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Unlock the Mileage Magic; Boost Lufthansa Account with Miles 

If you are a part of Lufthansa's frequent flyer program, 'Mile & More,' you earn miles for almost every purchase you make with the airline. Lufthansa automatically transfers your miles, though you can also add it at your end. The article below will discuss more about this topic, so stay tuned. 

Can I add frequent flyer miles after a flight Lufthansa?

Yes! Lufthansa generally transfers your miles automatically; you can add it after booking in various ways. You can claim to add miles by requesting a retroactive mileage credit or via the partner airline's frequent flyer program. Moreover, if you wish to add frequent flyer miles after booking, you can also do it online by following the procedure you can follow: 

How to add miles to my Lufthansa 

Lufthansa Airlines arranges numerous flights with all possible facilities to many different destinations. It is also the most extensive and national air carrier in Germany. Many times, while using its flights, travelers get some Miles in the form of rewards for future travel. But some of them want to learn how easily they can add their miles on the Lufthansa, which can also be used for flight booking. Also, they can follow some specific points to add desirable miles.

  • Passengers should reach Lufthansa Airlines' standard website: or its associated mobile app.
  • Now, they should reach the Miles and more Frequent Flyer program options.
  • Travelers can log in to the accounts and choose the "Mileage Credit tab" under the given options.
  • Fliers must enter their essential details like name, email ID, flight number, booking reference code, travel date, origin, and destinations.
  • Finally, they can add the available miles in the form of rewards, which can be used for air ticket reservations in the upcoming future.

How do I add a frequent flyer number to my Lufthansa booking?

If you are a Lufthansa frequent flyer program member, you must add the frequent flyer number to the booking so that the miles can be earned. To do that: 

  • Browse the official website of Lufthansa using any regular browser
  • You can look for the 'My Booking' section in the middle of the homepage
  • Provide the booking number and surname to retrieve the bookings
  • Now click on the link 'Add frequent flyer number' on the screen
  • Enter the frequent flyer number and then the program name, 'Save' it
  • Now your frequent flyer number has been added to the booking, and you can enjoy the benefits 

How do I add old miles to Lufthansa?

To add old miles, you can use the retroactive mileage credit option. This is used to add miles for flights you have taken up in the past for up to 6 months. 

Step by step method to add old miles 

  • Have your booking number or boarding pass 
  • You need to log in and open the Form for retroactive mileage credit  
  • Choose your airline and provide details in the Form
  • The team will check the details and credit the miles to your mileage account 

Can I buy status miles Lufthansa?

No, you cannot buy status miles, Lufthansa. However, you can acquire status by using 'Miles and More.' You can earn status miles by flying on the flights operated by Lufthansa or the partner airlines. 

Can I add miles after Lufthansa's booking?

Many fliers have doubts regarding whether they can add miles after flight booking at Lufthansa. Usually, when travelers make any new reservation, they can add available miles only after 3 to 14 days of flight booking. However, they must add the Lufthansa miles at least prior to expiration, which is up to 12 months from the actual date of flight booking.

How do I add miles points on Lufthansa?

When fliers spend their large portion of amounts on Lufthansa Airlines or its associated partners Airways services using credit cards, they may receive rewards in the form of miles. Passengers can use the exact miles to book flight tickets or get complimentary longue services at the airport.  

However, travelers can get approximately 2 miles on each dollar spent on purchases, and they can even obtain approximately 50,000 miles when they spend around $3,000 on services or goods.

How to earn Lufthsna Miles

If fliers want to get more miles points for Lufthansa flight services, they can choose many effective ways to obtain a large number of reward points in the form of miles.

  • Fliers can spend more money on shopping, meals, and other flight services with the Lufthansa credit card.
  • They can also choose hotel and rental services that are associated with Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Travelers can add or earn miles points based on routes and distance covered during trips.

How can I add miles to my MileagePlus after the Lufthansa trip?

Lufthansa Airlines miles can only be added to Mileage Plus accounts through online processes. However, they must have proper internet access to add miles after the trip in the following options.

  • Initially, passengers can reach the Lufthansa Airlines official page or Mobile App.
  • They can log in to their Mileage Plus accounts.
  • Now, fliers should click on the" Earn Mileage Plus Miles" link options.
  • They can mention their essential flight information, including the correct flight number.

When the miles are added successfully, they can recheck it just by logging into their MileagePlus accounts, and it may be credited within 5 to 10 working days. But, in some cases, it may take around 25 to 30 working days.

Conclusion: Lufthansa miles come with several benefits to make your journey fruitful and free of cost sometimes. You can add your miles anytime by walking through the process above. Besides, add your frequent flyer number to your booking to avoid missing free miles. For more information or doubt, speak to the Lufthansa representative directly at 1-800-645-3880 or visit the miles and more page on the website. 


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