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Grab the deatils to know How do I contact someone at LaGuardia Airport? 

If the passengers want to connect with the LaGuardia Airport authorities, then they can connect through them by using various ways and get the answer from the Airport authorities related to their travel query. LaGuardia is known as one of the best Airports that provides every single facility, including the best customer service. If you want to learn the ways to connect with the Airport, then you can read the provided information. 

How do I contact LaGuardia Airport? 

You can talk with the supervisor agent in many ways, such as via phone number, email, mailing address, etc. The information on getting in contact with the airport is provided here below: 

  1. Through Phone number: You must ring +1 718 533 3400/+1-802-432-2552. Follow the IVR prompts and selecting the number per your grievance. 
  2. Through the Official website:  If you want to know about the policies and T&C in detail, you can try to reach the airline's official website. 
  3. Through Mailing Address: If people want to get in contact with the Official Mailing Address of the Airport, then they can send their queries to Queens, NY 11371, United States (Code: LGA)

Is LaGuardia Airport 24 hours?  

The customer support team is available 24/7 to offer help to the customers. But there are certain prescribed timings of the airport. The timings of the airport are 4 am to 12 am. For the reduction of noise and the safety of passengers, it is advisable not to visit the airport late at night (if it's related to boarding this flight, then arrive according to the time). 

What is the number for lost and found LaGuardia?

If you have lost your belongings at the airport or while deboarding the flight, then contact the Lost and Found office immediately. One can choose to connect through the phone number, by filling out the claim baggage form, or by directly contacting the airport. 

  • TSA Lost and Found Contact Number: (718) 505-5839/+1-802-432-2552.
  • TSA Timings to contact: 7 am and 3 pm. 

Try to make calls during non-busy hours so that you will not have to wait to discuss the issue. Once the supervisor gets connected to you, provide him with all the lost item details. 

How do I contact LaGuardia registrar? 

If you need to contact the registrar of the airport, then you can call (212) 435-7000. The agent will get connected to you and get your information registered with the agent. 

Does LaGuardia have a cell phone lot?

There is a separate waiting area at the airport if the customer is picking up their family or friends from the airport. Then, use the airport's Free Cell Phone Lot. It is located at 94th Street between 23rd Ave and Ditmars Blvd. The timings to contact the public are seven days a week. 

laguardia airport baggage claim phone number

If the customer has lost the baggage at the airport or it got misplaced while deboarding the flight, then you can contact the baggage help desk counter of the airport. Contact times are 8 am to 4 pm to ask for help. You will be required to call (718) 533-4000, then give a detailed description of your luggage. The baggage can get delayed or delayed also. People can also fill out the baggage claim form to request the airport to provide them compensation or return their lost items to you. 

LaGuardia airport security phone number

Passengers who need to connect with the security of the Airport then they can call them by using their phone number that is (718) 533-3400, and then by completing the IVR formalities, you will be able to speak with customer service, whom you can ask any of your queries and get the answer from them. 

LaGuardia airport office address

Travelers can send their question by writing to the Airport authorities and sending them through the local mail, or they can directly visit them and clear it out through the authorities. And to directly reach them out, you can note down the address mentioned below. 

Queens, NY 11371

Airport code: LGA

LaGuardia Airport lost and found 

If, in any case, you lost any of your important luggage at the Airport, then you can connect with the Laguardia authorities by filling out a form for lost and found. Where you need to fill in all the required details, and then you can submit that form. The experts will contact you and give the assurance that they will find your luggage as soon as possible. To fill out the form, you can click on the link that is mentioned below. 

LaGuardia Airport Email Address

Travelers can also send a query through the Email address and get answers from the Authorities. To send a query through it, you can use the mail address that is Use this email address and send your queries and get a reply from the Airline as soon as possible. 

What is the phone number for TSA LaGuardia Airport?

If the passengers want to connect with the TSA at LaGuardia Airport as they want to get their security done on time, then they can call (855) 787-2227 on this number, and by following the IVR, they will be able to connect with the customer service from whom they can take their help. 

How do I contact LGA terminal B?

If the passengers want to take a flight from LaGuardia Airport at Terminal B and they need to contact them as they have important questions to ask, they can use the phone call option as it is an appropriate option because you can convey your message easily on, call them and get the answer to all your question.  

How early do you need to get to LGA airport?

Passengers who are flying internationally need to reach the Airport at least three hours before departure, and if you are a domestic flight flyer, then you must reach at the Airport two hours before so that if any mishap occurs, then you will have the time to solve it. 

What is the busiest time at LaGuardia Airport?

LaGuardia is a big Airport, so, most of the time, the Airport seems to be busy, but if you are trying to reach them on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, then you might be unable to connect with them as the service at that time is the busiest also calling on Sunday can lead to a wait of at least 32 minutes. So try avoiding connecting at these times. 

The Final words 

If the customer needs any other help, you visit the airport and talk with the official staff. You must request assistance from the "Help Desk Counter" of the airport. Carry all the necessary documents for identification and entry purpose. 


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