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Compute the essential information to book KLM special assistance services

Suitablyusing wheelchair services at the airport for KLM flight boarding can only be feasible when you book it before the journey or arrange its assistance at the airport. Therefore, if you select online steps to book special assistance services, get to my trips and retrieve your ticket. Along with this option, proceed with online prompts, and you can get further services and book wheelchair assistance services quite conveniently. 

What should you do if you require special assistance with KLM?

Suppose you are in a hurry and need to arrange special assistance services for the KLM flight; then, the easiest way to help should be a phone number to dial and follow the call IVRs. While listening to services and facilities on-call, press the option for special assistance services. Press the appropriate option, which leads to a call to the live executive, and then receive the proper assistance for such services.

How do you request special assistance online on KLM?

Any passenger who encounters difficulty in walking or has any disability can request a special assistance with the airline. KLM provides wheelchair assistance for its passengers without any extra charges but they have to make a request at least 48 hours before flying. There are various modes through which you can request wheelchair assistance and for further information or help, communicate with customer service or head to the website.

Various modes to request wheelchair assistance at KLM:

Through the Manage booking option - To quickly make a request for Wheelchair assistance, you can visit the KLM official webpage. Enter the flight details on the manage booking options and follow the steps to add special assistance. Below are the instructions to use the online method:

  • Open the KLM official webpage or mobile app.
  • Pick the “Manage Booking” option from the homepage.
  • Write the requested details like the booking code and last name.
  • Go to the add services option and click to request special assistance. 
  • Choose the wheelchair from the options and fill out the relevant information.

Through the telephone number - Another best option to add special assistance to the KLM flight is through the telephone number. Once you get in touch with someone, discuss the flight details and they. To know about the complete process to request through the phone call, read the below steps:

  • Place a call to the KLM Airlines official telephone number.
  • Press the IVR button to request for special assistance. 
  • The call will be transferred to a live agent at the airline.
  • Mention the booking details and provide information on the assistance.
  • They will submit your request for wheelchair assistance and send a confirmation to the email.

Through the Airport - You can also visit the reservation counter of KLM to request special assistance. Share the booking details and discuss the type of wheelchair assistance, you require with the airline. The executive will add the service to your booking and when you reach the airport for the check-in process, they will provide a wheelchair.

When should you book special assistance services on KLM?

Since you have not completed the special assistance services online, then the last best option you can get through this situation shall always be to contact the airport staff 48 hours before the scheduled departure; you are going to receive appropriate help and be able to get arranged with the special assistance services. Or else, before arriving at the airport, contact a KLM Airline customer representative, and you will be able to receive a proper set of guidance. 

Does KLM offer special Assistance services?

Yes, special assistance is being offered by KLM Airlines customer representatives, and along with the online and offline procedures, arranging the services is relatively easy. You will be able to add such services easily and proceed to arrange more within it. 

Is KLM's exceptional assistance service at the airport free?

Suppose KLM passengers are having trouble with wheelchair assistance services during online purchases. Then, at the airport premises, you can arrange the facilities and note that a special assistant at the airport is free of charge.

Can I request KLM special assistance at the airport?

Yes, arranging KLM special assistance is enabled via the KLM official contact customer number (1-800-618-0104). You can use this contact number to approach the live person while you proceed with the call steps; press the appropriate option for help.

What services include in wheelchair assistance of KLM?

  • Passengers do not have to pay any charges for wheelchair assistance.
  • KLM allows the passengers to bring their own chairs but it has to be foldable with a dimension limit of 55 X 32 X 25 cm and weight not more than 12 kg. 
  • One personal agent is provided to assist you to the seat.
  • Wheelchair assistance is offered at the check-in counter of the airport.

Is there option of bringing your own wheelchair at KLM?

The passengers are allowed to bring their own Wheelchair while travelling with KLM. If the wheelchair is foldable, bring it to the cabin. However, the electric wheelchair will be out in the cargo. The airline will also transport your wheelchair for free but you need to inform them 48 hours before the flight as there is a limited space for them that varies on aircraft and the size of your chair.



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