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Curated information to escalate queries at Lufthansa customer service.

Lufthansa needs no introduction as it is the best airline in Western Europe, per the frequent fliers' reviews and ratings. However, passengers often face difficulties related to their flights and the services offered. To tackle these situations, you have got different options, as brought up below.

How do I file a complaint with Lufthansa?

The best way to raise a complaint with Lufthansa is to fill out a Complaint Form available on the Contact Us page of their website. You can use it by replicating the steps described below.

  • Open the website 
  • Navigate the Contact Us page of the website through the Help section.
  • Select your reason to file a complaint on the following page from the options given on the screen.
  • After selecting the reason, a dedicated Form will open up; fill it in with the details like name, email, booking reference, phone, etc. 
  • Submit it, and an agent will reach you within 24 hours of submission to assist you.

How to escalate Lufthansa? 

You can use the chat option to contact the representative of Lufthansa Airlines. You will get the expeditious assistance from them. To start the chat with the representative, you need to follow the instructions as per mentioned below:

  • Open the web page of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Scroll down and click on the Help and Contact option.
  • On the next page, you will get a message icon. You need to click on that.
  • Select the language and tap on the continue to chat.
  • Type your queries or the message in the chat box and press the send option.

How do I speak to a live person at Lufthansa?

There are several ways to get through to a live person at Lufthansa. Still, the most convenient way is to call them, as you can speak to a representative individually and get a satisfactory resolution to your issue. You can call them in the manner described below.

  • Dial the Lufthansa customer service number 1-800-645-38-80, and you will be asked to select a preferred language for communication.
  • After picking up the language, you will listen to the IVR commands.
  • Choose the 9th option to connect with a customer service representative.
  • They will forward your call to a person, and you can make the most of it by talking to them.

How to Sue Lufthansa for compensation?

You can Sue Lufthansa in the small claim courts for disputes up to USD 10,000. But suing can be hectic, so you can try the methods below before doing so to avoid any inconveniences.

  • Call the Lufthansa customer service at 1-800-645-3880/+1-802-432-2552 and register your complaint to get a resolution.
  • Consider filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation against Lufthansa.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another option to file a complaint against Lufthansa. 

How do you solve a problem with Lufthansa?

If you have a query related to your Lufthansa flight or services offered that could be regarding booking, cancellations, refunds, check-in, Seat upgrade, etc., then you can quickly solve them through the modes given below.

  • Call: You can call their customer service number at 1-800-645-38-80 and choose the option related to your problem to speak to a dedicated representative.
  • Live Chat: Chat is another possibility available on their Contact Us page to get a quick and courteous resolution to your issue at Lufthansa.
  • Contact Form: Another possibility to solve your problem at Lufthansa is by filling out a dedicated Form to get a reply within 24 hours. 

How can I call Lufthansa customer service?

You can make a call to Lufthansa Airlines to file a complaint. The representative will resolve all your issues. To use the calling process, you need to obey the actions given below:

  • Make a call at customer support number 1 (800) 645-3880. After dialing the number, it will be moved to the computerized voice.
  • It will assist you with the instructions. You need to follow it.
  • Once you go through all the steps, your call will be forwarded to the representative.

What complaints can I make to Lufthansa?

You can file any complaint related to your Lufthansa flight or inconveniences faced at the airport pre or post-flight. Some of the common reasons are as follows.

  • Issues related to oversold flight
  • Complaints for lost luggage, 
  • Delayed flights and Refunds
  • Lufthansa ticketing practices
  • Family Seating
  • Lufthansa Frequent Flier program.


You submit your complaint form via mail. You need to send the form to the U. S. Dept. of Transportation Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75 1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E. Washington, D.C. 20590.


After filing a complaint at Lufthansa Airlines, you will get a response from the representative within 5 to 10 business days.


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