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Here we are going to describe about various methods to contact ITA Airlines and if you have any query regarding booking, cancellation, policy, baggage allowance then you can opt one of the mode of get connected. 

How do I contact ITA Airlines?

Ita airways customer service team is available to serve passengers concerning resolving their issues associated with services such as refund policy, booking or canceling process, check-in terms and conditions, senior citizen policy, discounted flights, etc., for that; you can reach out to them through the mentioned ways:

Get someone through a live chat. 

The resolutions taken through a chat are always preferred. Not only because you get a quick response but also because you can keep the information for future use. So, below are the procedures you have to follow step by step to get a live person from the airline; please give a look:

  • Prefer going to the ITA Airline’s official website from your browser.
  • Tap on the Help section.
  • Click on the Contact Us tab.
  • A chat tab will appear on the top, click and send your doubts to the executive. 

Is it possible to raise doubts on social media channels?

Confusion always stays in passengers' minds about where to approach the airline to get instant resolutions. So, if you ever search on which platform the airline is more active, you will find social media networks. Because their work is not only restricted to assisting but also providing passengers with all the updates with respect to policies, flight changes, discounts, etc. So, below are the social networks you can view, tap and send your queries:

How do I contact ITA Airways by phone?

A Phone call is also an option for passengers to ask their queries associated with services such as Airport terms and conditions, check-in policy, student policy, ways to request special assistance, and other related services. You can contact them by phone on a number 1 877-793-1717/+1-802-432-2552, and an airline executive will be assigned to look after your doubts. 

Please choose an appropriate IVR to get an executive:

  • Press 0 to pick your regional language. 
  • Press 2 to request special assistance. 
  • Press 4 to reserve your flight. 
  • Press 6 to cancel your flight. 
  • Press 8 to get a human from the airline. 
  • Press # for other options. 

What is the phone number for ITA International? 

You can speak with the live agent of the Airline by calling them on their helpline number  (757) 246-6781, as this is the most convenient way to speak with the live human directly about your concerns and get the revert immediately, to know the method of this mode, you can read the steps that are cited below, go through them.

  • Dila ITA Airways customer support helpline number.
  • Choose the language of your preference.
  • Select the option from the given IVR.
  • Then the agent will connect with you on the line.
  • Give your flight information to him.
  • And the issues you hold with the services of the Airline.
  • The agent will provide you with a prominent solution.

How do I contact ITA Airways about refund?

Circumstances arise when travelers wish to postpone their plans and decide to cancel their flight and request a refund. In this case, if you are wondering about the refund policy, you can find the method to reach out to the airline, where you can request a refund from the airline. 

Contact the airport. 

The feasible way to file a refund request with the airline is by visiting the airport, where you have to present all your ticket details to the agent and a reason for canceling a flight and requesting a refund. So, in this case, ensure you carry all the necessary documents and an appropriate explanation. 

Request a refund via call. 

You can also request a refund by dialing their phone number, 1 877-793-1717, and you have to cite your reasons for filing this request to the executive who will call to assist you. But before that, it is essential to remember that you will be required to pick an IVR, and then the other process will begin. 

Another mode to connect with ITA Airways representatives.

Apart from the call process, you can also speak with the live agent of the Airline through other online methods; read the below-given information to know the process.

Chat with the live agent through a live chat mode.

Another way you can get an instant response from the live human of the Airline is through a live chat mode located on the Airline's website. And you will get an instant revert on your query from the agent. To get a revert read the below steps.

  • Go to the ITA Airways official website.
  • Move to the help and support page.
  • Click on the live chat mode.
  • The chat space will arise on your screen.
  • Then pen down your queries in the given chat box.
  • The agent available online will reply to you instantly.
  • And provide you with an answer.

How do I file a claim with ITA Airways?

The Airline provides you with a process where you can file a claim, regarding your issue with ITA Airways, by filling out a claim form located on the website of the Airline; as this is the online mode, to go ahead with this method, you can go through the points noted below.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of ITA Airways from your device
  • Then go to the contact us page, and click on the file a claim option is located.
  • Then a claim form will appear on your screen.
  • Fill out the form by mentioning all the details correctly.
  • And give all your needful information.
  • Submit your form by tapping on the "submit" button.
  • Then the agent will get back to you after a certain period.

Is ITA Airways customer service 24 hours?

ITA Airways provides customer service; you can reach out to the live human of the Airline and discuss your issues, as they provide you with the service daily from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm. The representative will help you with the assistance and guide you through the process.

Ita Airways customer service Germany toll-free number?

Passengers always find the toll-free number of the airways to contact them for customer assistance, as with this they can derive many advantages, for example, no calling charges, fat connectivity, instant resolutions, etc., so you can find that number below:

  • You must dial 800 936090, which is a toll-free number in Germany.
  • For special assistance queries, you must contact them (weekdays) between 9 AM to 8 PM, while on weekends, it is 9 AM to 5 PM. 

Ita Airways customer service Germany email?

Inquiry can also be taken through the email service of the airline. Now you must be wondering to find out their email address, so you are suggested to go through the point to find out their customer support email address on which you can ask your queries to the airline. Please have a look;

ITA Airways Frankfurt terminal?

A case has been seen when passengers end up missing their flight for being unaware of the terminal number. This caused them to arrange a new flight at the same cost. So, to avoid the situation, you must be aware of its terminal, which is mentioned below:

  • The Airways offer its services at Terminal 2 at Frankfurt airport.
  • It may change in a timely manner. 

ITA Airlines Germany office address?

To send your compliments, documents, suggestions, etc., you must know the office address of the airline at the Germany office, and that is written below:

  • 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, Florida - Airlines 


No, ITA Airways customer service is not 24-hour. The hours of operation vary depending on the country you are calling from. The customer service line in Italy is open from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM CET. If you are calling from outside of Italy, the hours of operation are typically from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM local time.

The 800 number for ITA Airlines in Italy is 800 936090. This number is available for Web Assistance, Flight cancellations, Special Assistance, Ethical fares, Reporting a complaint, Changes and Refunds, and Flight status. The hours of operation are daily from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM CET.

Yes, ITA offers services for free, but if you want to avail premium services, it is only accessible to you by buying or paying for them.

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