How Do I Talk to A Person at JetStar?

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Jetstar is a low-cost airline from Australia. However, it flies to numerous domestic and international destinations catering excellent and outstanding services to the passengers. If you are budget constrained and need moderate-priced tickets for the trip, choose to travel with Jetstar and purchase to make the reservations within your budget and travel dates.

Please find the ways of How do I contact Jetstar by phone? And other ways, as discussed here.

How to connect with Jetstar on the phone?

Calling the customer service will help you to receive complete information on available flights and fares to your destinations. You can call on Jetstar Airways' phone number

and speak to a customer service person in the following steps:

  •  Dial 613 9645 59999
  • Hear the IVR instructions
  • Press 1- to confirm the desired language
  • Press 2- for booking inquiries
  • Press 3- to avail the accessibility services
  • Press 4- for baggage queries
  • Press #- to connect directly with a customer service person.
  • Have a conversation with a customer service person for support and guidance.

How to contact the Jetstar Airways customer service person?

You can easily contact the Jetstar customer service live spokesperson in many ways. Therefore, if you seek ways how to contact them, there are a few ways that you must get through the below content thoroughly.

Call the direct person- 

  • Go to the official web page of the Jetstar Airways

  • Seek the customer service column, and tap on it.

  • After that, you have to take the phone number under the call section.

  • Dial 1 (866) 397-8170, and wait to connect the number with the agent.

  • Speak to the customer service person and through speaking with them, tell them about your queries, 

  • Through this, you can sort out all conflicts easily.

Chat with the agent-

  1. Navigate to the official page of Jetstar.

  2. Find the contact support section, tap on any issue which is related to your query

  3. and after that, seek the “chat with us” option in the answer that the agent will offer you.

  4. Pawl, on that option, there you must share your issues,

  5. Then, you will get instant support for attaining some options, 

  6. Choose it as per your query, and get reliable help from them. 

Can I contact a Jetstar person through a contact form?

Yes, you can quickly contact a Jetstar person through the contact form. Therefore, if you are searching for ways to take assistance via a contact form, you must get through the below steps:

  • Open the official web portal of the Jetstar Airways 

  • Move down the page to the contact options, 

  • Click on it, find the contact form column, open it

  • Enter the mandatory details in the form with the issues you are confronting.

  • Tap on the submit option and submit it to the agent; in a few days, you will get a response from the Jetstar Airways support agent.


The appropriate time to call JetStar

 To know What time does Jetstar's phone number open? Attend to the calls of the passengers for queries and requests.

 Jetstar customer service works from Monday to Sunday from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm and provides the relevant assistance to the passengers for their travel. 

Jetstar services you can avail on the phone

  • Booking of flights 
  • Assistance with ticket modification
  • Special assistance services
  • Seat selection and upgrades
  • Check-in for the scheduled flights
  • Baggage claims
  • File a complaint 
  • Information and booking of Jetstar holidays

For further information on the services of Jetstar, please call customer service.

Besides the phone, please use the other modes elaborated here:

Does Jetstar have a live chat?

Passengers can have a live chat with a Jetstar customer service person through text messages of the queries. If you have short queries or want information on flight status, please start Jetstar Airways live chat in the following way:

  • Reach's official website
  • Click on the contact us tab
  • Choose a specific assistance option 
  • A live chat icon will appear 
  • Click on the icon to open the live chat window
  • Enter your messages 
  • Send them to a customer service person 
  • The queries will be received, and an immediate response will be given by Jetstar.

Does Jetstar have a customer service email?

If you are a previledged member of club Jetstar or frequent flyer program, you will get an email to communicate with the customer service for support. In other cases, you can mention your registered email address on the contact form and receive emails from Jetstar Airways email address with complete information on the issues.

Can you connect with Jetstar on social media?

The social media pages prove to be effective for passengers to quickly connect with the customer service for the queries. Find the following pages on the social media network and send the messages to JetStar

  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter:-
  • Instagram:-

Can you report a complaint on Jetstar?

Jetstar has a complaint form on the official website for passengers to report the issues caused by inadequate services. You can get the form on the contact us page and fill it in with the details and correct information.

You can also download the Jetstar app on your mobile and sign in with a username to access the customer service anytime from the phone.

What are the Jetstar Airways call center waiting times?

Sometimes, Jetstar Airways puts your call on a waiting list due to a long queue. For this reason, you are seeking how long is The Jetstar Airways call center waiting times. So, the airlines can put your call on waiting for a few minutes, 2 to 3 hours, 24 hours, 1 to 2 weeks, or a month.

Is Jetstar Airways customer service open 24 hours?

Jetstar Airways customer service offers their services 24 hours; thus, if you are looking for when can I contact them or anything else, don’t worry; you can contact them at any time whenever you requisite help or support.

What is Jetstar Airways' urgent/emergency phone number?

Jetstar Airways’ urgent/ emergency phone number is +613 9645 5999. Thus, if you look to get the urgent contact number, you must get through the below process:

  • Navigate the Jetstar Airways site on your search engine

  • Scroll the page to the bottom section at “customer service.”

  • Seek the emergency number as per your destination

  • Dial the number +613 9645 5999, and when the number connects with the person, speak with the support agent and, through contacting them, resolve all issues quickly. 

What airport terminal is Jetstar?

Consequently, Jetstar Airways fly over the world to many destinations; for this, if you seek what terminal you can reach, according to the survey, Jetstar uses Terminal 1, 2, and sometimes 3, most of all the airport.

Where is Jetstar's head office?

Jetstar’s head office is located in Melbourne, Australia. Thus, if you have any kind of difficulty and you want to acquire help from them, send a post to the airline's person at PO Box 4713, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia.


When you wish to share your travel concern with a real person at the JetStar call center, you must know the exact time. Although the call center is open seven days a week from 6 am to 10 pm, it has a reasonable time to contact a person over the phone call at a call center. It is open to assist you Monday to Friday from 3:30 am to 4 pm with the ticketing service, flight, managing booking and check-in, and other services suitably.

You might worry about the travel assistance on the phone call due to its hold time, and you prefer to check other contact resources. It is essential to know the mailing address so that you can send your travel concern to the concerned person who is available to assist you at any time. JetStar provides you with the best travel service when you choose email service and send your queries to PO Box 4713, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia, and wait for the solution within a given time frame.

You must use the email service to write your travel concern to and wait for the solution.

  • First, visit the Jetstar booking website and go to the contact us section.
  • Select the email service and go to the compose section shown above.
  • Write your travel concern with a screenshot and explain your questions.
  • Enter the correct email address and click on the send button easily.

Thus, you can write your travel queries by selecting the email address and properly elaborating your questions, feedback, and suggestions.