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Having an issue? Dont Worry Talk someone at Frontier Airlines

Suppose you fly with Frontier Airlines, and you have to face a problem with the airline during the travel. The airline suggests you register a complaint for any inconvenience you face with their service, flight facilities, or staff behavior. Frontier takes the complaints of their passengers very seriously and continuously makes changes as per the feedback they receive. You can read this article to know your options to register and discuss your complaint with a person from Frontier.

Is there any way to talk to someone at Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines listen to the problem and complaints of their passengers over various channels. If you have any issue with the airline that you want to discuss with the customer support team. You are advised to call their representative and get a person to avail a real-time conversation to explain your concern to the airline easily and skip the chances of any miscommunication with the phone call. To get a person on the phone, follow the steps below:

  • Dial +1 801 401 9000 and connect the call.
  • You will now hear an auto-generated call menu from Frontier.
  • Press the key to select your preferred language.
  • Now, get the instructions, identify your query, and follow the instructions accordingly.
  • To talk to a real person, press the key to a person on the call.
  • Talk to the agent, resolve your query, and rate the agent after the call based on your experience.

How do I file a complaint with Frontier Airlines?

You can use the phone call method to file a complaint with Frontier Airlines. Call on the airline contact number and choose the preferred option, then the representative will assist you with the problem and provide the necessary guidance. If you want to learn the process to register your complaint through a phone call, then follow the given steps:

  • Make a call to Frontier Airlines contact number (801) 401-9000/+1-802-432-2552.
  • Press the button to file a complaint.
  • Then hold up for some time, and your call will get to customer service.
  • Explain your problem, and the representative will assist you in registering the complaint and provide guidance.

Where do I file a complaint against Frontier Airlines?

If you wish to share the complaint, there are three ways to contact the airline and file your complaint. The options are listed below: 

Via  Feedback Form online: You can use the feedback form to share your complaint with Frontier anytime. Here is how:

  • Go to this feedback form link Feedback form.
  • The page with a feedback form will appear on your screen.
  • Insert all the details on the form, and you can also attach the necessary documents. Once done, submit the form; you can expect a reply soon. 

In Writing: You can also opt for this option and send a written complaint letter to the address below. However, it's quite time-consuming; you can use it when no other option works. 

Frontier Airlines, Inc.

Attn: Customer Relations

4545 Airport Way

Denver, CO 80239

By Chat: You can also chat with the Frontier team and share your complaint. Here is the step-by-step procedure for better understanding:

  • Go to the Frontier chat link: 
  • Choose your language and type' Feedback and Concern.'
  • Answer a few questions you get on the screen and follow further instructions
  • You need to keep following the instructions until a live agent is assigned to you
  • Once the Frontier agent joins the chat, you can share your complaint with them and get it solved

How do I file a formal complaint against Frontier Airlines?

If you do not get any response through a phone call, then no problem, as you can also file a formal complaint against Frontier Airlines by filling out a form available on the official website. In the form, you have to fill out the personal details with the correct information and then submit the form. Following is the steps to fill out the form:

  • Head to Frontier Airlines' official web page.
  • Open the "Connect with Frontier" section.
  • After that, click on the "File a Complaint" option.
  • Then a complaint form will appear on the page.
  • Enter your personal and flight information with your complaint's topic, and attach a file related to your issue.
  • Submit the form, and someone from customer service will contact you for assistance.

What information should I include in the complaint in Frontier?

While you file the complaint with Frontier, the information you need to enter depends on the complaint type, what your complaint is about, and many more. However, here is the list of general information you might need to include in every complaint:

  • Booking confirmation number
  • Flight details: Date, Flight number, Departure and Arrival airport
  • Boarding pass
  • A clear description of your complaint
  • Supportive documents such as Photos, Emails, Receipts 

How do I get a human at Frontier Airlines?

The passenger has another option through which they can get a person from Frontier to discuss and register their complaint in case the calling lines are busy: chat. To get a chat executive, follow the process below:

  • Visit the webpage of Frontier.
  • Click on contact us and tap on the chat logo to open a chat box on the page.
  • You will see different issues that a passenger may face with the airline while traveling with them.
  • Select the issue you have faced with the airline and get a bot for help.
  • If you do not find the complaint you want to make to the airline, ask for a real person in the chat. 

Can you sue Frontier Airlines?

Frontier takes full responsibility for any inconvenience faced during the travel, and they are ready to discuss it with their staff and provide you the compensation if needed. However, you can even go to court if you do not get compensation or feel cheated. 

How do I dispute a charge on Frontier Airlines?

If you want to dispute a charge with Frontier Airlines, contact customer service or fill out a form from the official web page and mention your booking details. After that, the airline will verify your details and provide you with a refund.

