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Read on details to request missing miles on Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines lets you book your flight ticket using miles earned from previous bookings. But if you miss your miles and ask how do I request missing miles on Turkish Airlines, you will send our request on the missing miles that you find on the booking. But if you face trouble, get helpful information by going through the queries below. 

How to claim missing miles on Turkish Airlines?

When you earn miles on Turkish Airlines, you can simply book and upgrade your flight without paying any charges, as you use your miles to cover the charges. Further, if you have missed your miles on Turkish and are willing to claim it quickly, you will go through the simple steps below.

  • First, visit Turkish Airline’s booking website, go to the help section on the page, and choose Miles & Smiles section.
  • You will get complete details for the miles you can use to change, correct the name, become a member, and get help for missing your miles.
  • You can also reset the password of your Miles account when you forget it to access and select missed my miles from my account.
  • You will get the link to claim missing miles, enter the account details, and complete the process by entering the passenger's booking number and last name.
  • You must enter the date, booking class, router, and ticket; you can fill in one detail to find the details about your miles to add to your account.
  • After getting confirmation from Turkish Airlines, you can claim your miles if you see the details and add them to your account.

How do I redeem missing miles on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is an international airline based in Turkey. When you are a frequent traveler of an airline, then you can become its member to have add-on benefits. Further, when you have become a member but earned miles are missing from an account, then do not worry because you could raise a claim for that. Hence, the procedure in context to that has been shown at the bottom:-

  • Reach the official web page of Turkish Airlines
  • After that, use your credential to log in to your accounts
  • Further, click on the miles options
  • And then click on “my miles transaction” options
  • Further, click on the “claim missing miles” icon
  • There you get to enter flight number, booking code, date, routes, etc
  • Whenever your flight gets confirmed, then you can have your miles.

How long do you have to claim lost miles Turkish Airlines?

If you forgot your Turkish Airlines miles or lost them, you can request miles within three to 14 days after booking. You can claim your lost miles within 12 months of travel as well. 

How much is Turkish miles and Smiles worth?

When you have miles & smiles on the Turkish Airline, that could be worth their services. But when you could compare miles in currency, then it could be around 1 cent. However, this might be changed as per the status of the member. 

How do I add Turkish Airlines miles?

When you could become a member of Turkish Airlines, then miles can be added to your account on every purchase. If you want to determine the points through that you can get a mile, then refer to the points that have been mentioned at the bottom:-

  • Make a reservation on the Airline 
  • Using account details over start alliance or codeshare flight
  • Purchasing miles and smiles with a credit card.
  • Applying a credit card for the special airport service as Vale and lounge

Do Turkish miles and smiles expire?

No, Turkish Airlines miles and smiles do not expire. When you have gathered miles in your accounts, then you could use them to get anything available on the Airline. Although, you can use miles for a number of purposes, and that has been displayed at the bottom:-

  • You can convert your earned miles into status miles that can be used to upgrade or extend your membership.
  • Transfer miles to a friend and family
  • Purchase miles to attend a required amount
  • Shop with miles by using the Miles&Smiles credit card
  • Pay for extra bags

Can I use Turkish Airlines miles on another airlines

Yes, you can use Turkish Airlines miles on another airline. But the Airline has to be its partner by using its official website. If the Airline is not partnered with Turkish Airlines, then miles cannot be redeemed. So, to explore more details about this, speak with their customer service team. 

How does Cash&Miles work on Turkish Airlines?

The Cash&Miles is a way by which Miles&SMiles member can redeem their miles for a paid flight. So, if you wish to know about the working mechanism, then get along with the modes that have been laid at the bottom:-

  • Get to the official web page of Turkish Airlines 
  • Now, log in to your accounts 
  • After that, search for a desired destination and then choose a flight
  • Later on, enter the passenger details and click on the next icon
  • On the payment tab, click on the Pay with Cash Miles options
  • And then, submit the required miles and click on the confirm icon.



If you have award ticket prices for flights within the same region, you can use 40,000 miles for a free round-trip flight ticket. You can use this mile to travel in economy, business, and first-class without charges.

If you have 25,000 Turkish Airlines miles, they are worth about $350, which you can easily use for the booking.

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