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After making any reservation with, if your plans got canceled, then no issue as they provide the option to cancel your reservation. However, the charges and fee depend on the time left till your booking date. If you want to cancel your reservation, then you can do it easily through the website by following the given steps:

  • Visit's official website "" on your web browser.

  • Select the "My bookings" option.

  • Write the "Booking reference number or ticket number" and your "Last name."

  • Choose the "Cancel my booking" option from the menu.

  • Then agree to the terms and conditions to cancel your flight.

  • You can also see if there are any cancellation charges or not on the screen.

  • After that, you will get a confirmation message on your registered mobile number and email regarding ticket cancellation.

How do I cancel a reservation on booking com for free?

If you want to cancel your reservation for free, then there is a time period before which you have to cancel your booking. You can do it by contacting customer service through a call, and a representative will help you cancel your booking and answer your question. If you do not know how to contact through a call, then use the below instructions:

  • Call on the contact number of (000 800 001 6075) from your mobile phone.

  • Select any language of your choice. 

  • Press the preferred button from the IVR options

Press 1 to make a reservation

Press 2 to know the current status of your flight

Press 3 to cancel a reservation

Press 4 to register any grievances

Press 5 to reschedule your reservation

Press # to talk to the customer service representative

  • After that, wait a few minutes, and you will get to a representative.

  • Provide your information to the representative, who will help you cancel your reservation and answer your query.

Do I get my money back if I cancel booking com?

Yes, you will get your money back if you have canceled your reservation from and applied for a refund. It might take 7 to 10 days for them to refund your amount. It depends on the mode of transaction and what kind of reservation you have made. If you have booked a cab or hotel, then provide a reasonable excuse, and they will refund your amount. However, if you have booked a flight, then it depends on the service provider's policy.

What is the cancellation policy for booking com?

If you want to cancel a reservation at, read the cancellation policy to better understand the terms and conditions. Following are some points from the policy, which you can read to get more information:

  • allows free cancellation if you do it 2 or 3 days before check-in.

  • If you cancel until 1 or 2 days left for check-in, then you will not get a full refund as cancellation charges will apply. 

  • If you cancel your booking, then the charges and refund amount will depend on the cancelation policy of your service provider.

  • If you realize you will not be on time to board your flight, contact customer service so they do not cancel your booking.

  • If your booking is non-refundable, then you can not cancel your reservation.

  • If cancels your flight, then they will provide you with a full refund.

Does booking com let you cancel?

If you have made any reservation with and, due to a change in your plans, you want to cancel your ticket. But you have no information on whether they will let you cancel your flight. Then the answer is yes. lets you cancel your flight anytime until there are 2 hours left for departure. For more information, you can contact customer service as they are available 24 hours a day, so you can contact them anytime to cancel your flight.

How do I cancel booking com without paying?

If you want to cancel your without paying, then you have to cancel your ticket before 2 or 3 days left for check-in. After that, some charges will apply. Free cancellation is not applied to every booking. If you want to get more information, then contact the airline customer service, and they will provide you with information visit the official website and read the policies.

Is it hard to cancel with booking com?

If you have booked a ticket with and now you want to cancel it, then it is not a hard process, and you can do it easily by visiting the official website, providing the information, and canceling your booking or by contacting customer service and the tell the representative to cancel your booking, and he will do the same.

Now you must have got the information regarding the process to cancel your ticket and their cancellation policy. If you still need any further assistance, then contact customer service, and the representative will provide you with the answer, or visit the official webpage of the airline to read the policies.  

Does charge a fee for cancellation? charges cancellation fees for confirmed stays and non-refundable bookings. Although sometimes, there are some situations when you don’t need to pay a commission. They have also built a tool to help you automatically accept free cancellation requests that travelers make within a timeframe of your choice. There are some canceling policies that you know to get a refund from 

  • offers their customers two types of policy one is a flexible policy or a customized policy.

  • According to the flexible policy, the customer will only pay when they stay in the property, and also they can cancel that any time and the will refund them the whole money. 

  • In the customized policy, customers can choose how long before check-in they have to cancel for free and if they cancel after that point then how much they will charge for that. 

  •  You can also add prepayment before the check-in, which will allow you to take your payment the way you prefer. 

  • Customers are allowed to cancel for free until one or two days before check-in. 

  • Alternatively, customers can choose non-refundable policies, where they do not charge money if they cancel the reservations. 

Can I get a full refund from

Yes, you can get a full refund from There are some policies above that you need to know to get a refund. You can also follow the procedure below to get a refund from You can get your refund by calling customer service at 

These are the procedures below to get a refund from

  • Visit, then go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.

  • Select the ‘ message option.’

  • Click on ‘See Contact Options.’ 

  • Fill in your Account details.

  • Then at the bottom, See all contact options, and click Message or Call

  • Soon any agent will connect with you and inquire about your refund as well as they will apply for your refund too.

Does give money back? 

If your booking of a flight is canceled by the airline, then the customers will get their refund immediately. The customers will get their refund within 7 to 14 business days. If your refund gets late from this, then you have to contact the bank authorities directly. If the customers cancel their tickets and do not show the proper documents, then there will be no refund. However, in some cases, does give refunds to their customers.

Is a reliable service? is a travel site that helps to get reliable hotels that suit your needs. They also offer you transportation to reach the Airport, and they provide you with all the information about the hotel and provide you with the basic needs. has been providing service to their customers for years, and now they are the largest booking site in the world. People book their travel from them. So, yes, definitely, they have reliable service. You can make your reservations with them. 


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