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Explore information to claim missing miles on American Airlines

Sometimes, when a person tries to make their reservation with American Airlines flights, they lost their miles and can't redeem it for their reservation. So, in this situation, the passenger is trying to know and learn all the information regarding claiming miles on the flight.

Can I claim miles from past American flights?

Yes, People can claim for their past American Airlines flights. In case a person couldn't see that miles have been credited to their airline account and it's already been three days after the passengers have completed their trip. So, for this event, people can submit their request about claiming missing miles with American Airlines flights. People who want to claim their miles are required to have their AAdvantage number and a 13-digit reservation number.

How do I claim missing miles on AA?

American Airlines is one of the leading international airlines in the United States. It is an alliance member of Oneworld. Further, you can enroll in this alliance program by joining its AA advantage programs, and the benefits that you can seek from them are earning miles, priority boarding/security, free checked bags, etc. However, if you had an account but miles the miles go missing, then you can raise a claim for that, too. Now, the guide for performing these tasks has been mentioned at the bottom.

  • Reach to the official web page of American Airlines
  • After that, click on the AAdvantage options
  • And then, choose earn miles options
  • Further, click on the “Request missing flight miles” options
  • Now, submit your AAdvantage number with the ticket number and click the Continue icon.
  • Later, fill out the form with the necessary information and click the submit icon.

How far back can I claim American airline miles?

In case a person is thinking about "the accessible time on which people can claim their American Airline missing miles," as per the American Airlines flights, passengers are allowed to request credit for their missed flights for up to 12 months, but the passengers also need to wait for three days after they have recently traveled with American Airline flights before their flying to request missing miles.

How do I claim miles after booking on American Airlines

Miles on American Airlines can be earned after becoming a member of AAdvantage. There are various ways, but purchasing a flight ticket is one of the most efficient methods. Moreover, a mile could be claimed on American Airlines for eligible flights only, and the travel has been completed in the past three days. Further, you can raise a claim by contacting its customer service on a call using AAdvantage's contact number, 1-800-882-8880. Otherwise, you can raise it online. Hence, the revert by an airline takes place in the registered email address.

Can I claim miles on a completed trip American Airlines?

Yes, Passengers can easily request miles for the eligible flight options that the passengers have completed three days after their traveling. Once you claim your miles on your completed journey with American Airlines flights, the American Airlines agent will reply to the email address in your Airline account.  Read the below information to claim for your missing miles:

  • You need to go and visit the official portal of American Airlines.
  • Then, you need to go to the "request flight miles" page.
  • After that, you are required to enter your AAdvantage number and your 13-digit ticket number.
  • In case you don't find your ticket number, then you can reach out to the American Airlines customer service agent on the phone.
  • Afterward, you need to submit the "mileage claim form."
  • Once you submit the claim form, American Airlines can take up to 10 days to credit the miles in your account.

How long will it take to receive my missing American Airlines miles?

On American Airlines, you can claim for a missing mile with distinct options. But those missing miles could be reflected in your account within the prescribed time frame. However, when you successfully submit your request for missing miles, then it could take 10 days for an operated flight and up to 30 days for a partner airline. If you didn't get miles by this period, then get a hold of its customer service team for a resolution.

How to request missing miles from Partner airlines of AA

American Airlines is a member of Oneworld, and multiple other airlines have joined this group, too. So, when you can travel with its partner airlines, then you can also be able to earn miles with its too. Further, when you have earned miles through one of them but it's not reflecting on the account, then you can claim for a missing one. Further, you can determine the step-by-step procedure for getting there by reading to the bottom points:-

  • Head to American Airlines official web page
  • After that, use your credentials to log into your accounts
  • Now, click on the AAdvantage icon
  • Further, select earn miles options
  • Later on, choose “Request missing flight miles” options
  • Then, submit your AAdvantage number with the ticket number
  • And then, share the details asked in a form and then click on the submit icon.
  • Thereafter, the airline could get back to you with a registered email address. 


When you read the titles mentioned above, then you can find adequate information related to missing miles on American Airlines. When you have anything more to ask them, approach its premium customer service team and find an appropriate answer. 



Mostly, every passenger wants to get the best value for their American Airlines AAdvantage miles at the time of redeeming miles, but there can be multiple redemption options. So, According to the American Airlines rules, the AAdvantage number of miles, which is 30,000, will be worth $354. It is very important for passengers to remember the value of their miles. These American Airlines miles will help the passengers in making their reservation, so try to earn more miles.

As per the American Airlines flights, the average value of American Airlines AAdvantage miles, worth 75,000 miles, is about $885, and people can redeem these miles to get more benefits on American Airlines flights. Some of the benefits are seat upgradation, unique trip experiences, lounge access at the airport, reservations at cheaper prices, hotel bookings, and more. Since American Airlines has the ability to fluctuate the value of your miles anytime, it's better to redeem your miles often to avoid the risk of being devalued in miles.

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