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Going to take the refund from American airlines from Mexico, but while getting a refund, your request of getting a refund is still pending. For this, you are looking to contact the airline person to talk about it. But you haven’t an idea. How do I call American Airlines from Mexico? So, following the steps in this article will help you quickly contact the airline. 

  1. Open American airline's web browser on your search engine.

  2. Look for the customer service page. 

  3. Find the phone call option under the customer service page.

  4. Take the customer service phone number 55-5209-1400 

  5. Call on that number, and promptly talk with the airline after connecting with them.

What number to call American Airlines from Mexico?

Moreover, American Airlines can solve all issues through calls. So, if you are facing any kind of issue, call them and don’t know what number to call American airlines from Mexico. So, call them on their contact number beneath this article. 

For calling regarding reservations and tickets

  • AAdvantage® award travel: 800-882-8880 

  • Receipts and refunds: 800-892-3447 (U.S.) and 480-693-2759 internationally 

  • Reservations and ticket changes: + 1-800-433-7300

  • Delayed or canceled flights: 800-892-3447 

AAdvantage® program

  • Request missing partner miles: 888-625-498

  • AAdvantage® account service: 800-882-8880 

Clubs and more

  • For hearing or speech-impaired assistance: 800-735-2988

  • for international services: 800-543-1586.

  • to get assistance in Spanish:  800-633-3711 

  • Special assistance:  800-237-7976

  • Toll-free: 800-904-6000 

  • Admirals Club®: 800-237-7971

  • Trip insurance: 800-628-5404

Thus, by calling on the above numbers, you can quickly solve all kinds of problems and separately resolve all issues quickly.

How do I call American Airlines customer service from Mexico?

You don’t know about the what are methods of how do I call American Airlines customer service from Mexico. Then, here are the methods that help you get the best services. Thus, for this, you need to go to the customer service page under American Airlines. After that, find AA's phone number from Mexico, dial the number 55-5209-1400, and wait for a second to convert the call into the IVR call. And, then, carefully hear all the IVR options. 

  • Press 1 to book the AA flight tickets

  • Click 2 to cancel the flights

  • Press 3 to request for getting the money back

  • Click 4 to change the AA flight

  • Press 5 to know the flight status

  • Click 8 to talk with an American Airlines person quickly

So, to speak with the live agent of the AA, click the 8 option. And request for solving issues and state your problem. And, promptly talk with them and resolves all difficulties. 

Talk with American Airlines through texting: You can also talk with them. For that, you have to go to the customer service page under Further, find the text phone number there. And write “Help” and send it to the  FLYAA (35922). After that, the airline person will call you and solve all kinds of issues quickly. 

Thus, getting help through the above methods will assist you in getting the best services from American Airlines.

What American Airlines fly out of the Terminal in Mexico City?

If you are finding the What American airlines fly out of the Terminal in Mexico City? So, American Airlines can fly to Mexico City Airport at Terminal 1. 


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