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When you book a ticket with United Airlines, the eTicket you get is after your booking is confirmed with the airline. When your booking is confirmed, the airline sends you an email containing your e-ticket. It is a number in the airline's computer system or database that advises that you have a confirmed booking with United. 

Besides, for some reason, if you lost it, you can get the e-ticket number on the website by logging in to your account. Else you can also check the email where you receive the confirmation email.

How do I check my United Airlines E-ticket?

  • If you need the E-ticket number, visit the airline's official website and log in to your account. Otherwise, retrieve the booking using the My Trip option and go to the view/edit options to check the ticket details, including the e-ticket number. 

  • You can also check the confirmation email that airlines send you after confirming the booking. You can find out your e-ticket number in that email.

  • The other way is to speak to the United Airlines representative directly and share your request. They will check the e-ticket number in their database and confirm the same.

How do you use an e-ticket on United?

You can use an e-ticket number to retrieve your bookings on the website and make the required modifications to it. To do that, go to the My trip section first and thereby enter the e-ticket number and last name; you can get the booking details to modify or view it. 

Besides, if you are at the airport, you can also use your United e-ticket to check in before departure and download the boarding pass. If you have an e-ticket, there is no need to carry a printout.

Can I get my United ticket on my phone?

Yes! You can get your United ticket on the phone, and ist pretty simple. Here are the simple steps you can follow to do that:- 

  • First, open your phone and download the united mobile app 

  • You can then login to your account using the credentials 

  • Now access the booking details, and using the view/edit button, you can get your ticket. 

  • You can also download the ticket for further reference. 

How do I get United tickets on my iPhone wallet?

If you want to get United Ticket on your iPhone wallet, here is the step-by-step process you need to follow:- 

  • Go to the Apple store and download the United app.

  • Log in to your United Airlines account and go to the manage booking section.

  • Select the ticket you wish to view and click on the view/edit option

  • Once you view the ticket, click on Add to apple wallet

  • Follow the screen instructions to complete saving the ticket

In case you don't find an option to add your ticket to apple wallet. You can contact the airline directly to help you with this.

How does an e-ticket work at the airport?

The e-ticket has the same information as your paper ticket. You can use the e-ticket to go through the check-in process at the airport and download the boarding pass. If you have an e-ticket, you don't need to carry the paper ticket as you can only show a valid photo identification card.

Do you need to print out your e-ticket?

No, there is no need to print an e-ticket if you don't want to. United Airlines has a contract with its passengers through e-tickets. The details of passengers are already listed on the airline's database, and it is secured through encryptions like PNR.

If you have your e-ticket, you can present it at the airport on your mobile also. Besides, if you want, there is also no harm in printing your e-ticket, and you can get that at the ticket counters at the airport. Most of the time, our phones are not charged, or they don't work, and that time, it creates a hassle at the last minute. 



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