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Know All about Delta Name Change

Have you entered the incorrect name while booking your ticket with Delta Aurlines. Don't worry, with Delta Ticket Name change policy, you can correct this mistake with the help of below given details 

Does Delta allow name changes on tickets?

Yes, Delta allows name changes on tickets. However, a name change could be made on the airline as per the provision stated by Delta Airlines. Further, the details about those conditions and rules can be grabbed from their name change policy. Hence, you can recognize the same from the following points:-

  • A name of up to three letters can be omitted for free. 
  • When you have to change a name up to more than a free character, then the airline could impose an additional fee. Further, that could depend on the air after and destinations. 
  • If your name has to change due to marriage or divorce, then you get to submit the document to the airline for approval.
  • When you have to add a middle name or complete the abbreviated name then you can conduct those without being fined by the airline. 
  • A ticket that the travel agent books could be their responsibility for changing a name. In this case, the airline could not take any cognizance.

How do I change Name on Delta Airlines ticket? 

Have you spelled your name wrong on the ticket? If yes, then it can be a problem for you, as the airline has the right to stop you from boarding the flight if your name does not match the government ID. It is due to a safety issue, but you do not need to worry as you can change your name before check-in and rectify your mistake. Here is described in detail how you can do that: 

  • Visit the official page of Delta Airlines. 
  • At the top of the page, click on the "Manage my Booking" option. 
  • Enter the passenger's last name along with the PNR number and tap on retrieve booking to get the details of your booking. 
  • Once you get the details, you need to get into the menu and select the "Name Change" option. 
  • Get an online name change form on the next page and complete it. 
  • Mention the correct name and attach a government ID for proof. 
  • Make the payment and submit it, and the airline will rectify your mistake and send you another ticket with the right name. 

Can you change the name on a Delta plane ticket? 

Yes, if the passenger notices that the name mentioned on the ticket is incorrect. They can apply for a name change by following the procedure given above. However, it is best to inform yourself about the Delta name correction policy before you use it. You can read the points below to know the name change policy of Delta Airlines: 

  • The passengers are allowed to change a maximum of three characters in their name. 
  • Travelers can make a change in their name up to 24 hours after their booking for free. 
  • Delta Airlines asks for a legal document from the passengers while applying for the name change. 
  • In case you made your booking through a travel agent, you will have to contact the agent for any query related to the name change on the ticket. 
  • In a legal situation like marriage or divorce, passengers can change their surname but must present the marriage certificate for it. 
  • The passengers who booked their tickets directly from Delta Airlines can contact them to make the name change request. 

How to change the name on Delta SkyMiles Account? 

When you make your account with Delta SkyMiles you mention your details in the form. Suppose you typed your name wrong in the form. Do not worry, as you can change it later. For this, follow the steps below: 

  • Get to the official page of Delta Airlines. 
  • Locate the Delta SkyMiles option. 
  • Tap on Modify My Account. 
  • Make the change with your name and present a document stating your correct name. 
  • Pay the charges for the name change and submit the form. They will change the name.

How much does it cost to change name on the Deta ticket? 

There is a cost associated with the name change service and passengers applying for this service will have to pay the charges for it. They charge approximately $100 for the name change. 

How to change the name on a Delta ticket at the Airport counter?

On Deltam, when you mistakenly enter an incorrect name or have to change a name because of any of the conditions, you can perform by visiting the airline counter. There, you could have direct contact with customer service and be able to explain your matter conveniently. If any document is required to conduct the process, then it could also be easy to show directly. 


Yes, you could not transfer a complete name to someone on the Delta flight ticket. If someone wishes to travel with Delta Airlines, then you can make a purchase for them. Besides a complete name change, you can correct misspelled words that are subject to change fees. However, the character up to that, you can change your name is limited too. 

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