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Be wise to get a food voucher from United Airlines

United Airlines encourages you to use the food voucher to order your meal on its official booking website or using its application. It helps you to send your meal and hotel voucher when you cancel your flight due to a flight delayed more than 60 minutes to 3 hours. You get the coupon on its app and website and enjoy the self-service too automatically. 

How do meal vouchers work on United Airline?

If you have earned the meal voucher from United Airlines, you can order your meal at the airport using its electronic meal voucher, saving you more time. Redeem your meal voucher from United Airlines' official booking website or use its app, which helps you to order your meal suitably. It works better when you need to stay overnight by the airlines in a hotel just because of a delay or cancellation. You can use a meal voucher to order your food conveniently.

How do I find and redeem my United Airlines meal Voucher?

If you want to find your voucher to redeem on United Airlines, you must understand the simple methods and take more benefits of your meal voucher. Finding your meal voucher when your flight is cancelled due to a long delay of more than three hours is very simple. You can find your meal voucher to purchase snacks and drinks on your registered email from United Airlines, which allows you to use it by going through the simple steps below.

  • First, visit the booking website of United Airlines and log in to your booking account and select the My Trip section.
  • Select the United travel credits, get the food voucher information, and enter the login details sent to your email account.
  • You can go to the email account and search for the meal voucher that you can redeem by entering the voucher code and simply.
  • You can conveniently order your food, drinks, and snacks from your location and save more time and money.    

Where is the meal voucher on United app?

United Airlines provides you with a meal voucher when your flight is delayed or canceled, and you get complete details for your meal voucher. Hence, when you get the meal voucher, you will read the necessary information for your meal voucher that you can see at the bottom of the screen in the photo above on the United App. After the flight cancellation, United passengers are eligible to have meal and hotel vouchers sent electronically to their smartphones to use the app for the meal voucher conveniently.

Can United meal voucher be used anywhere?

When you get the United Airlines voucher, it can be used at any food/beverage location where you can enter the voucher code and use your meal voucher easily. If you are at the airport and want to order your food or beverage, you can use your meal voucher to get benefit suitably.

Does United offer food voucher for delayed flight?

Yes, United Airlines offers food voucher for delayed flight and also recommend you get the help for accommodation until you get your next available flight. You can also connect with a travel agent to get information about food voucher that you get after a flight delay quickly.


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