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Retrieve an e-flight reservation ticket from British Airways

If you are traveling with British Airways and must remember to take your flight ticket, you do not have to worry as the Airways provides the digital platform to grab the flight ticket. You can easily retrieve an e-flight reservation flight ticket from British Airways because it is available online. Then, you can get access to it anytime from your preferred system. You can go through this article to learn how to gain access to e-tickets, explained wisely so that you can understand better. 

Does British Airways do e-tickets?

British Airways has e-tickets for the passengers. If you do not do any paperwork, then this e-ticket can be downloaded on your smartphone or tab. You can take it anywhere without the fear of losing it. With the e-ticket, time will be saved at the airport, and in the meantime, you can check in on time and then wait at the lounge with complimentary services for your flight to get on board at the terminal. 

How do I get my e-ticket from British Airways?

You will get your e-ticket from British Airways through the process below. The process is a few steps that will take you less time to get the electronic reservation ticket. 

  • You can go through the official British Airways page.
  • After that, click on the manage my booking tab.
  • Now fill the bill with the necessary details ( booking reference number and last name), then click continue. 
  • Following that, the panel will show you the flight booking details. Under that, click on the ticket download button. 
  •  At last, your e-ticket will start downloading and automatically be saved to your system. 

Get an e-ticket from the British Airways app

The British Airways app has been designed so that you can perform different tasks in one place. The app makes it feasible and easy to get the best possible help on your smartphone quickly. The app can be downloaded for free and follows the below-mentioned process.

  • Open the official British Airways app. 
  • After that, log in with your credentials.
  • Then, on the home screen, select the Manage My Booking tab.
  • Enter the booking reference number and surname, then click on continue.
  • At last, the app will show flight details and touch on the download button. Then, the e-ticket will be downloaded to your phone. 

Where can I find my BA e-ticket number?

You can find your BA e-ticket number on your flight ticket ( you need to look for the PNR section code or locator ). If you booked your flight ticket, you must get the ticket receipt on your registered email ID. You can also check for the e-ticket number on that and proceed with your task. 

How do I download my flight e-ticket from British Airways?

The e-ticket for your reserved British Airways flight can be downloaded from the website or from the reservation confirmation email to your device. A detailed description of how you can download the e-ticket has been explained further:

From the website

The e-ticket can easily be downloaded from the British Airways website by providing your reservation details or with the purchaser's email ID. The instructions you are required to follow are:

  • You have to reach on the British Airways homepage,
  • Log In to the My Trips section and reserve ticket details will show on the page,
  • Scroll through the available details and reach the bottom,
  • You will get the "Email e-ticket" option,
  • As you choose the same, your e-ticket will be shared on your email, which can easily be downloaded to your device. 

From the confirmation email

British Airways always shares the e-ticket with the confirmation email of your reservation. You can browse the same email and choose to download the attached e-ticket to your device. Following are the steps that will help you with browsing the confirmation email to download the e-ticket:

  • First, go to the email account you have made your bookings with,
  • Next, look for all the British Airways emails and select the reservation concerning mail.
  • Once you access the important email on your screen, you will find the -ticket attachment,
  • Open the attachment and choose the download option,
  • The British Airways e-ticket will be downloaded to your device within a second. 

How to use e-ticket at British Airways?

The e-ticket at British Airways is used to know about the details of the reserved flight and the reservation holder's identity. When you do the direct check-in at the airport, the e-ticket and your password must be presented to the representative at the counter to complete the check-in. A flyer can also choose to show the e-ticket on their mobile phone or other device as well. It is not mandatory to have a print of your e-ticket, which helps you travel on the flight paperless. 

How do I download my BA boarding pass?

You can download your BA boarding pass with the help of the check-in tab available on the airline's official site. Put your booking reference number and surname on the check-in page, then follow the onscreen instructions. Finally, get the boarding pass with your registered details. 

What happens if I don't have my British Airways e-ticket?

It is not mandatory to have the British Airways e-ticket with you until and unless you have your correct reservation details. The booking code and the passenger name are needed to access the itinerary on the British Airways site. One can complete the check-in without using the e-ticket and obtain the boarding pass, which will be required to show at the airport to board your flight. However, if you fly internationally with British Airways, you will be asked to provide your ticket and the boarding pass to pass the security counter. 


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