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A Brief about add, Transfer and Claim Miles on United Airlines 

Passengers flying through Star Alliance, United Airlines, and United partner flights need to attach their MileagePlus number to their booking, which will appear on their boarding pass. Otherwise, you cannot redeem valuable miles for a free trip. Travelers can claim the miles from past United flights. If you need to include the past miles, check the information below. 

Can I claim miles from past United flights?

You can claim the past United flight miles. If you recently joined the MileagePlus account, you are entitled to 6 months of miles before joining the membership. 

How far back can you claim United miles?

The airline allows flyers to request mileage credit for United-operated flights traveled for the last 1 year or 6 months prior to your membership beginning when you are a new member. Also, travelers can apply for mileage credit for airline partner flights. 

How many miles do you need for free United flight?

An international round trip can cost you up to 60,000 miles for one way to Europe. A one-way domestic flight from New York to Los Angeles can cost you up to 8,000 miles to 50,000 miles based on dates and carrier. 

Usually, the exact number of miles required for a free flight depends on three factors: 

  • Destination 
  • Cabin type 
  • Which airline you are flying

How can I claim missing miles from United Airlines? 

If you have decided to claim the missing miles from the flights operated by United Airlines, here are the steps shared on how you can request the past miles to United MileagePlus: 

  • Go to the official website. 
  • Log in to your MileagePlus Account. 
  • Visit the Help page. 
  • Choose “My MileagePlus account.”
  • Select the Missing Miles option. 
  • Choose the suitable choice. 
  • Click on the form and fill out the details. 
  • Hit on the submit button. 

Suppose you need to inquire about past miles or facing any issues while filling out the form, Contact the Mileage Plus customer support for instant help. 

Can I get free flights with United miles?

Passengers earn miles in many ways, such as a United credit card, transferring from Chase Ultimate Rewards, dining, shopping, and much more besides flying. In case you have accumulated enough miles, flyers can redeem the free flights in first, business, and economy seats with United and its partner airlines. 

How do I add miles Retroactively to United?

Travelers can add their past miles to the United account till six months after the departure date. So, in case you have not added the miles for your past travel, you can choose to retroactively add it to your account. The procedure for retroactively adding miles on a United account is as follows:

  • First, reach the United’s site and log in with the MileagePlus account,
  • Then opt for the “MileagePlus Member” option,
  • Select the “Mileage Credit” option further,
  • Now, a new page will open on the United website,
  • You have to click on the option that suited your previous flight,
  • Then, you will be required to add the Ticket number to the column,
  • Press the Submit button on the page,
  • The miles earned for the travel will be added to your United MileagePlus account,
  • Now, you will be able to redeem the same for any purchase in the future. 

Moreover, one can also contact the MileagePlus department on United by calling to add miles retroactively to the account. For the same, you can ring the call on the phone number 1-800-421-4655, which is available 7 am to 12 pm. You will be required to share the ticket number and your United account number with the official at the MileagePlus department, and the official will add the concerning miles for past travel to your United account. 

What is a MileagePlus account with United Airlines?

United MileagePlus is a frequent flyer program. It permits travelers to buy tickets at lower rates using miles. This program offers a wide range of award travel destinations and different ways to earn and redeem miles. 

Do you have to pay to be a United MileagePlus member?

No, any traveler can sign in for the MileagePlus program. It is free to join. You can quickly join the basic membership. You need to follow the simple guide: 

  • Visit the website. 
  • Click on the MileagePlus. 
  • Select the Join MileagePlus. 
  • Share the information before submitting the button. 

Once your request is approved, passengers will be shared the frequent-flyer number and an account. 

How do I transfer miles to my United Account?

United Airlines allows you to transfer miles from one account to another with a processing fee and charges as the miles are transferred. If an individual likes to transfer miles to their United account from another MileagePlus account, they can adhere to the following procedure:

  • Visit the United Airlines page and sign in with the account from which you would like to transfer miles,
  • Tap the “MileagePlus Program” option in the top menu bar,
  • Next, click on the “Buy, transfer and give miles” option,
  • As the new page appears, find the “Transfer Miles” section,
  • Now, you have to select the number of miles you would like to transfer,
  • Further, add your United account details to transfer miles,
  • Select a payment method to pay the transfer miles charges and the processing fee,
  • As the payment is completed, the miles will successfully be transferred to your United account. 

Follow the airline on Social Media platforms for the latest updates and discounts to book the flight. During urgencies, you can dial the United Airlines contact number 1 (800) 864-8331 for support. Visit the website for more details. 


No, miles cannot be transferred for free. A person has to pay the separate charges for transferring United miles to another account as well as the transferring fee. The cost for transferring 500 miles is $7.50 USD, and the processing fee for each transaction is $30.



The worth of 50000 United Miles is $595. The miles can be redeemed for booking a flight with United Airlines or its partnered airlines. One can also use the miles for seat selection, seat upgradation, or to purchase club membership at United.  


The miles cannot be transferred between two airlines on any condition. However, one can choose to book their flight with another airline using the United Airlines miles, but it needs to be a partnered airline. 


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