How to escalate with Frontier Airlines?

If your complaint with Frontier Airlines is regarding your luggage or flight delays, then you have the option to reach them formally and share your travel concerns and complaints. For this, you can frame an issue you are facing with the airlines and drop it to the official mailing address. Although this medium takes a little longer as compared to other sources of communication, it is best to register issues. You must provide Your tickets and all other copies of supporting documents and post them to the following official postal address:

Customer Relations

Frontier Airlines

4545 Airport Way

Denver, CO 80239

How to file a claim against Frontier Airlines?

Although Frontier Airlines is known to provide on-time flights and also known to take care of passengers' bags, there are still many cases in which customers wish to make a claim with the airlines for the inconvenience caused. For this, it is essential that they follow the claim form using the easy steps given below:

  • Go to the official Frontier Airlines website.
  • You need to select the option of “Contact us” from the menu bar.
  • Once you are redirected to the contact page, you need to either select your issues from the side menu list or simply hit the claim form link.
  • In order to make a claim, you must log in first using your Frontier id and password and then move further.
  • Now you must fill in your booking details along with all the mandatory fields of the claim form and tap on the next button.
  • You must also write your concern for making a claim in the message box and click on the confirmation checkbox.
  • Finally, tap on the submit button to end the process.

Can I file a complaint on behalf of someone else?

Yes! You can file a complaint on behalf of others, such as your family member, Friend, etc. You must ensure you have all the relevant details and documentation related to issues before filing the complaint. 

How long does it take for Frontier Airlines to respond to a complaint?

The time Frontier takes to respond to your complaint depends on factors like the mode of complaint, complexity of the complaint, and others. Generally, if you share a written complaint, they acknowledge it within 30 days. Besides for substantive response, it might take around 60 days from the date of receiving correspondence. At the same time, the complaint you share via chat takes less time to resolve. 

How to talk to a supervisor at Frontier

There are many cases in which customers want to seek assistance or flight information from Frontier representatives, and for the same, they wish to talk to the supervisor. They are required to dial the official phone number: 720-902-3969, and continue with the guided instructions to get in contact with corresponding Frontier representatives. Callers will also be provided with automated instructions to select their language, and after following all the instructed steps, when they come across live frontier representatives with whom they can discuss their travel problem after providing booking details and expect the solution to say goodbye to the issue.

How do you talk to a person at Frontier?

Travelers can connect with agents via Chat, Feedback/Contact forms, and even write a post on the Frontier's official address. All these ways can be used to convey their particular flight issues.

  • Online Chat Support: Travelers can prefer Chat to contact executives at Frontier Airlines and explain their flight problems quickly on the same Chat platform. Travelers can use online Chat support to reach Frontier Airlines' standard website.

  • Contact/Feedback form option: Fliers can prefer Feedback/Contact forms to highlight any flight-related concern like reservation, luggage, miles, and refunds. The feedback form is available 24x7 on the official websites only.

  • Official address: If fliers are unable to use an online method to raise complaints about flight services, they can choose their postal address to mark any critical flight problems. The official address is: Customer Relation Frontier Airlines 4545 Airport Way Denver, CO 80239

Why do people complain about Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines have the least complaints about their flight amenities or facilities. It has been observed that out of 1,00,000 travelers who use their flights, only 20 to 25 passengers raise complaints about their services which is significantly less in number. Fliers only show negative Feedback when facing a worse situation during Frontier flight services. Also, some passengers complain because they do not get the extra amenities they expect from Frontier Airlines.

Is there a lawsuit against Frontier Airlines?

Yes, a lawsuit against Frontier Airlines of $100 million was filed by a woman passenger claiming that the airline does not provide cheap tickets and has hidden baggage charges.

According to her, she booked a flight with the airline. She had a personal item smaller than the dimension advertised on the website, but when she boarded the flight, the flight attendants claimed that her baggage was not within the size parameters. She had to pay $100 for her baggage, four times the normal baggage. As a result, she filed a lawsuit against the airline.


Yes, there has been a case of class action lawsuits against frontier airlines in the past. According to this, the airline was found guilty of misleading advertisements and claiming to be “low-cost.” It was mainly filed due to baggage fees. 

Fliers can easily approach supervisors via online processes, which include Chat and contact forms. The supervisor will evaluate travelers' flight problems and reach them with the best solution to ease their flight issues.


Many fliers want to know if there are any charges while complaining about the flight services. Usually, Frontier Airlines do not charge any additional costs when travelers raise any flight-related concern. Also, passengers can present any valid and critical flight problems with the help of Frontier's official websites only.


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