and choose the seat, then you can not modify the seats. You can only select the seat from the available options; the seat which is not vacant, you can not choose that. 
  • If you have any medical issues due to which you want a seat near the toilet, then you need to show all the relevant documents and get the seat without paying extra charges. 

How long before the Qantas flight can you select seats?

Qantas airlines let you select the seats of your preference while checking in. As soon as you go through the check-in process, you can choose the seats of your preference. You must avoid checking in at the last moment as you can not get seats of your preference due to a lack of availability in many seats. Very few people choose to check in at the airport as they do not get the seats of their choice when they do it at the check-in counter. But if you do it online before departure, you can get a seat of your choice. 

Though you can select the seats of your choice only up to three hours before the departure time.  

Is it worth paying for seat selection on Qantas?

If you have a business class or premium ticket, you may not have to pay extra for selecting a seat of your preference. If you have an international travel ticket, you also have the facility of a complimentary free seat selection. Still, if you are traveling on a domestic flight and have an economy booking, you cannot select your seats for free. You will have to pay for a seat of preference. At times, when it is a long trip, paying for choosing a seat is worth it because with it comes a few additional complimentary benefits, such as extra legroom, complimentary meals, etc. 



There are different seats available on Qantas airlines, and you need to choose the seat at your convenience. 


Economy class seat type 


If you have the standard fare, you will get all the basic facilities, and you need to pay the charges to add additional facilities. You can carry one handbag and one carry-on bag while traveling, weighing under 22 kg. 


Premium economy class seat type


If you choose premium economy, you will receive the same facilities as economy class. Still, the premium economy class seats are more comfortable, and their size is wider. On the qantas premium economy seat selection, there is a cabin in which only 35 to 40 seats are available so you can relax easily. 


First class seat


In the first class type, you will get a private cabin facility in which an entertainment system and bed are available, and you will also get the facility of free lounge access. First-class bookings will allow taking three bags under 32 kg each. 

The seats in premium economy class are spacious, around 38 inches in pitch and around 21inches wide with seven to eight inches recline. A footrest service is provided in each seat. 


At times, due to poor network conditions, you may fail to select the seats of your preference. Other than the network, there might be other reasons, such as if you have basic economy seats with Qantas, you are not entitled to book seats of your preference, if you have been accidentally logged out of your Qantas account, or if you have entered the wrong flight and passenger information, etc. Try logging into your account using your login credentials, selecting your seats, or checking the internet connection. You can also choose the assistance help option to select seats for a comfortable trip to avoid jet lag. 

To check your seats on Qantas, you can go through the following steps; one of the methods is the online method. You can also prefer the call to check your seat; you can contact customer support for more help. The easiest and simplest way is through the online method. To go through the online process, you can follow the given procedures: 

  • Browse the official website of Qantas airlines  

  • Log in to your account with Qantas using your login credentials, such as membership number, last name, pin, or password. 

  • After logging into the account, you may click on the Manage Booking option available on the homepage of the airline's official website. 

  • Enter your itinerary details, such as booking reference and the passenger's last name, to retrieve your booking. 

  • You will be taken to your ticket, select the same, and click on check-in. 

  •  You will receive the details in the virtual boarding pass if the check-in has been done. 

  • You can go to the seat map and locate your seat, and if required, you can also make the necessary changes. 

  • If you are stuck anywhere in this procedure, you can even choose to call the Qantas Customer service agent for your help at 022 6111 1818

If you haven’t done the online check-in and selected a seat of your preference, you won’t be able to choose a seat. There are also other reasons for which you won’t be able to select your seats, such as if there is no availability of seats, if you have a basic economy seat that gets automated seats, even for security or safety reasons, if you are late to the online check-in process, etc. 

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