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Easily book a multi-city flight itinerary with profitable advantages

Planning a Multi-city trip can be more complex than a simple round-trip, requiring careful consideration of flight schedules, connections, and baggage allowances. However, Air Canada's multi-city booking might not offer the most flexible itineraries or the best overall fares, especially if your trip involves flights on other airlines. You should consider the content below to learn more about multi-city Air Canada flights and book tickets with it readily.

Can you book multi-city flights with Air Canada?

Yes, you can book multi-city flights. On the Air Canada website, you'll find the "Multi-city/Stopover" option under the "Trip type" section. Select this and enter your desired destinations and dates for each leg of your journey.

Steps to book a multi-city flight on Air Canada

Booking a multi-city flight on Air Canada can be done suitably through their website or mobile app. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Head to the Air Canada website (; on the website, under the "Trip type" section, choose "Multi-city/Stopover." 
  2. Enter the city you're flying from. Or, add your desired destinations using the "Add Segment" button. After that, you can visit up to six cities on a single multi-city booking with Air Canada.
  3. Specify the travel dates for each leg of your journey. Choose Economy, Comfort, Premium Economy, Business, or First Class.
  4. Once you've entered all your details, click "Search" to see available flight options.
  5. The search results will display various flight itineraries based on your preferences.
  6. Compare prices, travel times, and layovers to find the flights that best suit you.
  7. Select the flights you want and proceed to the booking page. Review your itinerary and passenger information carefully.
  8. Add your payment details and conclude the booking process. You will obtain an email confirmation with your e-ticket information. You can also manage your booking and check-in through the Air Canada website or app.

What are the advantages of Air Canada Multi-city flights

Air Canada Multi-city flights offer several advantages over traditional round-trip or one-way flights, making them a good option for specific travel plans. Here are some key benefits:

Design your itinerary: Unlike the point-to-point nature of single or round-trip flights, Multi-city allows you to visit multiple destinations in a single booking, creating a customizable travel experience. This is ideal for trips with several stops or exploring different regions before returning home.

Optimize layovers: You can turn layovers into stopovers, spending a few days in a city between onward flights. This lets you break up long journeys and explore additional destinations without booking separate tickets.

Bundled pricing: Booking multiple flights together can sometimes result in lower fares than booking each leg individually. Air Canada often offers discounts or promotions on Multi-city itineraries.

Avoid backtracking: With the multi-city, you can fly into one city and out of another, eliminating the need to backtrack to your origin point and saving time and money on airfare.

Simplified booking: Managing your entire trip through one booking simplifies the process and avoids the hassle of dealing with multiple reservations.

Mileage and points accumulation: You can earn Aeroplan miles or other loyalty program points on the itinerary, potentially offering faster rewards or upgrades.



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