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Unraveling the TSA precheck Saga at Avianca Airlines 

TSA precheck is defined as a security screening process at few US airports that make sure about passengers pass through security check in no time and low risk. If you are travelling with Avianca airlines then need to add TSA precheck throught online form and book appointment at nay of the nearest registration centers. 

How do I add my TSA number to Avianca?

TSA is a US government program to fasten the security check at the airport. A passenger can participate in this program and skip the long queue at the airport for the security check. Suppose you have booked your travel with Avianca and want to add the TSA number. Here is discussed how to add TSA number:

  • Visit the Homepage of Avianca Airlines
  • Locate the "Manage my Booking" and provide the passenger's surname with the PNR number.
  • Get the booking details and move to the menu to select the TSA precheck option.
  • Enter the TSA number and click to continue.
  • You have successfully signed in for TSA precheck.

Can I add my TSA PreCheck number to an already booked Avianca flight?

Yes, if you have booked your flight with Avianca Airlines, you can register for TSA Precheck by adding the TSA number to your ticket anytime before and after the booking. Add TSA to your Avianca flight and enjoy the benefits stated below:

  • Certain items, such as Liquids 3-1-1, Belts or shoes, electronic items, and light jackets if you have signed in for TSA precheck, do not need to undergo a security screening.
  • Be quick to board the flight by skipping the primary security check.

Can I add TSA PreCheck if I already checked in at Avianca?

Yes, even if you have completed the check-in, it cannot stop you from adding the TSA Precheck number to your reservation. Here is described how you can apply for TSA:

  • Go to the browser and search tsa.gov/precheck, complete the online form, and set an appointment at your preferred center.
  • Face a 10-minute appointment in person, get all your documents as it will get verified, and they will register your prints.
  • Finally, you will get the TSA Precheck number and add it to your boarding pass. 

How do I add TSA PreCheck before boarding at Avianca?

You must first get the Known Traveler Number if you are a new traveler. To get the KTN, you can read the third question of this article. However, if you already have a TSA precheck number, then follow the steps below and add it to your boarding pass:

  • Get the official app of Avianca.
  • Go to the "My Journey" section and select your ticket.
  • Select the add service option and tap on TSA precheck.
  • Enter the number KTN in the suggested box and click add TSA precheck.

How to add TSA precheck to Avianca Airlines?

Passengers can add the TSA Precheck to their reservation by updating the KTN to their ticket by directly calling Avianca Airlines at 1 (800) 284-2622 to their representatives, or you can also visit the ticket counter at the airport or simply request it through Chat with Us option on official page. 

Use an online process for TSA Precheck at Avianca Airlines:

Usually, TSA PreCheck is added to the boarding pass to avail smoother screening facility at the Airport, and passengers should wait less than 10 minutes at the Airport.

  • Travelers should go to the Airlines official page.
  • Now, they can proceed with the online TSA PreCheck enrollment form option.
  • After filling out the online TSA PreCheck form, they should visit the enrollment location, where they will go through Photos, fingerprints, documents, and payment options.
  • Once the travelers obtain the TSA PreCheck number from the Airlines only after approval, they can add it to the reservation numbers for quick screening at the Airport.

How do I add a known traveler number (KTN) after checking Avianca?

KTN (Known Traveler Number) is used to identify travelers with zero track records of crime in the US. If you want to apply for KTN to make your journey more comfortable and easy. You can review questions 1 and 4 to add the TSA number to the Avianca flight. It may cost you between $75 to $90 for a five-year membership and can be renewed by paying $70. 

How to add KTN to your Avianca reservation?

If fliers are curious and want to add their KTN details to the boarding pass, they should call Avianca Airlines customer service at +1 (800) 284-2622 and ask for a flight reservation through the call center. However, if travelers book their flight tickets through an official website or its associated apps, they must Chat with the trained executives and ask for KTN-related assistance.

Further, passengers can even visit the Airport counter to activate KTN numbers benefits during screening.


It is quite an interesting question that every flier should know about whether they can add some other travelers' KTN numbers. Any passengers who have their ticket on Avianca Airlines cannot add someone's KTN/Known Travel Number to the existing tickets. It is because KTN is verified along with the passengers' Date of Birth, name, and gender.

Otherwise, if interested fliers add other KTN details forcefully, their boarding pass does not show those details when the number mismatches with ticket holder details. So, KTN numbers should be unique and correct for all passengers as per their ticket details.

For all fliers who use Avianca flights and are seeking a TSA PreCheck facility for international flights, they should focus on three significant steps.

  • Passengers should fill out the online enrollment form.

  • They should reach the enrollment location and attend at least a 10 to 15-minute appointment.

  • Now, travelers can get unique TSA PreCheck number details for international flights.


As per the Avianca Airlines TSA PreCheck rules and regulations, only primary account holders are allowed to use it at the Airport during screening. However, in some exceptional cases, Passengers, spouses, disabled persons, military personnel, and small kids are allowed on the same TSA PreCheck. So, in most cases, only one passenger is permitted with a single TSA PreCheck.

But, on the contrary, there are some extraordinary cases when prominent Airlines allow more than one at a time with KTN number, and it all depends on specific policies.

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