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Join Emirates Skywards and Enjoy Additional Offers

The frequent flyer program at the airline offers you many offers. You can become a member of this program and enjoy the benefits. Here you will get all the information on how to join Emirates Skywards, the benefits and the costs. Read the information provided if you are interested in becoming a member of Emirates Skywards.

Emirates is renowned for its exceptional onboard services and comfort. Whether you are at the airport or onboard, the benefits are outstanding. If you frequently travel with Emirates, you can use the Emirates Skywards program and elevate your travel experience. The Skywards program offers a range of benefits, such as earning miles on every trip and exclusive offers and discounts. If you are planning to join Skywards, make sure to read this content and gather all the necessary information.

The step by step process to join Emirates Skywards:

You can use the online website of Emirates to join the program. You can make use of the points that are provided below if you are unaware of the procedure.

  • Begin with visiting the official home page of Emirates.
  • Now click on the loyalty tab from the main dashboard.
  • On the following page, you can see the Skyward form.
  • Fill in the form with the required details.
  • Submit the form and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After the completion, you will get a confirmation notification to the registered email address.

You can also use the contact number and get connected to the agent and request help.

How do I get an Emirates Skyward membership?

The Emirates Skyward offers you a range of benefits and you can easily obtain membership for them. The following steps will help you join the airline's frequent flyer program.

  • First, open the Emirates Airlines website on the web browser.
  • When you reach there, you will find the “Frequent Flyer” heading at the top.
  • Click on that heading and then you will get different options under it.
  • Select the “Join Emirates Skywards” option.
  • Then it opens a form. Fill out this form with the required information to become a member of the program.
  • Then click on the “Create Account” option and you will become a member of Emirates Skyward.

Do you have to pay to join Emirates Skywards?

No, the airline does not charge you to join Emirates Skywards. You just need to fill out a simple registration form on the airline's website and then you will get membership to this program. But if you want to expand your Skywards benefits, then there are costs you have to pay. Here is the cost for the Expanded Skywards:

  • For a Classic membership you have to pay 399 USD per year.
  • For an Advanced membership you have to pay 600 USD per year.
  • For a premium membership you have to pay 999 USD per year.

What are the benefits of enrolling in Emirates Skyward?

Joining Emirates Skyward gives you a range of benefits to enjoy. It helps you to make the trip cheaper with multiple services, facilities and comforts.

There are below some benefits you get with this Skyward:

  • Additional Baggage Allowance - You get an additional baggage allowance of up to 20kg if you have a Skyward membership.
  • Flight booking and change - If you are a member of this program, you will earn miles that you can use for bookings, rebookings and changes. It reduces the price of the plane ticket.
  • Priority Check-in and Boarding- Member will receive priority check-in and boarding at the airport.
  • Upgrade with miles - You can purchase upgrades with miles during check-in and on board.
  • Lounge Access- You get complimentary lounge access at the airport.
  • WiFi- You get a free WiFi setup in flight.
  • Seat selection - Members receive a free seat selection and reservation.

Is Emirates Skywards free to attend?

Yes, participation in Emirates Skywards is free. You can get membership of the airline's frequent flyer program without paying any costs. All you have to do is fill out and submit a short registration form and you will become a member of Skyward. Then you can enjoy the benefits and offers of this program.

How do I get Emirates Skywards status?

Once you have signed up for Emirates Skyward membership, you can start enjoying the benefits. Here's how you can get Emirates Skywards status:

  • By earning the required Tier Miles by flying on Emirates or Flydubai.
  • You can get the status by completing the required number of Emirates or Flydubai flights.
  • If you pay for your everyday purchases with an Emirates Skywards co-branded card, you can get the status.


Yes, passengers do not have to make any extra changes to join the program. You can join the program anytime. You can find the online form on the official page of Emirates. In case you need any help, you can contact the service and get the details that are required.

You can get various benefits if you are a member, but only if you are a frequent flyer. If you only travel occasionally, then the Skywards program is not very useful for you. With every trip, you can earn miles, and when you have enough miles, you can use it for your upcoming trip.


At the time of joining, you will receive the details for the Skyward program. If you do not have the email, you don't have to worry. You can use the online website to get the details. Use the following process to get the skyward number.

  • You need to begin by opening the official website of Emirates or Emirates Skyward website.

  • Then, log in to your account.

  • There, you can get all the details you need about the program.

In case you are still facing issues, contact the customer service of the airlines and get the information you need. The contact number is available on the official contact page of Emirates.

Every time you fly with Emirates, you can earn the mile points. Not only with Emirates but other airlines who are partnered with airlines such as Flydubai and so on. You can join the Skywards program and start earning miles. If you are confused about how you can join the program, use the above procedure and become a member.

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