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You can use multiple methods to connect with China southern customer support and get help from them. Some options are present 24/7 for the passengers, and some can take much more time to get a revert. You can connect with customer support by following the below-mentioned methods.

  • Through Email- like many airlines, China Southern also provides email options to connect with them, although this process can take much more time compared to other methods to get a response from the airline. You can write to them via china southern airlines email by using your official email software. Select the compose option and put the dedicated email addresses on the recipient tab. Describe your issue in detail and mention your contact details in the mail body.

  • Complaint and recommendation- 

  • Sky Pearl member- 

  • Media Relations- 


  • Through the Contact Form- You can use the contact form option that is present on the official website contact us tab. This option is mainly used for compliments, complaints, or queries. You have to enter your personal details, flight details, supporting documents, and contact details so the airline can connect with you at your preferred time. The airline customer support will send their response within 10-15 business days.

How do you call a hotline in China Southern?

You can call the customer support of the airline through the helpline number to get through china's southern cargo contact and get the required help. The contact number is mentioned on the official website contact us tab. Follow the below-mentioned steps to call the hotline number-

  • Start with dialing the dedicated phone number on your phone.

  • Follow the IVR instruction, which you will hear on call.

  • Choose your preferred language to communicate.

  • Press 2 to make changes to your reservation.

  • Press 3 for baggage issues.

  • After pressing the relevant key, wait for some time as your call gets connected to the live agent.

  • Provide your booking details to the agent and describe your situation.

  • You will be provided with the relevant solution to your issue.

Dedicated hotline numbers-

For the domestic reservation helpline 

  • Domestic hotline: 4006695539-1-4-1

  • Overseas hotline: +86-4008695539-1-4-1

For International ticket service

  • Domestic hotline: 4006695539-1-4-2

  • Overseas hotline: +86-4008695539-1-4-2

For Vacation Booking

  • Domestic hotline: 4006695539-1-5

  • Overseas hotline: +86-4006695539-1-5

For Complaints and recommendation

  • Domestic hotline: 95539-1-9

  • Overseas hotline: +86-4008695539

How can I speak to someone from China Southern?

Social media- You can use popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to speak with the airline representative and get help from them. As many people have misconceptions about these platforms as they are only available for publicity purposes, but this mindset is incorrect as you can use these platforms to connect with airline support and get help in any critical situation.

Live chat - In case you are a technophile and want to connect with the airline representative through the chat option, then you are lucky the airline believes in customer satisfaction and provide assistance through live chat also. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to connect with live chat support.

  • Go to the official webpage of the airline

  • Choose the contact us tab that is present below the home screen.

  • After selecting the option, you will get directed to a different page with accessible contact options, and you have to pick the live chat option from there.

  • After this, a chat window will be shown on your screen, and you have to select the shown prompts to get an accurate response.

Acquire the USA phone number at China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines is committed to providing exclusive amenities you always expect on the plane. Presently, this China-based airline operates more than 850 passengers and checks with cargo transport aircraft that includes Boeing B737, B747, B77, and B787, as well as Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330, and A380. Suppose you are expecting brilliant help to checking with the flight journey. In that case, you must dial China Southern Airlines USA phone number at 00 86 400 869 5539 is available to assist you with various services and products while the flight journey at any time. It encourages you to check out the brilliant booking facilities to multiple countries where you can significantly make your blasted air trip with your family and friends.

How to find the USA pone number at China Sothern Airlines?

Moment of contacting a live person is brilliant when you share your concern to get the solution with a live person. Likewise, if you have planned to make your travel program from USA or want to reach to city of USA, you collect the information of flight booking. Expect the best seat, change your flight, and completely manage your booking after dialing China Southern Airlines 24 hours contact number, USA. This is a phone number provides you excellent customer representative, expert enough in preparing your flight journey perfectly. If you want to check with the brilliant ideas to get the phone number with different services, go through the methods listed down.

  • First, open an internet browser, visit the booking website, and go to the booking page.
  • Select the contact us section; choose the phone call section allows you to choose the phone number.
  • You will get the phone number with different services and collect the information by just dialling the phone number.
  • Get the domestic hotline number and the overseas one to connect with a live person 24x7.
  • You can check with the complaint and recommendation that you can find on the phone number by selecting the services.
  • It allows you to quickly choose your baggage, seat selection, reservation, last-minute booking, flight check-in, and unique assistance you can expect over the phone.

Make call 24 hours for Indonesia at China Southern

When you wish to share your essential queries and doubts to get the solution, you are always lucky to access a live person easily. It will take essential checks with the details for the booking that you can imagine from a live person who can securely assist you at one specific time. You will call the China Southern Airlines 24 hours contact number in Indonesia, and dial +86-20-22395539, where you can learn more about the booking at a specific time. You will find the value of contacting a live person concerning seat selection and baggage, planning your vacation package, obtain top deals and offers at a specific time.  

Get cargo facilities on China Southern

When you collect the information for the freight facilities and are willing to book cargo, check the international shipping service quickly. Dial China Southern Airlines cargo, LAX and find decent advice to secure cargo till you complete your flight journey.

  • You will get cheap shipping cost service and find fantastic discounts and offers to fly to your destination.
  • Avail the best quality you can expect from China Southern, which offers you the best program for air fright quickly.
  • You will use the phone number, email service, and live chat to contact a customer representative.
  • It allows you to choose the China Sothern’s code and helps you to manage your freight every time securely.

Speak to someone at LAX on China Southern

You will get extraordinary facilities to make your reservation smooth every time. However, if you find trouble and don’t know what to do, dial the China Southern Airlines Cargo phone number, LAX. You may dial 8620 22395539 and ask for help when you need to check with the booking and other services. You can use this phone number to connect with a live person and find essential advice to secure your booking for a long time quickly.

Track your flight to check the flight status

You can check the status before choosing the right flight to travel. Hence, China Southern allows you to check the flight status online at LAX and other airports where you can start your flight journey. You can check with the China Southern Airlines tracking service to find a live person who can instantly assist you. If you wish to get further details and assistance, collect with a live person who can decently help you at your required time.


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