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Grab the details to know about How do I contact Brussels Airlines by phone?

While booking the Brussels Airlines flight tickets, sometimes the customer gets issues. The customer wants that their problem gets fixed in the finest way possible. Brussels Airlines always provides its customers with different ways to get the solution to their queries. There are so many ways by which customers can reach the customer services support of Brussels Airlines.

Different mediums to communicate with Brussels Airlines: 

If you are thinking about "How do I contact Brussels Airlines by phone?" you need to read the information below.

Contact by using the phone call mode:

The calling is the most used process to reach out to the customer services representative. You can call Brussels Airlines Belgium's contact number at 1800 102 5838. The automated voice will assist you with the IVR option; you need to choose the option depending on your requirement. There are some steps mentioned below to contact the representative via call are:

  • Dial 1 to make the reservation.

  • Dial 2 to check the refund status.

  • Dial 3 to cancel the flight ticket.

  • Dial 4 for premium check-in.

  • Dial 5 to check the baggage policies. 

If you are still searching for the ways to contact Brussels Airlines customer service Belgium, then you can use other methods.

Use the Live Chat option to contact:

You can connect with the representative by doing the Live Chat. With the aid of the live Chat, the representative will deliver you the finest solution regarding your concern. To do the live Chat with the representative, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Open the webpage of Brussels Airlines.

  • Scroll down the page, and you will see the Get in Touch with Us; under that, click the contact option.

  • Tap on the Chat with us option. 

  • Message your inquiries in the chat box and the registered mobile phone

  • Press the Submit option.

The customer services representative will reach out and give the solution to your problem in the best way to make your flight experience problem free.

Social Media Platform as a medium to communicate:

You can use the social media platform to contact the customer support representative. You must have an account on social media. You can send your query by tagging them or by leaving a message. You will contact the representative directly. There are different platforms through which you can raise your question. There are other platforms are:

  • Facebook: Brussels Airlines.

  • Twitter: Brussels Airlines  

  • Instagram: Brussels Airlines  

Where are Brussels Airlines located in Belgium?

Sometimes the customer's queries still need to be resolved, and they want to submit the complaint in the physical form; at that time, you can send the mail to Brussels Airlines address Belgium, or if you need to submit the documents like identification proof, medical certificates or any other documents. The Brussels Airlines address is Brussels Airport – Service Center B – in front of gate B15. 

Where is the Brussels, Belgium headquarters located?

While making the reservation with Brussels Airlines, passengers sometimes face technical issues and cannot submit the documents online. There are some documents the passengers need to submit by visiting the Brussels, Belgium headquarters. Then you can visit the Brussels Airlines headquarters at Brussels Airport Airport Building 26, box 1 c.1 B-1831.

How many airports are there in Brussels, Belgium?

There are three airports in Brussels Airlines Belgium.

What is the best time to call Brussels Airlines?

You can call the Brussels Airlines customer service representative before 7 in the morning. The representative will answer your call within a few minutes. 


Above mentioned are the ways through which you can contact the Brussels Airlines Customer Services representative. They will help you by resolving your problems.


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