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If you are planning to visit any destination through American Airlines & you want to book your seat to ensure a comfortable journey, then you can pick your seats either by calling customer care services, or you can do online while making a reservation. The steps to select a seat online are given below:

  • Visit the official website & login into your existing account.

  • Now search for your destination & fill in the personal & contact information to make a reservation once you come across the desired flight option.

  • Now select your seat from the available options on the seat map.

  • You need to end the process by making payment & clicking the confirmation button.

  • Soon you will receive a confirmation mail about the ticket & your seat on the registered email address.

Can you pick your seat on American Airlines' economy?

Yes, you are eligible to seat select in the economy class of American Airlines. You can book your preferred seat at any time by paying a fee. If customers don't pick a seat, then they will be automatically allotted a seat by the airline. If you are accompanying your family, then there is no such guarantee that you will be seated all together.  

How much does American Airlines charge for seat selection?

If you want to know the seat selection charges of an American airline, then you must be aware that the prices vary according to various factors, including travel class & your destination. The approximate amount you need to pay to purchase your seat starts from $10 & varies according to your preference.

How do I choose my seat after booking an American flight?

After making a reservation, the customers are eligible to reserve their seat by following the given steps:

  • Visit the official American airline website through your browser =
  • Navigate to the "my trip" section from the top menu bar. Login into your AA account.
  • Enter the flight reference number & passenger name to identify your ticket.
  • Once you find your reservation, continue to click on the "edit" button under "manage booking."
  • Now proceed to click on the "seat select" option. 
  • From the available seats, make your preference & end the process by making a payment. 

What happens if you don't reserve seats on an American airline?

If any customer does not book their seat while making a reservation, then they generally have two options available with them. They can either book their seat later by visiting the official website, or they will be allotted a seat by the airline at check-in time for free. But the chances of getting your preferred seat in the latter case are very rare.

What is the American Airlines seat selection policy?

If you are traveling to any destination & you wish to reserve your favorite seat, then you need to take care of the American Airlines seat selection policy; some of the important rules are given below:

  • If you want to book a particular seat while traveling with American Airlines, then you need to pay a fee.

  • If you do not choose your seat, then you will automatically be allotted a seat by the airline.

  • Seat allocation is strictly based on seat availability.

  • The charges you pay to the airline for seat selection depend upon your travel distance & travel class


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