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Get significant details to add Wheelchair Assistance in Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines provides convenient facilities to travel to your destination with a disabled person smoothly. You can simply add our Wheelchair free of cost after sending a request online. Also call to someone or reach to the airport to fulfil the requirement for wheelchair service smoothly.

How to request wheelchair assistance at Spirit Airlines

If you want to add wheelchair assistance, you can either request the wheelchair assistance online or call your travel agent at least 48 hours before your flight departure. You can also request this exceptional service upon arrival at the airport within 20 minutes before your trip. Let’s start requesting wheelchair assistance online and save your precious time.

  • First, visit the booking website of Spirt Airlines and go to the My Trips section shown above on the same page.
  • Enter the sure name and confirmation number, click the continue button, and select the booking details.
  • Scroll down to the passenger section, click special assistance, and select the wheelchair service.
  • You can select the type of wheelchair that you can choose and get assistance at the airport smoothly.

Type of Wheelchair assistance in Spirit:

You will find the different types or wheelchair assistance that you need to know listed down.

  • Manual electric: Wheelchair assistance comes under the electric motors, and it can be manually disengaged manually so that it doesn’t get damaged soon.
  • Boarding and Deplaning: You get the boarding and deplaning wheelchair service for concerned airline and get a certain wheelchair facility that you get the check-in counter at the airport.
  • Priority seating and accessibility: You can expect to get priority seating and accessibility service when you reach the airport within 24 hours before Spirit Airlines fight departure. This facility comes for injured to ride public transport service that starts from the entry gate at the airport.
  • Cabin wheelchair: When you select the cabin wheelchair facility, you reach the airport and choose the best counter to get the wheelchair service at the check-in counter. You may request the cabin wheelchair that is available for all Economy and business class passengers on Spirit Airlines.
  • Communication assistance: When you travel with a disable person who can’t hear or listen your conversation, you will able to get the facility of the communication assistance. It is generally recognizing that the person may need to have directions to repeat for several times and get complete help with communication assistance for disable person securely.
  • Service animals: You can expect to get the service animal with Spirit Airlines and get complete guidance and advice to improve your travel experience during your flight journey.

Does Spirit Airlines charge for wheelchairs?

No, when you get the wheelchair and other assistive and mobility devices, it can be checked free of charge at the ticket counter or the gate for Spirit Airlines.

How do I add wheelchair assistance to Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines is a well-known low-cost air carrier in the USA. It arranges flights for various interested passengers on Schedule time. The Airways offer the facility of Wheelchairs special assistance to some travelers who need it at the time of boarding. Moreover, before asking for it, travelers should know about general guidelines while requesting for wheelchair assistance, and it can be possible in the following ways. Also, fliers can obtain Wheelchair related help from the executives at the Airport. 

Use online methods for Wheelchair assistance:

Fliers can request special assistance like Wheelchair via online methods because it is possible to get additional support from the Airways executives.

  • Travelers can go to the Spirit Airlines standard page
  • They can reach My Trip; access reservation details by filling in the reference number and passenger's last name.
  • Fliers can scroll down to the reservation section and click "Add" next to "Additional Info".
  • Also, they can select the type of wheelchair assistance required.

Further, travelers need to request at least 48 hours before departure if they choose Wheelchair support via the online method.

Use Offline mode to request for Wheelchair at the Airport:

Passengers can physically visit the Airport at least 2 to 3 hours approximately before departure and ask for a Wheelchair from the available operators of the ticket counters or help desk center. The educated executives will arrange Wheelchairs for the fliers within 20 minutes of the requests and make their air journey convenient.

How do I book mobility assistance at the Airport in Spirit?

Travelers can use the Phone, an offline medium, to communicate with agents and ask for wheelchair assistance from them. Fliers can choose it if they do not have proper internet access and are unaware of the online process. They can even call or text at 855-728-3555 and get immediate assistance from the trained agents on call. The Spirit Airlines representatives will help with the same Wheelchair assistance.

What is disability seating on Spirit?

Spirit Airlines provides you with at least 12 reserved seats for Guests with disabilities. Non-moveable armrest seats come in Rows of 1-3, and the width of the Aisle is around 24. You also get the eight big front seats and get the three lavatories, one on the left and two at the back middle, and one is left with combined lavatories that are suitable for a wheelchair.

How much does it cost to fly with a wheelchair in Spirit?

Spirit Airlines does not charge additional amounts while offering wheelchair support to interested fliers. Airways arranges wheelchairs only as per travelers' special request and make their flight services more feasible and comfortable.

How do Spirit Airlines handle handicapped passengers?

Spirit Airlines not only arranges Wheelchairs for disabled handicapped fliers but also provides various suitable amenities during flight services. The Airways also offer many different types of help to handicapped travelers, such as deplanes, seating accommodation, obstruction-free space and areas, and away from especially emergency doors.

So, Spirit Airlines shows a wheelchair support option to travelers and ensures fliers do not have any flight issues while boarding or deplaning. Also, the special assistance services of Spirit Airlines are free of cost and do not include any additional fees. All the information highlighted is relevant to Spirit Airlines Special assistance. 


Fortunately, spirit airlines will not charge for the wheelchair or other assistive and mobility devices. Either you can inform for the assistance to the airline customer service team, or you can reach out to the airport at least 2 hours before the domestic flight departure schedule and 3 hours before the international flight departure schedule.

Yes, medical equipment is free on Spirit Airlines and will not count towards your baggage allowance as long as it has been packed separately from the regular items. The team will verify the items in your bag are only meant to assist the device. But if there is something else with your assistive device, the airline may charge you the fees accordingly. 

Spirit Airlines does not charge for the wheelchair or some assistive devices, but according to the airline rule, the device must be up to a given dimension of 39x26x11 inches(99x116x63)cm. If you exceed the limit, then the charge may vary, and it is suggested to connect with spirit airlines directly at 855-728-3555. 


Spirit Airlines has introduced a special assistance number, 855-728-3555, which is dedicated to helping you in every way possible. After dialing the number, you will connect with the team and then provide your details and the type of assistance you need. The live person will put in the request, and after processing, you will receive assistance after arriving at the airport. 

You can text Spirit Airlines for wheelchair assistance on the helpline number, and the chat assistant will respond back with all the relevant information so that you can register for wheelchair assistance easily. 

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