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Travelling with a child on Spirit Airlines? Here are the complete information

If you are travelling with your child on Spirit Airlines, do not worry. The airlines understand how complicated travelling is with kids, so they provide all possible assistance throughout the journey. If you wonder How to add my child details to Spirit Flight? If you are travelling with your child, you can add details only during the booking or speaking to the representative.

You have decided to book Spirit Airlines and travel with the infant. However, if you have any trouble related to lap child guidelines or require more clarification, contact customer support. Let’s find out the Spirit Airlines Infant Policy to make your journey smoother. Keep scrolling to read all the information required for a smooth trip. 

How do I add my child to my flight booking Spirit?

However, if your child is seven days old and under two, you can add them as an infant or lap child by visiting the manage booking section on the website or speaking to the spirit contact center at 801-401-2222. The article below will provide all the information; you can walk through it to stay upgraded and educated. 

As per the guidelines shared by the airline, you need to mention the lap child at the time of booking a flight. Check the steps shared below: 

  • Open the website. 
  • Go to Manage Booking and enter the details to search for the flight. 
  • Choose a suitable flight. 
  • Add itinerary and lap child to your Booking. 
  • Click the submit button. 

How do you fly with a baby on Spirit?

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to travel with the airline if the infant is more than 7 days and not on incubator support. Booking a seat for a lap kid isn’t mandatory. However, you will be given a seat at the time of check-in. 

Spirit Airlines Infant Policy 

Here are the guidelines that passengers need to follow if flying with kids: 

  • A lap child, from 7 days to 23 months old child, doesn’t require a paid seat. But passengers may book a seat for their convenience. 
  • Flyers need to buy the reservation for the 24-month-old kids. Even if their birthday is between the outbound and return flight, a seat is required to buy for the kid to travel to their destination. 
  • You must need to provide documented proof that the infant is less than 2 years old. Documents need a certificate and passport upon request. 
  • Infants on life support can’t board the flight. 
  • Lap child is allowed 15 years or above passengers and can’t select the emergency and front exit row. 
  • You need to add the lap child while booking your flight online or through customer support. 

In case passengers need more clarification, contact the Spirit Airlines contact number. Visit the website for more information. 

How do I add my lap child to Spirit reservation?

You can add your lap child while booking the flight ticket with Spirit Airlines online or speaking to the customer support team at the airport. You have to follow the general booking procedure, and under children & Infants, you can add your lap child. 

What are the lap children rules for Spirit?

  • Only one lap child can travel per guest with age 15 years or older
  • An infant aged seven days or less who requires an incubator or life-support system cannot travel.
  • Lap children and Children in car seats cannot travel in emergency exit rows or front or behind the emergency exit rows and occupy a seat equipped with an inflatable seatbelt.
  • You can add a lap child during the booking or by using other reservation channels.
  • From 7 days to the second birthday, a child is considered the lap child and doesn't need a paid seat. However, if you want, you can purchase a seat for your infant.
  • Spirit Airlines can request documented proof of age for children two years or younger.
  • As long as the infant is over seven days old and under two years old, travelling with a guest of 15 years old doesn't require purchasing a seat and can travel in lap for free. 

Spirit Airlines Infant Baggage Allowance 

Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance additional guidelines need to follow with the other bag handling terms and conditions: 

  • One stroller and a car seat per child are allowed without paying an extra cost. 
  • Moreover, a double stroller can be carried in the aircraft. If traveling with two children. The size may vary, so you need to check with the airline before boarding the flight or the fare conditions mentioned on your tickets. 
  • Travelers with a diaper bag if free when carrying a 2-year-old with them and this doesn’t count in your personal/ carry-on bag. 


Passengers can fly with their kids for less than 2 years without booking additional seats. However, only 1 kid is allowed per flyer. In case you are traveling with 2 kids less than 24 months, you have to buy a seat for one kid. 

Yes, the airline permits 2 years old kids on Spirit fee, but you need to carry the child on your lap. If you need to sit comfortably, flyers need to buy an additional seat. Dial the Spirit Airlines contact number 1 (855) 728-3555 for assistance. 

If the child is 18 or older, they must have valid, government-issued photo ID proof. However, if you are flying with a lap child under age 2, the airline might ask you to provide proof of age. So ensure you carry a birth certificate, passport, etc, of your lap child. 

If the children 13 years or younger do not pre-select seats during the booking, then the gate agents and the flight attendant works to provide them with adjacent seats if possible. However, you can purchase a seat if you need it. 

For children aged 13 or younger, if you don't select a seat during the booking, the Spirit tries to put children with their parents. However, it's not guaranteed and depends on availability, so booking the seat in advance is better if you need the desired seat assignment. 

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